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Dalariel il Salenaas [Blood Elf Hunter]
((The content didn't change too much, just fixed some grammar and stuff...Also retconning his death. :D ))

Player: Aethon.

Character Full Name: Dalariel il Salenaas.

Character In-Game Name: Dalariel.

Nickname(s): Dala.

Association(s): Silvermoon City.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Hunter.

Skills and Abilities: Nothing special for a hunter, really.

Age: 168.

Sex: Male.

Hair: His long, straight black hair is well-kept most of the time.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 163lbs

Height: 6'4

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually wearing his brown leather set, which includes a hood that covers most of his face. His sword is always strapped to his hip.

Other: A deep wound runs across his face.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Personality: Dalariel is calm and gentle most of the time, but that depends on his current mood, which is quite unstable for him. He takes things seriously and is easily offended. He treats people like they treat him, but tries to stay friendly with everyone. While he is tolerant towards the Alliance races, he would more likely avoid speaking to them, or interact with them in any way. He likes adventuring, fishing and talking with friends or meeting with new people in his free time. His best friend will always remain Accalia, the worg, though.

History: Dalariel was born in the western Eversong woods. Sadly, his mother died after giving birth to him, leaving Dalariel alone with his father, who happened to be a Hunter. Dalariel grew up with his father training him every week, either with the bow or the sword. Dalariel seemed to enjoy the trainings, because it gave him more time to spend with his father, who was traveling a lot to hunt for exotic meat and fur.

The time passed and the second war started. Dalariel joined the army against the Orcs to help the humans. By this time, he was good enough with the sword and the bow to make a good soldier. Once Dalariel was on a night-guard duty and he heard noises from somewhere close. He went closer to investigate, where he got ambushed by an Orc, who managed to slash across Dalariel's face, leaving a deep wound. If not for his helmet, the wound would've been deadly. Luckily enough, Dalariel could fight back the Orc and came out victorius. He retreated to the camp where he got his wound healed. The horrible pain disappeared, but the wound did not. Dalariel stood strong and continued the war after a few days of resting.

When the war calmed down, Dalariel moved to Silvermoon city, leaving his father's apartment. He worked as a merchant, who sold animal meat and fur for the locals, gaining enough wealth to live in the Inns of Silvermoon. His father continued the travels, and once when his father arrived back from a travel to the Silverpine forests, he visited Dalariel's "house" with a cage in his hands. He handed the cage over to Dalariel, which contained a worg pup. His father said he brought it with himself, because it made him think of Dalariel and so that he won't feel so lonely next time he goes for a long travel. Dalariel was full of joy and named the pup 'Accalia' who grew up alongside him.

After a few weeks, his father went on another long travel. The time has passed and Arthas and his force assaulted the city, Dalariel fled into the forests with his worg, Accalia, but his father was still missing. Thanks to his hunting and surviving abilites, they could survive in the wild, and he learnt how to make a camp-fire as well as how to cook. They managed to survive and the bond between Dalariel and Accalia became even stronger than it was before. In the meantime, Arthas corrupted the sunwell and the withdrawals of magic showed up on Dalariel too. To help this, he traded his few coins to mana crystals and managed to live on those.

After the horrible event, Dalariel and Accalia moved back to Silvermoon, continuing his hunter life. Dalariel lived a peaceful life, training his skills with the bow and the sword in case of another attack. Dalariel only noticed his father's missing after a few months. It was normal for him to travel for weeks, but never stayed for longer than a few weeks. Dalariel fell in the hole of depression, not showing up much...That is until the returning of Kael and his squad. He learnt how to absorb the fel, but he didn't feel anything changed aside from the color change of his eyes, so he kept working as a hunter and a part time merchant.

While Dalariel was very loyal to Silvermoon, he felt like his product wasn't appriciated enough. He decided to follow his father's path and started travelling in the Eastern Kingdoms with Accalia, of course. hunting for meat and skin that can't be hunted in the Eversong, and sold it to whoever he could. He met a lot of great people and made a few friends and enemies on his travelings. He enjoyed the experience and decided to continue this lifestyle, but he has yet to visit Kalimdor, but he's too afraid to do that.
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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