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David Gallaghan [Human][Warrior]
Player: DoctorDaveMD

Character In-Game Name: Dave

Character Full Name: David Callaghan

Nickname(s): Dave

Association(s): Sons of Lothar, Shattrath City

Race: Human

Class: Fighter (Warrior)

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Tall, muscular and youthful. Short brown hair, with a very trimmed beard and deep blue eyes. He has brown, tattoos around his upper body, and simple brown leather armor. He is usually seen without any chest armor, his shoulders draped in a long, dark cloak. His sword is sheathed horizontally against his lower back, held up by a dark sash wrapped against his waist.

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 6'1"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Optimistic, charismatic, inspirational. He is the pinnacle of optimism, giving morale to even the most broken man. His outlook on life is that of happiness and positivity. He always looks toward the pros instead of cons of the situation, no matter the results. Keeping his allies cheerful and ready for anything is what he does best.

He doesn't judge people's race or religion. So long as they accept his friendship, he doesn't care for their outlooks. He is only slightly racist against orcs, due to the Fel orc's attacks and the general tension between the two races. His personal opinion on religion is that mortal man is not barred or restricted by gods or destiny, believing that man forges it's own future.

The crack and splintering of rock echoed heavily throughout the planet. The image of a knight and a priestess cuddled together in fear, protecting a small child in between them.

Born on Draenor, child of Alex and Christine Gallaghan, David was one of the few human children native to the corrupt and war torn lands of Outland. His parents traveled into the portal, ready to end the ravenous Horde. Unfortunately, neither of them yet knew of the child Christine bared. Born within Honor Hold, nine months after the beginning of the siege against Hellfire Citadel and the closing of the Dark Portal. His parents did their best to protect their child, unfortunately now stuck on the shattered planet.

Years passed, the Keep constantly sieged by Fel Orcs, by the time David was fifteen he was given a sword and began learning how to use it. His father was a veteran of war, making his teaching effective but difficult for the teenager. Among his sword training, he was also taught how to use a heavy crossbow to take down orcs at range.

His childhood was filled with fear of death, his life being threatened at all times, even inside the 'safety' of Honor Hold. Yet he managed to keep his positive outlook on life, looking forward only for the day the planet was cleansed and free to explore.

His mother, being a revered priestess of the Light was called to Shattrath to assist in helping the Lower City refugees. His father deciding to stay in Honor Hold, allowing David to make a choice for himself. He decided to go with his mother and travel around the shattered lands, even if it was just to Shattrath. The convoy which traveled to the city was thankfully unharmed by any Orcish attacks, resulting in a rather peaceful trip.

His first experience with a new race; the Draenei was one he will never forget. The strange blue aliens were amazing to him, at most he had seen dwarves, elves and gnomes. He learned much of their culture, religion and even a bit of their language as he lived in the slums of Lower City with his charitable mother. He didn't complain, the thrill of knowledge enough to keep him contempt.

By the time he was twenty, the portal suddenly ripped open in Hellfire, hundreds-- nay, thousands of adventurers and reinforcements being rallied to assist the ruined planet from the Burning Legion's attacks. Shattrath was soon filled with all races of Horde and Alliance, his mind was boggled. He wished to learn much, but the call of duty was requested of him more. He traveled back to Honor Hold to join the Sons of Lothar officially and assist against the Legion.

For the following two years, he fought beside his fellow men and women, striking down demons with fervor. Unfortunately his lust for exploration and friendship was finally too much for him. He gave his parents a fond farewell, telling them he'd see them again one day as he traveled through the portal into a whole new world.
I'd approve it right on the spot - but there's one thing that's off:
"giving morale to even the most broken of man." - Have it be either "the most broken of men", or "the most broken man".

'At's all.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
If that's all that was needed, I'll slap this with a nice big Approved!

Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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