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Dayestra Roseheart [Sin'dorei Arcane Assassin] [Class Change]
Player: Absurdkoala

Character Full Name: Dayestra Roseheart

Character In-Game Name: Dayestra

Nickname(s): Day, Deey

Association(s): Horde by association otherwise Independent

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Enchanting, basic combative skills and magic taught from her family along with focused training into illusion.

Frost Enchantment: Adds a layer of frost to one of her daggers, potentially slowing her opponents with her strikes.

Fire Enchantment: Adds a boon of fire to her other dagger, potentially dealing instant searing damage to her opponents with her strikes.

Invisibility: Able to activate a simple form of cloaking, though any keen eye could spot her if they are aware due to distorted images and faint outlines.

Age: 186

Sex: Female

Hair: Short kept, light red color

Eyes: Light green

Scale/Height: 1.07

Usual Garments/Armor: Simple cloth wear, she keeps her enchanting supplies on hand in pouches along her belt. She wields two daggers, both enchanted, with one being frost and the other fire.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Dayestra has become comfortable around strangers, even attempting to reel them into conversations of her own. She keeps to her sarcastic roots but knows when it can be too much, willing to set it aside if it causes trouble. Staying warmhearted, Dayestra is very caring and down to earth. Her arcane training has caused her to think meticulously in most aspects of her life but her ditzy appearance might show otherwise.

Dayestra was born to a Draeden and Velestra Roseheart, unfortunately for Dayestra, her mother passed away during her birth. Growing up with her two older brothers, Cair and Widis, along with her dad made life a little more than complicated for her as she lacked an actual female role model. Though this did not mean that the family she did have didn't offer her the love she needed when growing up.

Much like her older brother Cair, she felt a connection with the arcane, something that Widis did not. Dayestra began her training with enchanting at the age of 20, spending lots of her time working with her hands as she studied day and night. Watching Widis train with their father in simple combat fascinated Dayestra, often joining in to blow off frustration she might ever be feeling. She learned how to handle herself in a fight, but more importantly she learned how to let the small things not bother her and to keep pushing forward. Soon her brothers left to aid the humans against the orcs, reasons she couldn't understand since they weren't with her own kind. She felt alone, even though she had her father to go to. She spent most of her days listening to what he had to tell her, simple sayings about life and how to live it to its fullest.

A lot of time passed and Dayestra worked hard to become the fine enchantress she became today, taking pride in her work which even gave her a big head about the subject. Although she considered herself prepared for any situation, all the enchantments in the world couldn't get her ready for what was about to happen next. Undead creatures started attacking left and right, she watched as numerous people died all around her. She ran from the store where she worked as an enchanter to her home, frantically looking for her father. She found him fighting off a few of the creatures and helped him but each time one was killed, two more took it's place. Her father urged her to run and get away so that he can hold them off but each time she was pushed she would run back and fight with him, eventually he pushed her out of the house and laid a bookshelf in front of the door, keeping Dayestra out and the monsters inside with him. She kept pounding on the barred door until she blacked out from the stress, just before everything faded she swears she could hear her father screaming.

She woke up in a small house surrounded with injured men and women, she herself was physically unharmed. She kept feeling a pounding in her head that kept setting her on edge and this wasn't something that was fixed until Kael'thas ushered in the Fel absorption. This was something that Dayestra was skeptical of at first although she wasn't fully aware of what the Fel were capable of, joining the masses was what was more important to her. She had no one around that she knew and wasn't about to ostracize herself even more. She stayed in Quel'thalas to help where ever she could, mainly in the rebuilding of Silvermoon.

Her older brothers returned home and Dayestra was ecstatic to know that she wasn't fully alone anymore. All three of them stayed in Silvermoon, Dayestra continued her enchanting career while Cair worked to become a Magister and Widis a Farstrider. Dayestra felt she stood in the shadows of her brothers so she looked for other things to preoccupy her time but she never took her focus off of what she worked hard to do and stuck with being an enchanter. Soon an influx of Sin'dorei returned home because they broke from the Alliance to join the Horde, another idea that Dayestra knew little about as she kept to herself and her work.

Dayestra grew tired of staring at the same walls and being around the same people all day every day. She took initiative with her skill set, crafting pieces of armor and weapons to fit her skill set. She ventured out past the gates of Silvermoon looking for adventure and all the other wonders that are in life. After a brief period she heard about the conflict in Hyjal and took it on herself to aid them. At first she felt alienated and it drove her insane, even the creatures she said she'd fight to protect couldn't even look at her without freaking out with hisses and moving away from her. She didn't know how to handle it until she made friends with the Keeper of the Grove and a wonderfully nice, and rather old druid, Sorley.

Dayestra left Hyjal after spending little time in the area, returning home with aspirations of furthering her arcane abilities and knowledge. Spending most of her time learning about the art of illusion, Dayestra was cooped up from the outside world, hardly seeing anyone she knew or meeting anyone new besides her instructors. In her free time she trained her body just as hard as she trained her mind. Keeping herself as agile and nimble as she once was before, she didn't let go of what her father and brother taught her. Being the restless soul she is, Dayestra grew bored of her focus in Silvermoon, quickly abandoning her goal of becoming a great mage. She gathered her resources, created a few new magical items and backpacked it back into the world. Dayestra's first stop was back at Booty Bay, where she encountered an old friend of hers she met during previous travels, he began to tell her about his work as a body guard and other various muscle jobs. She longed for the life of the unknown, never knowing what could happen every day and decided to stick around the man to live a life of adventure and excitement.
[Image: 6bf327addada.gif]
This looks good to go. Also your avatar makes me wish I still had my PS2 around.


[Image: anim_500.gif]

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