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Death of Valdamorei
Death of Valdamorei


Kelynda Valadmorei had met with a shady information broker weeks earlier, seeking the location of her fallen brother, the Death knight Chroessand. Her quest for information had brought her to several contacts, eventually finding a skeletal forsaken that only refered to himself as Mordathil. Mordathil, through his shady connections, had found that Chroessand hid on the coast behind the mountains in the east. It was a long shot, but it was Kelynda's only lead.

With that, Kelynda left with Aeron Phoenixwing. She had met him some time earlier, and requested that he be present to put her to rest properly, should she fall at Chroessand's hand. He had agreed, but seemed worried. The forsaken Mordathil had left with the party by portal, taking them to a dock near Chreossand's hideout. The group made the last leg of the journey by a small boat.

As they arrived, Aeron questioned the broker's information.
"You sure your contact has the right info for finding this guy?" he said to Kelynda.
Mordathil's skeletal figure stepped up close behind Aeron.
"I assure you, Living. My information is ultimately precise. Do not doubt me again." The forsaken groaned at Aeron. "I've brought you two this far. I can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that your... target is here."
Mordathil's bony body creaked and groaned as he walked around, using his twisted thorny staff as a walking stick.

Kelynda cleared her throat, speaking over the other two. "I've no other leads. I can only assume this is where he is, despite the unusual location."
And unusual it was. The group approached a small farmland, though any sort of crops were absent.
The Forsaken groaned at the two. "It seems to be decided then, Living. I shall take myself away from here, then. What is it those living say... "good luck" was it?" Mordathil then opened a portal before himself. As he stepped through the gateway, his hollow voice echoed out. "Yes, good luck, Living."

Kelynda looked to Aeron. "I do hope you remember why I've brought you with me." She spoke calmly, looking forward to the farm. "I didn't bring you here to try avenging my death, should I fall."
The once Grand Knight placed her helmet over her head and proceeded toward the farmhouse.
"I won't try to, but if he comes after me I will defend myself." Aeron replied, following Kelynda up the hill.

Kelynda lifted her large sword from her back, letting the blade drop to the dirt below.
She shouted to the farmhouse. "I have come to fight you, Chroessand, just as I swore I would!"
The door to the house swung open revealing the imposing figure of the Death Knight, clad in crimson armor.
"I had hoped it would not have to be this way, Kelynda. I offered peace, I do not wish to harm you." His dead voice echoed as he stepped toward the two Paladins. "I see you still wield that blade. That representation of your beliefs. I have since abandoned the true blade. Solis was a cruel reminder of my failed past."
He lifted a wicked rune blade from his back, pointing the blade at Kelynda.
"This... This blade is my power now."

Kelynda readied herself, adopting a defensive stance.
"I do not want peace, Brother. I seek justice! Retribution for the lives you've taken from me!" She shouted fiercely at Chroessand, her voice booming.
Chroessand stepped close, looking Kelynda over.
"Why do you hide yourself behind his helmet, Sister? Would you not give me the opportunity to see the face of the last of my kin before one of us falls here?"
Kelynda held her blade firm, stepping back from Chroessand. "I would give you no such pleasure, monster!"
She lifted her blade, channeling holy light into her weapon as she charged forth. Her blade swung quickly, but not quick enough. Chroessand called on the power of his runes of frost, binding Kelynda in frost to slow her just enough for him to avoid the strike.
"Not just yet, Sister!"
He retaliated with a quick thrust of his runeblade, but was deflected by a barrier of holy light. With a growl he channeled the power of his unholy runes and sent a death coil surging through the barrier, causing it to shatter.

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