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Decision Archive
Not that I play one or anything, but would a Draenei Spirit Walker be able to channel the spirit of a Krokul? What I'm asking is, do subraces count?
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Updated with a few things. All new items are added at the bottom.

Blood Mages are still undergoing further discussion, as are normal Mages and the 'time warp' ability.

Ghoul/Demon minions in cities is also a discussion undergoing. They'll be coming soon.
Could you perhaps add something about the Night Elf Worgen decision Krilari made? It's not necessary, but it might be nice to have everything in one place.
It has been done!
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Can we get an update on The Non-Playable races page on the Wiki?

We now have Worgen as a normal race, some high elf characters (in special situations), as I understand, And the reasoning for no pandaren characters on the Wiki is outdated now that there is the pandaren monk pet model in-game.
Updated to include the ruling on Worgen using their sense of smell to find people.
(05-17-2013, 06:10 PM)Reigen Wrote: Mage conjuring/summoning:

Mages do not posses the ability to conjure/summon up living animals. Conjuration is for portals, the two 'food/drink' summoning skills and the water elemental.

I beg your pardon.. But it is stated in the lore that mages -can- summon living animals. More accurate, scorpions. "Conjurers are capable of summoning scorpions and water elementals as well as casting such potently destructive spells like Rain of Fire and Elemental Blast." Here is the source: http://www.wowpedia.org/Conjuration . I would think conjuring small critters wouldn't be that much of a problem..?
That lore comes from the d20, which has been decanonized. That was looked at when the decision was made but did not change the ruling.
Oh.. I didn't expect that, thought it's possible providing that we use pretty much all the classes from the books as they are with their abilities. Oh well, if that's the decision then so shall it be! Thanks for the clarification~
The decision archive has been updated with a new ruling!


No permission is required to watch an RP if the RP is taking place in a public location, but you must ask permission if the RP is isolated/private. If they so wish, the people who are being spied on may issue a Character Warning to the spy upon the spy's IC discovery. Any RPs that you simply do not wish to be overheard should be conducted in party chat or whispers.
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Updated the Blood Mage ruling:

Blood Mages:

There are three kinds of Blood Mages, only one of which is playable. The Blood Magi that would be allowed would be warlocks who specialize in using fire and banishing demons. They are on par with magisters with their political rank and would require a special profile unless a player wished to be an Ex-blood mage with no political ties. They are allowed to summon a Phoenix, however they may only use it during battle and it works much like a warlocks infernal. It comes in, fights and leaves after a period of time. They cannot be summoned as a companion or mount. Verdent spheres are also allowed.

The types of blood magi that are not currently allowed are the ones like Kael'thas [Archmage Level with gravity bending powers] and the Bloodmages who actually use blood for their skills.
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As much as I wanted to see Verdant Spheres, I recall WC3 calling the Phoenix archmage level or a very advanced spell that few blood mages know.


I'm not sure what this server thinks of Wowpedia, but when you look under their moves it says few blood mages learned to summon a Phoenix, one famous one being Kael'Thas.

Not saying that I hate the decision, cause I have a blood mage, but I just wanted to link that for some extra debate.
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]
The above link was taken into account when the decision was being discussed. Remember that I have requested all debates being taken to the PrivDiv/elsewhere in order to keep this thread mostly clear.
The following was added to the Decision Archive:

Quote:Power Level Equality in RP

On CotH, it's been a policy since the abolishment of the Prestige System that "everyone's equal" in RP. It's an unwritten rule that's existed for a while, but it was about time we put it in writing to make it more clear: This rule means that the GM team will never enforce levels of power in RP between two individuals, but we will intervene if it becomes a problem between two players where one is claiming advantage over the other, unlawfully. We know and recognize that certain classes and characters have natural advantages against eachother in select situations and circumstances and we trust the players to use their own common sense and logic when determining the most likely and best possible outcome of a, for example, arena fight.

Every class & race have their own strengths and weaknesses but, in the end, they all have equal chances of besting one another as long as they can manipulate their circumstances in their own favor. Know your race and class and their limitations and be realistic, but don't wave your class title around as if it somehow gives you an automatic advantage; it doesn't. As long as you duke it out on a level playing field, everyone has equal chance of winning. Additionally, this rule is also enforced in Character Profiles in order to stamp out skills and abilities where people claim to be "more powerful" than the rest of their chosen class in any way because we don't want people to be able to point back to their profiles and use it to gain unfair advantage over someone else because "they got it approved".
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Quote:Shadow Priests Expanded:

1) Telepathy is permissable as an active spellcasting endeavour. The sending of a message is not a casual gesture and needs to be focused on, much like casting any other spell. You can't engage in casual conversation and at the same time speak with someone else over the mental channel. That won't fly. It is encouraged that you emote clearly prior to sending a missive of any kind. Recipients are encouraged to react appropriately, and can ignore these messages. Only (Shadow) Priests can send messages, but cannot receive a response unless conversing with another (Shadow) Priest who sends messages back in the same fashion.

2) Mind Vision and Mind Control require permission prior to execution, and the recipients are very likely to be acutely aware of the invasion taking place. They can be resisted.

3) Mind Reading is only possible if you maintain physical or eye contact (at armslength) with the person whose mind you are trying to read, and you can only access the surface levels of their minds. To access any deeper than that, you need the recipient to cooperate with you and bring things to the surface for you to access. This, too, is an active spellcasting effort.

4) Any and all of these spells require the recipient's OOC consent. Lack of consent will result in the spells simply failing, or the character's mental resistance overpowering your spellcasting efforts.
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