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Denied to not denied?
Is it possible that if you already got your introduction denied, you could try with a new, with like a month between each?
No Rasmus, I am sorry.
But the GM's judge you completely on the first impression the introduction gives.
If you were denied, then that's that. Find another server and move on, this one is un-available.

Good luck with your RP endeavors elsewhere mate.
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I find it rather a sad fact..

Because maybe when a person first applied here he was rather now to RP and such, so he got denied.
But over that month he has done nothing but RP alot and learned alot about it. Then it would be a shame he couldn't re-apply here.
Then why not use that month to learn how to RP *before* applying?
It doesn't really matter if you're new to RP or not. You can have no RP experience and still command the English language well, or put forward a good impression through your introduction post. From my own personal experience, people who put too little effort into their intros, or write badly, are denied outright in the first look.

I accept people I think need polishing in their language and RP, but there's a line between grammar mistakes that I can live with (Some lack of capitalization, occasional bad spelling. Especially from non-native speakers.) and grammar and spelling I don't want to see in RP. There's also a line between wonderfully told stories of a fight and blatant power-characters who just kill everyone (This is less of a deal for me. I believe in ingame enforcement to stop people from having overpowered characters, especially through IC consequences.).
Waffenbaum poses a good point here. Perhaps a small notice in the introduction guidelines stating that one can work on English/Roleplaying skills, or brush up on the WC/Server lore before posting an introduction, which would most probably help them getting a friendly, green "Welcome to the server!" from dear Kaghuros here.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
I really doubt Kaghuros flat out denies introductions when they only need a little brush up or have a few mistakes.

From past experience in other roleplay games and servers I can say that someone who writes a TERRIBLE introduction with absolutely zero effort and heaps it with spelling mistakes...Isn´t likely to improve very much at all. We COULD start getting all defensive of "people´s rights" and that but, to be honest, I have seen a lot of introductions that have just made me think "I NEVER want to meet this person in the game".

I think the last one that got denied ended up saying "suck ma baws" to the whole server so...the filter obviously worked that time, didn´t it?
I dunno, man...

"suck ma baws" is some stuff we over-educated commonly throw around.
˜★Sketch Blog
TwilightDisciple Wrote:I dunno, man...

"suck ma baws" is some stuff we over-educated commonly throw around.

Yes, very much so, unlike those many who come from the poorer parts of the world who use the most elaborate English I have ever seen. How I envy their literal skills.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
Let me start off by saying, I laughed when I read 'suck ma baws'.

But, on a more serious note. Introductions aren't completely based on length/grammar, sure that's put into great consideration, but its the total ammount of effort one is willing to put into the introduction, and if accepted, the community itself. So I think.

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