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Dental hygiene?
So, I was just wondering this... How would people in WoW keep their teeth clean? Or don't they?

Just something I was pondering about. I THINK the Romans used to use mouse brains? Or some sort of brain? O_o I didn't take history for GCSE so correct me if I'm wrong.

But yeah, just curious. If there is a way, I'm probably going to ignore it anyway if I'm honest. XD
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Arcanic magics have conquered Gingervitis in general,

But I would think the common man would just wash and gurggle water, Nobles would have some form of paste, or brush to clean teeth and keep breath fresh, Mages might have some form of spell, like a variation of D&D's Presdigidation (No. I didn't spell that right, nor will I ever, I can't even say it right. ) Which makes it look clean, while they do what Nobles or Commoners would do, I would think.
Fair deuce then!

I'll totally have my character create some new form of paste... yes, excellent...
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
The greeks rubbed their teeth with powdered peppermint
Paladins cast a cleanse spell and all is well.
My Velouria, even I'll adore ya.
I think it's safe to assume in the Warcraft setting that they probably simply use water. Either that or some plants, like the greeks used to do. Silverleaf, don't know.. something like Mint. Or a combination of these two. Be creative, but don't exaggerate. xD
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I'm not sure about how they would keep their teeth clean, in all honesty -- that's not my forte, so I haven't researched it. What I do know, however, is how they were removed when the teeth became rotten: a Dental Key.

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