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Diamonds (WIP)
"It's the smile, really. A shine like diamonds is worth something. Diamonds are a valuable thing, because they aren't just playing cards. Diamonds can kill just as well as the men who seek them." - Barregis Jones, Criminal Extraordinaire

[Image: nwin1c.jpg]

Never turn your back... Never look into the darkness... Because once the shadows move, you might as well be dead already.

Rumors are spreading that the infamous criminal Barregis Jones is alive again. However, officials dismiss this as rumor-mongering, as the man was hung nearly a year ago and his grave is still occupied.

If you close your eyes for a second, they will be upon you. One twitch of the wrong muscle, and they will smell it. One hint of fear... They will gorge upon it.

Recent reports have it that a man in Booty Bay has purchased a secrecy ploy with the local bruisers. A home he has bought is to be untouched by any wandering ne'er-do-'ells.

For we are the blades in the dark. We are the fear that crawls along your neck at night. The chill that falls up and down your spine... You can sense that death approaches.

A common man was found dead in the Stormwind Canals the other day, his body horribly mutilated in a sign of brutality. It is not evident who was responsible for this crime, but it's speculated that it had something to do with the man's distant father-in-law, who reportedly always hated the man to his very guts.

Like a note on the wind. Like a leaf in the breeze. Silent, swift, efficient. The blades in the shadows never existed... Only fear, and death.

In recent news, one of Stormwind City's finest guards accidentally tripped off the side of the docks in the harbor. Dockworkers tried to save him, but the man, fully armored, was weighed down to the bottom of the harbor, and so he was unfortunately left to perish. Stormwind mourns one of its finest.

We are the silent beggars who stand near the death of a noble. We are the soldiers that survived. We are the passing merchants of a horrid crime scene. We are the blades in the dark.

A recent uprising among the usually passive-aggressive gnolls near the southeastern borders of Elwynn Forest was mysteriously culled last night. No one knows who exactly did it, but whispers of a vigilante begin to spread.

Just as we slay the corrupt, so too do we slay the evil. Justice, after all, is only what the winner thinks is right.


Barregis Jones, back from the dead, is a man whose name was sorely forgotten. So, rather than strain to reclaim his old name, he strives to create a new one. This new name he bears is unique to few; the King of Diamonds. One man who holds fourteen cards, all of the same sign as he. He hands one to each person who follows him as a sign of his gratitude and a sign of their service. To bear a card of Diamonds is to bear a sign of specialty.

Whether bounty hunters who wish further to work around the law, shadowed assassins with no other wish than to see their blades shining with blood, or simply those with no other work available to them, a card of the set of Diamonds is given to them. Those who hold the card are those who hold in their hands the lives of others.

Those who accept a card, must meet the King himself.

Will you meet the King, hold a diamond, and become a shadow to be feared?


This is my attempt at an Assassin Project. It'll be simple enough. There are only thirteen members under me, though I doubt we'll ever need to worry about getting maxed out. To enter, you need to personally RP with Barregis Jones, and be offered a card for the Diamonds. Once you're in, you'll be given a contract every other week. Whether this is a PC or NPC contract will depend.

NPC Contracts;

NPC Contracts are standard contracts given to members once every two weeks. Upon receiving it, your character has one month to ICly complete it. How your character completes it is up to you. I will not be DMing every NPC contract given. Whether you do it in a private or public in-character post or small event, simply inform me of its location and I'll review it. After it's reviewed, I'll confirm the contract complete and your character will receive their IC reward. If you don't complete an NPC contract within a month, your character will be warned. If you fail to complete a second NPC contract, you will be marked for death (this is a case-by-case CW and not a constant CW) and expelled from the Diamonds. If you have a valid RL reason for not completing contracts, I understand, just tell me in advance.

PC Contracts;

I have asked the GMs, and the way these will work are as follows; A PC's character who wishes another's character dead must first ask permission of the player of the character that is to assassinated. You need to ask the character's player if it's fine that their character has an assassination attempt on them. If they say no, then we can't do anything for you as a contract. If they agree to the assassination attempt, then that is a CW from you to their character for assassination. You will PM me or contact me via skype or whatnot with the person you wish assassinated and their player's forumname. I will PM that person on the forums and tell them the following;

"Your character [Blank] has been selected for an assassination attempt. Assuming you already accepted this CW from the ordering player, your character is now a valid target for assassination contracts. The assassin being sent after you is [Blank]. CWs from the assassin will be a case-by-case. It will not be a constant CW from your assassin, your assassin must issue the CW to your character each time they feel like attempting an assassination. You are free to deny the CWs whenever they come up, as we don't want to force your character to death at every given moment. However, continually (like, more than a few times) denying the CWs given is disrespectful to the player of the assassin as it gives them no real chance to play their character. Please note that the CW goes both ways at all times. Your character is just as likely to die as the assassin is to die/be maimed. Where and when and how your character is attacked is up to you and the assassin after your character. If at anytime you want the assassination CW called off of your character, I can suspend the contract on your character and discuss the issue with you and the person whose character called an assassination on your character. The result will depend on how the discussion goes. Good luck."

Once you (the assassin) consider the PC Contract to be complete, following all of these rules, I'll wrap up the contract and give your character their IC reward.

Group Contracts;

Occasionally when I've got the time and just feel like it, I'll arrange somewhat of a small assassin event where a group of the Diamonds may join together for one large contract. Group contracts will be much harder than single person contracts, but the reward will be greater for each member. Group Contracts will always consist of NPC targets.

Submitting Contracts;

Players are free to submit contracts to me. PC Contracts follow the process listed under PC Contracts on this page. NPC Contracts will simply be put into my list of contracts to be given to assassins. Please mark your contract with an A for Alliance, H for Horde, or N for Neutral in the PM you send to me via forums.


1. Follow the server rules, guys. You may be assassins, but that doesn't mean you can just not CW your targets and go willy-nilly with the whole killing stuff. I don't want a bad reputation to fall on this project, so try to keep your OOC handling of situations civil.

2. I don't care how many proofs you throw at me. If a GM intercedes in a situation over an assassination attempt, I can't help you. I'm giving you the rules, and if you don't follow them, that's your problem, not mine.

3. Do not metagame, powergame, or godmode your characters. Yes, your character is an assassin. Yes, they are five hundred years old (potentially). However, server rules say that you're just as equal on the field of combat as the other person. Don't be powerful and super agile just because you've got my guild title under your name. Be reasonable in your assassinations.

4. Have fun. Not having fun is punishable by death. I'm hoping this project doesn't get boring and I really hope it flourishes.

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I am pleased with this guild. /nod
[-] The following 1 user Likes Stealthscout's post:
  • Zenethen
If you could get any more interest from me, my eyes would be punching holes through my monitor screen.
I really like the unique idea of only having so many members because of the cards! I've got to tell you that I'm really interested, and I'd also be interested in seeing my capability of obtaining one of these cards.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
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I'm still excitedly looking forward to the first contract for my character. Did this die?
(09-30-2013, 04:58 AM)Dug Wrote: I'm still excitedly looking forward to the first contract for my character. Did this die?

It did not, he is working on the contracts and your character and my Katia will get the soon, hopefully.
I am so in for this. I just need to get an IC meeting with ole Barry.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
The first contracts are out. Valicor and MstrCorvus, I'm gonna be available after school tomorrow for some initiation funstuffs. 5:30 PM Server Time will be my time for RPing, though that's not an absolute definite.

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