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Dibykali [Updated] [Orc Headhunter]
Player: Jonoth

Character Full Name: Dibykali

Character In-Game Name: Dibykali

Nickname(s): Diby

Association(s): Darkspear Trolls, Stormshade Clan

Race: Orc

Class: Headhunter (Rogue)

Skills and Abilities: Dibykali is a very formidable hunter when in the wilds of the jungle and the Barrens. She knows how to use her environment to hide and ambush, and learned from the Trolls she spent most of her life with how to throw spears with good accuracy. She is also trained in melee combat, using an agile style of combat similar to capoeira while either unarmed or wielding blades.

She has also learned a great deal about herbs from her mother as well as her own experiences, able to distinguish between helpful and harmful ones in times of need. She has a rudimentary knowledge of alchemy, able to make basic potions and poisons.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue, right eye missing

Weight: 265lbs

Height: 6'7"

Usual Garments/Armor: Her garments are self-made leather clothes, very light and scant for speed than protection, and to keep her cool in the heat of the Barrens and Durator. A sheathe on her back carries 4-5 spears.

Other: She is missing her right eye, some scars barely visible near her eyepatch. Her upper body is covered in tattoos representing the Loa Shadra, the spider. Her ears have many looped earrings.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Having grown up amongst trolls and heavily trading with them as an adult, Dibykali maintains a strong Trollish accent, which often confuses those she meets. She is wild and unpredictable, having spent most of her life either in internment camps, on a boat, or roaming the wilderness as a hunter. She has a strong respect for her elders and the spirits, as well as for the beasts of the land. Like her foster mother, Diby is a follower of the ways of the Loa, even some of the darker aspects such as cannibalism. In more recent times, her research and meditation on her Orcish heritage has led Diby to become more bitter about the family she has lost, and in trying to reconcile her blood and her faith, she has found an enemy common to both in the Alliance, specifically Humans.

History: Dibykali was born in the orc internment camps. Like most of the orcs within the camps, her parents were listless and uninspired, made lethargic by the long imprisonment. She was named Dibykali for her mischief, though her parents did not mind as it was a rare sign of life in an otherwise dismal situation. Finally, the day came when Thrall rescued the imprisoned orcs, and in their thankfulness they followed his plans to travel across the seas. It was during that time that the orcs shipwrecked on the Darkspear Islands, where Diby's parents were killed by the murlocs. During the escape, one of the Darkspear Trolls, Kela'rin, saw Diby crying by her dead parents, and she took her to safety on the ships as Thrall held off the advancing forces.

During the travel to Kalimdor, Kela'rin tried to do all she could for the orphaned orc, but Diby just seemed quiet and withdrawn. This changed one night when Diby woke up and overheard Kela'rin talking to herself about having tried and failed to have children of her own, and that she was beginning to love Diby as her own. Moved by these words, Diby became closer to Kela'rin. When the trolls settled in the Echo Isles, Dibykali chose to stay with her surrogate mother rather than go with her fellow orcs.

Dibykali grew up at a distance from her fellow villagers. As an Orc, she was an outsider not just in physical appearance, but also in the difference in culture. Over time she would adopt their accent, but questions still remained to her. Questions about the way the men looked at Kela'rin. Questions about why she received those same looks when she showed signs of her own strong and independant nature. Questions about why those looks vanished in the presence of any of the grown-up Orcs that would visit. Kela'rin would smile through it all and tell young Dibykali that there were some things meant to remain under the cover of shadow.

Two things kept Dibykali's interest as she got older. The first was the wide array of plants and herbs that Kela'rin would bring home with her. Some were used as flavoring to delicious meals of meat and fish. Others were kept under lock and key, Kela'rin only showing them to Dibykali as a precaution to not play with the dangerous plants should she come across them. When asked why she would collect them, Kela'rin would always say it was to teach her, or change the subject to Dibykali's second interest: hunting. Dibykali loved to watch the returning hunters with their catches, in awe at some of the slain beasts. She had particularly taken an interest in the tribe's headhunters. They were powerful, smart, and dangerous from both afar and near their opponents. She knew from the first time she laid eyes on one that it was in her heart to become a hunter, and she would sneak out at night with a stolen spear to practice her thrusts and throws. She took to hunting soon afterwards, starting with smaller prey and growing more and more ambitious as time went on.

One day while she was on a hunt, a tiger ambushed and got the best of her. The tiger slashed out her right eye, and as it looked poised to finish the kill, a raptor suddenly sprung out from a bush, violently ending the tiger's life. As the raptor gazed at Diby, she felt a mixture of fear and determination. She stood up, spear in hand, and faced the raptor, and through sheer will managed to fight it off. She stopped her bleeding and set up camp in the wilderness for the evening, hoping she would not be bothered. But in the middle of the night she heard a growl, and when she opened her eye, the raptor was standing there. At first it frightened her, but as it followed her more she grew used to its presence, and in the following days, she hunted with the raptor, taking it as her companion and naming it Samsonus.

Dibykali and the Darkspear would be driven off the island by Zalazane, and for a while after she felt lost from losing her home yet again. She only found peace through exploring and hunting, growing more resolute in the idea that she would never be able to set roots for herself. Fate would quite literally throw an obstacle in her path: a spear. It had come from the hand of a young headhunter, a man who had been quite impressed with the Orcs from the time the two races first met and agreed with some of the changes they influenced in Troll society, though remaining silent in the presence of his tribe. Over the course of a couple of months, the headhunter put Dibykali through rigorous training, showing her how to properly throw a spear and not allowing her to use her now monocular vision as an excuse. He taught her about using the wild as a weapon, focusing on guerrila tactics and blending in. And he showed her how to use what she found on her kills, namely how to use the hides of beasts to make leather, and their teeth and bones for improvised weapons. As quickly and silently as she entered her life, he vanished, but she would continue to grow enormously even after he was gone.

Diby remained an outsider, only coming into contact with those she traded with as she roamed Durotar. But this all changed the day she found a young troll woman dead in the wilderness, voodoo mask on and heart ripped out of her chest. She removed the mask to see the word "ZUFLI" carved on her forehead. Taking the body to Sen'jin Village, she found the woman's brother, Jof'zert, who laid the body to rest and informed Diby that there were trolls seeking to return things to the old ways, and didn't take kindly to the advancement of women beyond property. He explained that the word Zufli was derogatory, meant to dishonor what they called a "baby witch". He suspected they were the ones who murdered his sister, and Diby vowed to help him find the murderer. It was around this time that she came upon her mother creating potions and practicing the ways of the voodoo herself, making her current hunt hit closer to home once Kela'rin explained the trials she had been through both before meeting the Orcs and after deciding to become a Zufli herself. To better understand her mother and what she was getting into, she began learning the ways of the Loa and voodoo under Kela'rin, from poison and potion making to its much darker aspects like head-shrinking and cannibalism.

She came across a scholar and investigator named Denk, a fellow orc who was taken aback by her Troll-like speech and mannerisms. He too was investigating the murders, and vowed to help how he could. In time, she would receive word from Jof'zert that he knew shere to find the killer, and Denk helped Diby organize a group of warriors for the hunt, though he would not go himself. When Diby arrived in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, she found her friend dead, the word 'SLAVE' cut into his forehead. She combed the jungle furiously until she found a Troll named Tozai, who claimed not to have murdered Jof'zert but hinted at who the true culprit was.

Returning with Jof'zert's body, she ran into Denk between the village and Razor Hill. She confronted him with the knowledge that he was the one murdering the Trolls, and he revealed himself as a warlock who was attempting to sabotage the relations between the Orcs and Trolls. After a fierce battle, she came out victorious, carving the word 'HONOR' into Denk's forehead. Diby returned to Sen'jin Village to bury Jof'zert, then ventured out on her own once again to strengthen her faith in the Loa.

Dibykali eventually found friendship, and for a time a home, amongst the Stormshade Clan. They were a nomadic group with a membership including Death Knights, Warlocks, Rangers, Shadow Priests, Shaman, and Warriors all living in the harmony of a family. It was a strange and welcome sight to Diby to see those who would appear so mismatched get along so well, and so against her usual habits, she remained with the clan, her mother Kela'rin even joining her for a short period. Dibykali earned her keep as a hunter, helping to provide food for the clan's increasing numbers, as well as a tracker and scout. When the Clan's Chief Kol'nagrom received a spiritual summoning to Nagrand, Diby followed with the rest while her mother remained on Azeroth, heading to the jungles of Stranglethorn to research.

In Nagrand, Diby first saw the Mag'har, and it was then she began to dwell on who she was, and the people from which she came. Kol'nagrom aided her, getting her to recall the memories of her childhood and the camps, and eventually her parents. The image of an eye tattoed on her father's arm came to her, and Kol deduced that she must be of Bleeding Hollow lineage. She would learn of their fate from the locals in Garadar, but what troubled her more than how far they had fallen was how disconnected she felt from her own people.

Kol's visions led the clan to a battle with an evil Shaman named Lohn'kosh who was seeking to control the elements in Outland. During the battle, Dibykali's longtime hunting companion and friend Samsonus received crippling injuries, surviving the battle but no longer able to aid her. Diby was devastated, and after the battle was done she returned to Azeroth to put her friend in the care of her mother, who had returned to Sen'jin from her sabbatical. In the following weeks, Diby came to realize how much she had depended on Samsonus all the years before, nearly getting herself killed on a few occasions. She rededicated herself to becoming stronger, remembering both the Headhunters of her youth as well as the warrior Orcs she found in Outland. And in the solitude of the wild, she began to build a rage for both the Legion who led her people down the path of self-destruction, and the Humans who had caged them like animals. Now she prepares to one day confront both enemies, and find within herself what she truly is.
While I might be a hypocrite for denying one profile and approving another over the whole 'raised by another race' thing, I think this one is done a bit more realistically than the other. G'job, Jonoth.


((Though you might want to age her a bit.))
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.

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