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Dire Maul RP hub for criminals.
I think that, if anything, there should be something in place to stop people from killing others. If people were free to kill others without any sort of repercussion, what's to stop a group of crazy destructive DKs from walking in there and going on a killing spree?
[Image: 2wd92y0.gif]

It may be best to nix the lawless aspect of the arena. Even thievery and the like can get awfully complicated.

Why not try this idea in the Gurubashi arena? The arena has always been rather 'lawless' in my mind, with the goblins more focused on getting fights and keeping crowds happy than maintaining any semblance of law and order.

If people respond well to the activities in Gurubashi but it is still lacking that flair, perhaps Dire Maul may be an option. However, the area and idea is currently untested.
Eh.. even if it were to become an arena.. I doubt people would even go there.. no one ever goes to the arenas already; only gurubashi that I've seen. Also.. if it were to become a criminal hub people would be asking themselves; "lol y would my criminal go to an ogre invested ruins of a stronghold.."
"Correction! It doesn't have to be Dire Maul IC!"
Yeah but still, it looks like ruins and more of a druidic place than an evil one.. so my point still stands; even if you make it into a arena/rp place no one would ever go there.
The idea is cool but Booty Bay rules over everything else. =/
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