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I was just randomly disconnected and cannot get back on?
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Yerp. :oops:
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I'm getting "You have been Disconnected from the server" D:
before u say i am stoling this tesseract let me explain to u a thing
This is called a crash.

The first rule is not to panic. It will be solved as soon as possible, and I would request people not post in this thread about "NOOO I'M NOT ON THE SERVER" for the sole sake of keeping the thread clean. Unless you have something technical regarding the server to say, please, don't say it.

The second is to make disconnection threads into the Technical Support forum.

Thank you, have a nice day.
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That's just Kret's connection's attitude kicking on; Give Kret a moment, he'll give it a stern talking to.

Edit - sorry Anski, that post was sent before I realized you posted.
There was nothing wrong with the connection itself - this time, it was the router acting up again (I have no idea why, but every so often when it crashes, one of the port forwards changes to something random, which... causes issues when it needs to be working properly for server schtuff.

Anyway, it's up!
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