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Doh! (Invalid username and password)
Sorry to be a pain in the rear end, though i'm getting frustrated now *shakes fist and bonks self on head*

Can not connect to the server due to having an invalid username and/or password.

I've made a game account, double checked that they're (username and password that is) correct, got the realm list sorted, cleared the cache folder and still no luck. *sobs* anything else i can try to get me playing. Thanks in advance.
Have you posted an introduction? If not, read the Sticky in the Intros section, and post one!
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Cry Havoc! And let slip the Dogs of War!
Killachipmunk Wrote:Have you posted an introduction? If not, read the Sticky in the Intros section, and post one!

Yes, did that a couple of days go. :)

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