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[Draenei Family] Character Offer - Female Priestess sister to Zenn/Zakk
Character name: your choice
Looks: Fragile beauty, pale with light hair, short for a draenei and very thin.
Age: 8-9 thousand
Class: Priestess
Powers: Strong light focused priestess, especially excellent and powerful healer, very keen other senses besides sight
Weaknesses: Born blind and sickly, she is still very fragile both physically as well as her immune system is weak and she easily gets ill
Personality: Soft, gentle, selfless and very kind though she is more lady-like than shy she has a bit whimsical side to her, she likes when people are happy and have fun, she likes making jokes but never gets sarcastic or cynical, her kind of humor is rather gentle and well meant. She helps people any way she can and she hates when people she cares about gets hurt when that happens she rarely, when situation calls for it, can get very surprisingly fierce and angry to stand up for them.

Zennshinagas[played by me] - Her older brother who saved her life taking care of her when she was born sick, their father disapprove that and they had to stuck together to get through it, bond between them were very strong and they spent a lot of time together, so much that rumors of something more than sibling love is between them, as it might be truth neither of them never dared to admit it. The bond got shattered when Zenn disappeared for nearly year in Nether Storm, making his sister sad and depressed for that whole time only to return in horrible shape, void of light and feltained. Because of this he got disowned by their father, she wanted to stay in connect with him or even follow him but he pushed her very roughly away, telling her that he changed and doesn't care about anyone from his family now, her included. This hurt her very deeply yet after Exodar crash when they brought mangled nearly dead draenei that couldn't be healed by normal measures she recognized Zenn in heavily mangled man and did all she could to save his life. Only thanks to her he survived but as soon as he woke up he sneaked out of Exodar and she never saw him again in next years.

Zakkulrakas [my planned alt] - Younger brother, she always helped him and cared for him as older sister's do, especially because of his shy meek nature and horrid fear of their father, though he left Exodar, running away from home after the crash, she never heard of him again.

Father - One of first paladins, old, extremely strict, unforgiving, light fanatic. Her father is very cold he never fully accepted her as his daughter being blind sickly child was great disappointment and his own personal failure, when she became light devote herself and rather talented priestess he at least partially admit that she is not completely shame of the family. Now after losing both of his sons he looks over her very strictly also he often in private of their family vents his anger from this on her, blaming her for distracting Zenn and helping Zakk to make him so soft, though his anger outbursts so far remained to yelling and arguments.

Mother - Her mother was very quiet shy woman who stood behind her mate as quiet gray mouse, she was kind and caring but she always had to obey every wish of her mate and always accept his truth. When she was little and very sick her mother kept secretly visiting her more than her father allowed her, but once her father found out and after short argument where her mother kept pleading him to allow her more time with her daughter he finished the talk hitting her so hard she fell. They thought little blind girl couldn't know that but she heard them well enough to realize what exactly happened.Her mother died in late years of war with orcs during their travel from Zangamarsh to Nether Storm.

Asika - Young female paladin, fanatical and also fascinated with her father. Both Asika and her father decided to bond their families so he wanted her mated with Zakk, to save his little brother Zenn stood up to take his place and Asika became his mate. Even so for some reason she cannot understand it seemed her brother got to like or maybe even love this bossy cold paladin but after he got missing she claimed her mate is surely dead very soon and snatched opportunity to get the mate she always wanted in first place, their father. Thanks to this she despise Asika greatly and even while being to well mannered to say so she's sure Asika is nothing more than just b*tch.

Uncle - Her uncle from father's side, paladin who was kind but heavily under her father's influence, he had two children, boy and girl, siblings. Died during their travel from Zangamars to Nether Sorm trying to save their mother.

Aunt - Her aunt from father's side. Very strict and scary priestess that taught her manners and etiquette.

Cousins - Two of her cousins she always felt sorry for when they were under her father's training before Zakk was born.

Uncle - From her mother's side, has no mate or children, disrespected for being a mage, wise, tutor, one of his students helped her save Zenn after crash

Asika's Family - her mother, grandfather, two sisters one has child, boy - she doesn't know them that much as she avoids Asika and her family all she can though from she can say her sisters seems same with their mother in lead, making it rather obvious where Asika's behaviour came from.

History: More about her history can be found in Zenn's profile here: http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/Thread...-extended? what is not stated there or here and history from her point of view is up to you

Leaving the Family: Her family resides in Exodar that is where she already works as healer now, her father wouldn't let her just leave. Reasons can be more or even few of them: Pressure from her father's side, him hitting her during some argument, her wanting to find her brothers or just wish to free herself from this shiny outside but rotten inside family. Means of escape: Her father keeps watching her but she might be lucky to sneak out, cause some diversion or if she has good reason to leave [like her father hitting her] her uncle would help her escape creating portal into any major city for her.
"Everyone is hypocrite by nature. Burst their bubble and tell them real truth and they will hate you fiercely, no matter if they are pink or blue."
"Gray" Zennshinagas
Few family updates:

- Zenn's profile got approved, so the family is officially existing now, yar!

- Sister as character still availible, see above. Come on she's awesome and you know it :D What I forgot to mention is that her blindness may not be permanent, I will leave this up to player but I see it as possible that she will seek help of other draenei healers and through some serie of RP and quests with their help manages to cure her eyes and for the first time in her life see. That might be really interesting RP for sure.

- What I forgot to mention as well, if anyone would like to play any other character from the family or include your current/planned draenei character in it let me know.

- Zakk made it ingame and his profile is now availible. Here it is
"Everyone is hypocrite by nature. Burst their bubble and tell them real truth and they will hate you fiercely, no matter if they are pink or blue."
"Gray" Zennshinagas

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