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Dragonet Kans [Human Knight Marksman] (Pre-approved, OOC class change ONLY)
I just changed the OOC class. Nothing else.

Player: Sorum

Character Full Name: Dragonet Kans

Character In-Game Name: Dragonet

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): Stormwind

Race: Human

Class: OOC: Hunter IC: Marksman

Skills and Abilities:
As a skilled marksman, Dragonet is able to create his own weapons. He possesses a vast knowledge of the firearms. It's easy for him to identify gun components and already created guns. He has a great insight when it comes to firearms and explosives.

Because of his relative weak melee combat capability, he learned where and how to take cover. He easily figures out which place would be best to go in order to keep himself from being harmed by the enemy. In the same time, he always plans at least one escape route. Trying to think ahead.

Due to his high dexterity, his movements can be very fluid and accurate. Giving him the ability to draw and fire his weapons at a fast pace while still maintaining a dangerous accuracy. He is able to deal a lot of damage in a short burst of shots.

As he learned quite a bit about explosives. He is able to create explosives himself. He is nothing near as creative as a sapper when it comes to explosions. And still! He can manage himself. There is no record of him actually creating anything over the top. One of his goals would be to meet up with an experienced sapper so he can learn a thing or two.

In order to relax his comrades in the camps on the battlefront. Dragonet performed stunt shots, such as shooting an apple which was far away. Or shooting a falling object mid-air. And he became quite skilled at performing these shots. He likes to say that he will join the Darkmoon Faire if he gets kicked out of the military.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, almost reaching his shoulders but well kept.

Eyes: Black

Weight: 193

Height: 6'1

Usual Garments/Armor:
Dragonet wears different outfits for different occasions. If in the warmth of his home, then he would wear something casual, like a sweater and a pair of trousers. When Dragonet leaves his house and goes outside, he proudly wears his uniform. His uniform is a nicely brown crafted light mail armor. A blue tabard with the Stormwind symbols would cover his chest and hang over his crotch and butt. He keeps two pistols, one on his right hip and one on his upper left side of the chest under the tabard. A rifle can be found on his back. There are a few back pouches hanging on the back of his belt. Whenever he wears his uniform, he also sports a brown leather hat to cover his scalp. Slightly tilted over his forehead. If the situation requires it, he can be seen wearing a black tuxedo. Along with a pair of nice black shoes.

Born with a Commander father, he was taught to be valorous and noble. He was given proper education and was kept away from the bad influences. Dragonet isn't easily angered or scared and most of the times he only trusts his instincts. He is usually relaxed but easily annoyed when things don't go as planned, no matter who's plan it was. He is faithful to the cause he joins. He likes joking and likes to hang around with people that can take jokes. Dragonet can be easily described as.. social, open to meet new people and open to new experiences. Fear is not something that would motivate him and he doesn't lean much towards the evil. Not enjoying the company of shady individuals.

Dragonet was born a few years after the destruction of Stormwind, within Lordaeron. He was the child of two Stormwind refugees. His dad was a Stormwind commander which later joined the Lordaeron army while his mother was a house wife. The family moved back to New Stormwind during the great rebuilding. Dragonet grew up nicely and was given the best possible education, he was kept away from bad influences while his father had big plans for him.

Dragonet joined the army right when the age allowed it. He was given guardsman position in Stormwind, right after his training was complete. Dragonet was sent outside the city when the third war broke out. That was the time when he found interest in fire weapons and generally dwarven works. He considers the gnomish weapons quite interesting, but he enjoyed the rawness of the dwarven fire weapons a bit more. He began using rifles and pistols along with dynamite and explosives. His goal was to become a marksman, so he began to improve upon his dexterity while trusting his instincts even more. During the third war, he was sent from front to front, ending up in Mount Hyjal. That's where he fought alongside the orcs and night elves against the Burning Legion. He was one of the lucky ones that got teleported by Jaina after the human base fell to the legion. Dragonet returned to Stormwind and remained there as part of the military for another year until the war in Northren began.

Dragonet was sent to join the war against the Scourge in Northrend. He was aware of what happened in Lordaeron but he wasn't very affected by it because aftarall..Lordaeron wasn't his real home. He fought bravely until the end of the campaign, developing his skills with guns and learning much about fire weapons and explosives. By this time, he was making his own weapons. He became a true marksman.

Dragonet was advanced to the knight rank when he returned from Northrend. Making his commander father very proud. He was proud as well for managing it all., But more importantly.. he was proud to be a marksman. After the campaign ended, Dragonet valued Stormwind more than ever, he was glad to be back.

Presently, he is stationing in Stormwind, still within the military. But providing that he doesn't have a clear mission, he tends to wander around. He tries to find something he can do, perhaps join a military group of some sort while still training his marksman skills. It would be silly of him to get out of shape just because he ain't in the front line.
I just approved this too.

First approval (1/2)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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