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[Image: dragonz.jpg]

The above made me chuckle as I was browsing about.

But aside from being mean, it's obvious why dragon hunting at the power-level they have in the WoW is an unlikely individual pursuit.

Which is why I wonder why the peeps interested in dragon-hunting haven't rallied to form some sort of black dragon hunters elite group. Perhaps a noble rallying experts from a gazillion fields like that cliche part we love in the movies? A group should be able to do it if dedicated enough (?) or have fun failing (?). Would love to be a part of something like this even if I haven't the time to arrowhead such a thing.

[Image: Blackwhelp.jpg]
[Image: Boys.jpg]

I have an Old Wildhammer that hunted Reds during the Second War that could contribute in her own way, if one were to.
Dragonslayers are well supported in lore, so I really don't get why they're forbidden.

Wildhammer dwarves hunt black dragons for FUN from their gryphons, and in WC3, the VERY FIRST MISSION OF THE GAME has you meet with some dwarf mercenary riflemen who also hunt dragons.

Really, as long as a dragonslayer character is part of a GROUP of slayers and isn't a singular dragon-killing badass, I don't see what the problem is. You'll notice every dragon-slaying quest in WoW is a group quest proportionate to the required level, unless it involves whelps, anyway.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
In my head, there's a difference between "people who hunt dragons/drakes for a living" and "people who participate in occasional hunts". "Hunts" implying there's a group involved.

Generally, it could be fun to involve something of this sort to provide a challange in a storyline once in a while, or to just set a band of adventurous types on the trail of a few stray whelplings or a drake that's been causing trouble somewhere (since there are more dragonflights than the ones involved with the Wyrmrest Accord; I wouldn't be too keen on the thought of attacking Reds, Blues or Greens, but there's plenty of other flights with questionable allegiances and alignments to hunt without drawing on any notable notoriety).

What I'm worried about, however, is how the view on dragons and drakes might change once someone gets to say that they assisted in taking down one, somewhere. Once someone succeeds, someone else will want to try as well and it'll only go further from there.

Of course, battling drakes and the like has never been out of the question entirely. We just want to keep dragons and drakes intimidating as opponents, as I'd never want to see people take it lightly to face one. Those beasts are deadly once you go face-to-face with one and if you don't come out on top after an encounter, you're very likely to die.

From what I understand, however, many people like to have their characters come out victorious or at the very least unharmed enough to try again later. For either of those more desirable results, there'd have to be extensive planning done (or just... well... a large party rallied so you can Zerg-rush the poor thing).

... All in all... I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm just cautious.


I ramble.
I've been talking about doing this for months. I'm down. < loves epic. Period.
[Image: 15.jpg]
I say we form a group...

We shall call it The Companions. And we make it worgen-onl *is smacked* I mean, I mean...

We can call it, "The Skybane."
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
I, too, worry about dragons becoming a little bragging right rather than a monstrous opponent who is likely to kill you...
If this were to ever be allowed on the server, I would hope there would be some sort of minimum requirement for the number of participants and make it a character changing experience for several of the members involved. (character death, losing a limb, PTSD, etc)

Honestly, I'd rather any fighting involving dragons to be taken much more heavily and with more severe consequences than are possible or even likely to occur. I mean, its a dragon. If fighting them doesn't have severe consequences, then there is absolutely no point in orchestrating such a battle on this server and an equally interesting conflict could be successfully be enacted with an accepted monster or player character in a different scenario.

That being said, I do think fighting a dragon could be a potentially useful tool for maiming and altering some of the especially powerful characters on this server- Perhaps a dragon could make a Death Knight again fear for their life. Or their state of being dead but still fleshy and mobile or whatever.

But yeah, I'm all for any sort of RP whatsoever as long as someone has an especially good reason and is responsible and respectful on the matter.

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