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Dropped out of the Sky like a Flightless Bird.
OKAY! Let me start everything off by sincerely giving my apology. I am sorry, CotH staff and members that ICly and OCCly associated with me. I apologize for not making this sooner, or announcing my leave.

So. I've been busy. I've been revamping my life, getting a lot of new things done in my first year of High School, but...there's one other thing.

See, when I first left, I half didn't want to tell you guys for fear of hurting feelings. I know it sounds silly, but you guys meaned-- err, still mean a lot to me. So...the reason I've been absent.... /deep breath

I've started playing somewhere else. I've started playing an entire different server with a different set of characters and a new set of friends and I AM SO SORRY. This place I play, leaving the name unknown, is a different-but-seemingly-better place. I miss all of you, but I don't think I'm going to return.

Many friends I just kind of dropped off, and the Deadeyes get my sincerest apology. Kul'grukk was amazing...but...

Anyways. This is my "excuse-absence/leaving" thread. I'm apologizing, as well, to all those who miss my company and whatnot. I'm also apologizing for the fact that I may near not return. In that case, I wish all of you a safe and wonderful life, and maybe we'll cross paths again.

[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
That's okay. No one's going to blame you for playing somewhere else. Many on the staff, even, have gone off to other servers to try them out while still moderating here. You have fun over there and that's a good thing, so go do what you're enjoying more. No hurt feelings here, so don't be afraid to speak up about these things sooner. We completely understand and there's absolutely nothing strange about it.

You should still get Skype and sit in on our CotH Skype group though, grumble grumble. (Because that way you can keep contact without actually logging in-game. ;P)

All that said, have fun over there! Hope you poke your head back in sometime, though. /wave
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....Nobody said goodbye except Loxxy. I r hurt.

Just joking, I'm actually hacker-esque typing away at my keyboard whilst changing my realmlist to log in right now because I miss everybody.
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