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Drudaen Rep Drops
Alright I was trying to RP very casually and while playing my main character (Reska) who is quiet a sinister character the guards told her to stop, she did not listen.... Next thing I know I am being attacked by all of the guards... Great RP right? I think that situations like that can be handled better, at least ICly do something like punt her out not just be like. "Alright rep dropped to -4200 bye bye!" Come now, we are all much better Roleplayers then that... So, in the future, if something like that happens can we actually RP it out? I mean if she was thrown out then I was told OOCly and ICly that she would be killed if seen again then we would have a different story.
We have had many, many incidents of people taking advantage of the fact that guards cannot be controlled 24/7 by GMs and enforce "throwing someone out". We were forced by these players to implement the rep drops.

To be perfectly clear:

Ignoring the guards at ANY time, whether there is a GM present or not, would result in IC consequences such as being attacked/apprehended.

EDIT: Also, the death itself should not be treated IC. OOC, your character was killed. IC, they were tossed out bodily.
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