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Eagle's Valor
Quote:To the citizens of the Alliance,

Twenty nine years ago, the Dark Portal first opened and humanity met the orcs. The orcs came to us with the only goal being our complete extermination. For four years the Kingdom of Stormwind fought alone to stop the Horde, but we failed. Stormwind was sacked, our king was murdered, and we were forced to flee from our homeland and seek refuge in Lordaeron. Lordaeron was a great friend, and King Terenas Menethil deserves our respect and thanks for his work with the Alliance and his donations to Stormwind after the Second. Without Terenas and Lothar, the Alliance would have never came to be.

Two years after we fled, the orcs launched an attack by land and sea. They trapped the dwarves and gnomes behind the gates of Ironforge, they burned the forests of Quel'thalas, and with the assistance of a traitor kingdom, stood outside the gates of Lordaeron's Capital and were ready to repeat history. Yet we prevailed. United, we pushed them out of our lands and finally destroyed their Dark Portal. Some orcs escaped to the forests and continued small attacks on our land, but the rest were locked awat in Internment Camps. We were able to rebuild and we were finally at peace. We lost some allies, but we still stood strong. The Alliance was still strong.

When the Third came, we did something that would be rightly claimed impossible. When we found Kalimdor, we found ourselves allied with the night elves and the orcs. The Alliance and Horde worked together, we fought as one, and when the Burning Legion thought we would cower, we sent them running. Despite all the problems in the world, it felt like the Alliance and Horde were at peace. A shame that the Horde made sure it wouldn't last. 'Warsong' Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley; The night elves defend their home and the Horde slaughter them, the people of Stromgarde try to gather supplies to retake their home and the Horde slaughters them, the dwarves try to study in peace and the Horde slaughters them. When the Forsaken attacked us at Wrathgate, the Horde chose to defend their life-hating allies and allow them to use the plague against us, and the undead have used it with glee. With the Forsaken and their plague being used in Lordaeron, the orcs, with the tauren and the trolls, decided now was the time to take all of Kalimdor for themselves, even if it had to wipe out everyone else. We will stop them before they try to repeat history.

We will show them the might of our Grand Alliance.

-Matthew Hunter
Knight-Captain of Eagle's Valor

Eagle's Valor

Who are we? What do we do?

With the rise of Garrosh Hellscream as Warchief of the Horde and the continued aggression in Lordaeron and Kalimdor, Knight-Captain Matthew Hunter decided it was time to end his retirement and recruit men and women who, like him, refuse to allow the Horde to run rampant over Azeroth. The Eagle's Valor will go wherever the Horde is and wherever the Alliance needs aid.

So fighting the Horde?

Yes, the majority of the missions will be dealing with the Horde and the threat they pose to both Azeroth and our Grand Alliance. No, we will not only be dealing with the Horde. Sometimes we might have to aid another in dealing with other threats to the Alliance. For now, the Horde is the biggest threat and is no doubt planning to break Azeroth like they broke Draenor.


There are seven ranks; Knight-Captain, Knight-Lieutenant, Knight, Sergeant Major, Sergeant, Corporal, Private. Of those, you only need to know this about the Knight ranks:

Knight-Captain: Leads Eagle's Valor and is currently held by Matthew Hunter.

Knight-Lieutenant: Advise the Knight-Captain and lead the guild in his absence. There can only be three Knight-Lieutenants at one time, and they are handpicked by the Knight-Captain.

Knight: The potential leaders of Eagle's Valor and are chosen after a discussion between the Knight-Captain and his Knight-Lieutenants.


Any missions will be posted below, starting with the most recent one. Old missions will have their name crossed out. We will (hopefully) have plenty to do.

- Operation: Victory Road


Anyone can join, though warlocks and death knights will have to be officially sanctioned by the Alliance and show papers proving so before they can join. Besides the sanction papers for the warlocks and death knights, all that is required to join is a short interview with the Knight-Captain or a Knight-Lieutenant. You will be given a service number after and be welcomed to the Eagle's Valor. So send a letter, meet the Knight-Captain or his Lieutenants in a city, or offer to join up after assisting in a mission.

There is no OOC membership.
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