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Ed's introduction
Hi. My name's Ed. I used to roleplay primarily on Moonglade in retail WoW and, after the RP on that server pretty much died, I tried Argent Dawn. That, although not dead, wasn't what I had hoped for. The massive population meant that there were still an amazing amount of, well, twats. I met a few RPers that I RPed with often, but even then half of them were barely RPers. After that I decided it was time to give in. I then joined the campaign for a pre-TBC server when people cared about RP and there were less stupid kids running around ending IC sentences with 'lol'. After we were denied pre-TBC I'd had enough with WoW. Incidently I read a lot of lore and have just been playing WC3 to add to the library in my head (and I'm installing Frozen Throne now).

I'm from England so my mother tongue is English.

I used to play on the hardcore RP servers Neverwinter Nights but, when the last hardcore RP server died (my favourite one) I hoped to find similar server on NWN2. I didn't. After learning that WoW had RP servers I was quick to sign up (it was pre-TBC at the time). The RP server I played on, Moonglade, was good when I joined but the addition of Blood Elves made it almost impossible to find RP not involving Blood Elves and by WotLK almost all RP was dead.

I enjoy typical light hearted RP very much but not violent RP so much. I prefer RP in pairs or small groups.

My favourite race has always been Undead as they are so cutomisable RP-wise. They range from genocidal sociopaths to honourable soldiers seeking redemption. Gnome gets a close second as, because of their lack of lore, they have very customisable backgrounds. Warlock has to be my favourite class of the unique reactions they get from other RPers. It can make some very versatile RP.

On this server I'm expecting, well, high quality RP with strict and swift punishment for those that go against RP.

The rule I'm most glad to see is the 'Knowing when to quit' rule. All too often two people threaten to fight and, if they duel, the loser never gives up and continues to argue when they would naturally be half dead.

Well I could try and fish up one of my stories from my NWN days, but they're all about 8 or 9 pages long, so I'll improvise something now:
'Taric's eyelids flickered and snapped open. The stench of rotting flesh filled his notrils, along with something a little more... unnatural. He sat up suddenly and felt around him, for he could not see. He had been robbed, at the very least, and stripped of his possessions and clothing - all but his leggings. He felt bars; a cage. The cage did not seem to be fixed to the ground, but much too heavy to lift. Taric felt a cilling breeze against his spine and jumped up and turned as light flooded the room through a surprisingly well preserved wooden door. A corpse seemingly stepped through the door. Taric jumped to the back of his cage as he realised, with sudden terror, the corpse lived. The corpse made a gestured and some sort of hulking grotesque creature forced itself through the doorway and peered at Taric before heaving the cage over. With terror and adrenaline Taric lunged at the corpse, only to be knocked back back by some invisible force. The corpse muttered and Taric fell unconscious once again.

Upon waking he first saw a group of four of the living corpses peering at him. One muttered something and they cackled in horrid delight. After looking round and trying to move he realised he was chained to a wall in what appeared to be some sort of laboratory. One of the more hunched and rotten corpses handed the corpse he'd seen from his cage a pestle and mortar, with some sort of green paste. A corpse held open his mouth and another forced the paste into his mouth, jamming it down his throat and rubbing his neck until the paste was swallowed. The chains were released from the wall and he fell to the floor a few feet below him. He vomited, wounds appearing across his body with pus seeping from them. The corpses watched him with their sinister eyes in amusement, but also curiousity. His head fell to the floor once more. The stench of rotting flesh came from him this time as he realised his fate. What remained of him fell to the floor once more, his suffering over.'

I wouldn't mind taking this chance to ask, firstly, whether members of one faction can walk into the city of another faction without being attacked by guards (as I've often wished I could play some sort of traveller) and, secondly, whether a player can have characters of both factions (as I notice the server has the PvP ruleset).

I saw that there is an abundance of introductions but also a sticky asking for people to put more detail into introductions. Apologies if mine is a bit longer or shorter than most.

EDIT: In fact I doubt people are supposed to reply to these, so forget about the questions I asked.
Hi... I'm the new guy.
Yes you can have characters of both factions, but no, you cannot walk into a hostile faction's city without being well... beheaded with an axe. XD
[Image: Signature.png]
Thanks. Is there any way around this as, if I get accepted, I'd be interested in playing some sort of travelling merchant or entertainer? Similar to a goblin, in effect, but not as you can't play a goblin.
Hi... I'm the new guy.
There's no way around it. The Big Two are currently at war with each other. Welcome to the server!
Kaghuros Wrote:Welcome to the server!

Thank you. I'm hesitant to put a smiley... What's your view on smileys? (OOC of course; I'm not stupid)
Well, to be honest, I don't like smileys if they're the picture ones.
Hi... I'm the new guy.
Smileys get you beheaded. :wink:
Acronyms get you beheaded. Lolol.
Have a nice day. (Having a nice day gets you beheaded.)

Smileys are okay, I guess. Though excessive use is frowned upon....

:D :o :|
Mikain Wrote:Smileys get you beheaded. :wink:
Acronyms get you beheaded. Lolol.
Have a nice day. (Having a nice day gets you beheaded.)

Hi... I'm the new guy.

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