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Elassa Silverbolt(Night Elf Death Knight)
Player: McKnighter

Character Full Name: Elassa Silverbolt

Character In-Game Name: Elassa

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): None (Formerly Ebon Blade and the Sentinels.)

Race: Night Elf

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities:

Winter is Coming:
- Passive: Elassa maintains a colder body temperature in order to more efficiently use frost-based abilities. This mainly helps in warmer climates.
- Active: Elassa projects an aura of ice and chill around her in a one-meter radius. The temperature is around freezing level and serves to weaken and install fear into its victims.

Age: 5,336

Sex: Female

Hair: Gray since undeath, it tends to be patchy and unwashed. It is kept in a pony tail to
keep out of her face.

Eyes: Icy blue.

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 7'

Usual Garments/Armor: She wears the armor she was given during her service to the Scourge, and she's yet to change it.

Other: Both her ears are chopped off to the scalp, leaving the holes. Her chest and other parts of her body have also been reduced via meat cleaver so that it could fit into her armor.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: After her introduction to freedom after undeath, Elassa is much different than she was in life. She has become quiet, sulking, calculating despite the insanity left in her mind after the Lich King's mental connection was severed. She still feels the urge to slaughter and kill, and sometimes it gets the best of her during combat or stressful situations. Elassa treats herself like an abomination, often leaving an area when she gains too much attention out of shame. She has no purpose in her unlife, making her a bit of an adventurer and a nomad. She envies the living and will often observe them or try to act as if she was 'normal' at times.

History: Born in the Long Vigil era, Elassa was a product of a stoic Sentinel and a slumbering Druid named Dalar Shadowpelt who only woke briefly before returning to the Emerald Dream. Elassa was raised by her mother and the unit of Sentinels. Elassa was brought up quickly with all the training as traits of a Kaldorei warrior, and served alongside her mother in the defense of their homeland.

In the War of Shifting Sands, Elassa lost her mother during one retreat, as the Kaldorei suffered loss after loss. Her mother fell behind and one of the Silithid warriors tore her apart. Elassa kept running, horrified by the sight. Later on, she was able to reach and tell her father once he was woken up to take part in the war about the death. It sent the sleepy Druid into a murderous rage, losing sight of comforting his daughter and instead charging to the front lines. Elassa followed by example, venting her grief on the enemy. After the war was over, Dalar returned to his barrow den without much disclosure, leaving Elassa alone.

However, it took a few centuries before she found a mate in the form of a Kaldorei blacksmith, a non-male Druid that was left unclaimed. The two become close and soon enough they tried to bring a child into their world. All seemed well until the day of birth. Complications occurred, and the baby did not survive. Elassa herself nearly did not make it, but by the saving grace of Elune(and one of her priestess) she was able to endure the physical hardships. The process took its toll, both physically and mentally on the woman. She was instructed not to attempt again less they cause two more deaths, and knowing that fact along with the death of her child wounded Elassa deeply. She withdrew from her friends and mate, often spending much of her free time alone in the forest.

When an expedition was embarked to follow Illidan the Betrayer to hunt him down, Elassa strangely volunteered without any clear motive. She was taken regardlessly, and she served well up until the Kaldorei encountered the Scourge. Assuming that such foes were weak in their undeath, she merrily engages them until a Necromancer blasted her full on with a death coil. Sapped of life, she was finished off, then taken away for a secret project that the Scourge had in the making. In a few years, Elassa found herself alive once more in the Ebon Hold. She was instructed in her new existence and duty, her past life's memories being brainwashed out of her dominated mind. She passed her trials and was given a used set of plate armor that a former Kaldorei death knight wore before she died to a Scarlet's hammer to the head. Elassa was slightly larger than her, and the helmet was replaced with one for a human's. Elassa could not make the armor fit, so the Necromancers 'trimmed' her body of fleshly excess, including her long elven ears. Once secured inside her prison armor, little remained of Kaldorei Sentinel Elassa Silverbolt, now she was simply Death Knight #362.

Sent off to slaughter the Scarlets, she favored the path ice. Chilling terror found her victims as her rune blade carved a bloody path through the zealots, showing no mercy or remorse. At the last stand at Light's Hope chapel, she was among the Death Knights that were freed of the Lich King's power. Bits and pieces of her mind and memory retuned, and more restored the longer time went by. Her new chilling demeanor stuck with her and after one encounter with a mirror she refused to take off her armor. Elassa joined the crusade north to strike back at the Scourge. While not engaging in any heavy fighting, she did her part as instructed, and once the King was toppled, Elassa found little to do with her life. Vengeance has been claimed, but she could never return back to her home. Not with how she looked. So, Elassa embarked on a wandering journey. Who knows what she may find, who she'll meet, or what she'll do...
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Good to see McKnub profiles. Very good.
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