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Elizabeth Claremont [Human Mage]
Player: Rosencrat

Character Full Name: Eliza Levine Claremont

Character In-Game Name: Claremont

Nickname(s): Lady Claremont, Miss Levine, The Conductress

Association(s): Dalaran, Alliance, Felfire Club

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 59

Sex: Female

Hair: While once long and dark brown, Claremont’s now graying hair has since been cut into a short bob and tied into a neat bun.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 142 lbs.

Height: 5’ 10”

Alignment: Neutral Good

Skills and Abilities: After years of fluctuation and experimentation, Claremont has dedicated herself almost exclusively to the mastery of Arcane. She is accomplished in most medium and high level spells in the Arcane School, at the cost of any greater knowledge of Frost and Fire.

The mage has, in her studies, picked up an affinity for Enchanting and Alchemy. Though highly capable in both fields, her work in either profession is almost entirely done as a hobby.

Because of her background as a Warlock, Claremont has a good working knowledge of the theories and abilities behind most curses and demon summoning rituals. As a mage, however, she is unable to cast any Warlock spells. As a good human being, she refuses to dabble in the arts anymore.

Usual Garments/Armor: The combination of a mage and noble has earned Claremont the right to dress in gaudy clothing. Whenever possible, the noble wears flowing silver and blue robes etched with silks and gems. Her mantle is particularly offensive, with heavy gems and crystals stretching across a wood and silk-covered frame. Her clothes are covered in the symbol of Dalaran.

The outfit is often completed with a blue and gold cape and a mask. The full-coverage mask, magically enchanted, gives her normal vision despite physically obstructing her eyes.

Other: None

Personality: Claremont is a quiet, exacting woman with a mind only recently dominated by her own personal goals and wants. After years of selfishness and outward cruelty, she has since begun to broaden her focuses. She now has an interest in helping not only herself, but those of her family, her friends and Dalaran as a whole. The change has also softened her outward demeanor, granting her measures of kindness and pleasantness. The children have also eased her severe nature and made her a warmer and more matronly individual.

Despite her changes in recent years, the woman still can be quite frigid at times. The mage, while she is doing her best to be more compassionate, has difficulty sympathizing with others and will often go for the most logical over the most kindly solution if she doesn't focus.

History: Eliza was the last of three children born to the House of Levine, a minor noble house of the Kingdom of Alterac. Thanks in part to a steady income from farmlands and to her father, a judge, and mother, a mage, the Levine children were raised well and given all the pleasures and safeties that they required within Alterac City.

Despite the perfect situations surrounding her childhood, Eliza did not enjoy her youth. Her parents, kind but incapable, were inept, and often handed off the duty of raising and instructing the children to tutors and nannies. Worrying for the children’s safety, Eliza’s parents forbade them from leaving the manor on anything but minor trips. Her older brothers, separated from her by four years, had little care for their sister. This combination of neglect and isolation caused Eliza to withdraw into herself.

To whittle away the time Eliza sank herself into her studies. A capable student, the young girl picked up matters of science, history, English and arcane through a succession of teachers and tutors. By the time the little girl was twelve she had already proven herself an exceptional scholar and was allowed to enroll in a small Alterac school for mages and aspiring enchanters. Exposed to others of her own age, Eliza began to warm.

After falling out between her father and grandfather, Eliza – then fifteen - was sent along with her parents and siblings to tend to the family’s estate in Lakeshire. Removed from her home and isolated from her newest friends, the young mage sank once more into withdrawal and depression.

While her brothers and parents tended the earth and settled into their new home on the fringes of the alien town, Eliza withdrew completely into her studies once more with increased voracity. With an established basis in the Arcane, the young girl was given a more advanced tutor, a kindly matron from Stormwind and a researcher for the Kirin Tor. Despite the woman’s attempts towards kindness and actual friendship, the teenage Eliza remained quiet and cloistered in her own thoughts.

For years the two taught and studied together, Eliza advancing with leaps and bounds through her education. By the age of twenty three Eliza had become the old mage’s apprentice, assisting her in her work of cataloguing and researching forms of magic for the mages of Dalaran.

It was during this study that Claremont began to come across more and more material related to Warlockry and Fel. Viewing the information as a curiosity, the apprentice carefully copied the notes, diagrams and information she collected and secreted them away for private study.

By the time of the First War Eliza was a full-fledge mage. Eschewing the path of her mentor, now dead, Eliza did not join the Kirin Tor, instead remaining in Lakeshire to study Arcane and Fel. Having tested the limits of Arcane and its power, the budding mage had delved into Fel and was a fledgling Warlock.

The war shook Eliza deeply. The cruelty of the orcs and their slaughter of neighboring Stormwind was felt even in the relative safety of Redridge. Yet, from the war, more information on Warlockry and Fel filtered through to the woman. Dutifully she collected and cataloged the information to add to her then impressive library of forbidden knowledge on Warlockry.

After the Second War Eliza, troubled twice now by the orcs, left her home in Redridge to travel to the Internment Camps. There she helped oversee and study the orcs and their lethargy, working like many mages to understand a curious but vile creature. It was during this work that she met and later befriended a younger orc, showing the creature some degree of kindness by lifting her out of the internment camp and taking her in as a servant.

It was within one of these camps that the woman met Lord Gaius Claremont. A Knight of Dalaran and one of the latest Paladins trained by those of Stormwind, the forty year old widower won over the younger woman’s heart despite her cold outer shell. After two year’s of romance away from the camps they wed.

Taking the name Claremont, Eliza abandoned the path of Warlockry and Fel worship that would have, if left to ferment, lead to her submission to the Burning Legion. With her husband’s guidance she returned to her position as a Mage, burning her library of Fel research and purifying her body of the evil magic’s taint.

The family retired to Dalaran and began the process of raising a family. Eliza soon joined with the Kirin Tor and, hiding her black history of Warlockry, began to immerse herself into the local politics of a Dalaran noble and mage. Like her father and mother before her, Eliza proved a kind but incapable mother for her children, both those of Lord Claremont and those the two sired together.

When the Third War began Lord Claremont, taking the call of the Silver Hand, departed to aid in the fight alongside Lord Arthas. He, like many of his brothers, was slain when the madness consumed the Traitor Prince. Wrenched with sorrow, the widow Lady Claremont could do nothing but return to her introversion.

When Arthas destroyed Dalaran Eliza managed to lead a successful escape of her family and associates. Changed by the years of kindness her late husband had passed through to her, the Lady Claremont returned to the ruins of Dalaran months later to assist in its re-building.

Lady Claremont re-surfaced years later with the return of Dalaran. During the re-construction she had distinguished herself as a loyal servant of the people and a trustworthy, if icy, friend. With her new home returned and her position within the Kirin Tor secured, the widow Lady Claremont settled in to enjoy her life.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, Claremont has begun to re-evaluate her role in the world. She now sees Dalaran as a useful seat of neutrality. She works to help calm the tensions between the Alliance and Horde in her own small ways by drawing more heroes to Dalaran to interact and grow familiar.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
Can you highlight any changes that came with her profile update to help the forum helpers spot them out?
Quote:By the time of the First War Eliza, now twenty seven, was a full-fledge mage.

Once again, due to the slight timeline shift some ages and events are off by two years.

(Though to be honest I am not sure why we did that to the timeline recently. o_0 )
This timeline will be the death of me.

I've pruned up her total age and removed any mention of her age in relation to major events. I know at least that her final age is correct, however.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]

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