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Elwen Fairstar [Blood Elf Warrior]
Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Elwen Rae'thiel Fairstar

Character In-Game Name: Elwen


Association(s): House Fairstar

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities:
What is this, a gun for ants?: Elwen specializes in the use of pocket pistols and has learned to quickly use several of the firearms in a row with little time between shots.

Arcane Warrior: Elwen combines her sword and gunplay with a mixture of arcane abilities.

Gadgeteer: Elwen has learned to be a skilled gunsmith and engineer. She practices this when crafting or doing maintenance on her own firearms and other equipment.

Survivalist: Elwen is capable of applying first aid techniques, even in emergency situations with improvised materials. She is also skilled in preparing a campsite, hunting, and making improvised meals.

Age: 180

Sex: Female

Hair: Bright red and short, parted at the side and coming down to partially cover her face.

Eyes: Fel Green

Scale: 0.90

Appearance: Elwen is short for her kind, but with much lean mucle definition. Her red hair tends to hang down over an eye if not held back by a headband or hair clip. She usually likes to keep herself fairly well tanned and wears some makeup when she can. She wears tight-fitting red and gold clothing, generally covered by a long cloak. She has three small holsters attached to each side of a leather harness worn under her cloak and four more on a belt around her waist, each carrying a small single-shot pistol. Despite having a total of ten of the small pistols, she also wears an enchanted sword on her hip.

Personality: Elwen's unusually short stature drives her to being the best she can at what she does. Her height tends to cause her grief, but she likes to rationalize with lines like "Big things come in small packages." Despite coming off as cocky in some situations, she is generally friendly to anyone she meets. She strongly dislikes the political tensions between the Horde and Alliance, and the racial tensions that exist even inside both factions. Her temper can quickly flare up under the right circumstances. She loves crafting firearms, seeing it as her art, and has been known to craft display pieces that hold some sort of meaning to her. Elwen isn't the best at dealing with death, and has had to get over the deaths of only a few people very close to her in the past.


Elwen Rae'thiel Fairstar was born the second child of five to Krest and Arasinya Fairstar. Most of her childhood was spent learning good manners as well as reading and writing. She frequently visited the family chef, using his cookbook to practice learning to read. This was the first spark of her interest in cooking.

When she came to be old enough to carry a blade, her father began teaching her to fight. Once she had been taught the basics and had a good handle on her swordplay, Elwen began learning to make use of the arcane with her physical fighting style. This training went on for several years and once he felt she was sufficiently skilled, Krest had given Elwen a sword enchanted with the power of frost.

After some time, Elwen began to pursue cooking as a profession, and quickly became quite skilled in a number of Elven and Human dishes. This desire turned from a professional pursuit into a hobby, and was soon followed by a desire to learn survival skills such as treat wounds, among other things. This went on for several years until Elwen decided to take a trip into the wild to put her skills to the test in a faux emergency campout, in which she lasted several months before returning home.

Some time before the first war, Elwen had fallen in love with an entertainer named Miriel Eleneth. The two formed a strong bond which lasted for many years. During this time Miriel was frequently pestered by a man named Alaron Vanos, a man obsessed with Miriel. He felt his affection for Miriel was more important than much else, and claimed he would stop at nothing to be with her. Unfortunately, news reached Alaron that Elwen was to marry Miriel, and this pushed him over the edge. Alaron went into a craze that resulted in kidnapping Miriel. Elwen had pursued him, but was just too late. Alaron held a knife to Miriel's back, and upon seeing Elwen he shouted.

"If I can't have you, nobody can!" With those words, Miriel was dead. Alaron fled the scene, leaving Elwen to mourn the death of her lost love. After spending a number of months in a lonely depression, Elwen lifted herself out of that dark place and began learning to dance and sing, as a way to remember Miriel.

In the time between the second and third war, Elwen had made her way to the Dwarven city of Ironforge. Here she began to train with a gunsmith to learn the trade. Her interest in firearms first started when she had heard, sometime near the start of the second war, about dwarven riflemen. Upon seeing the weapons in person, her interest only grew. She spent some time living in Ironforge, learning to master the use and craft of firearms.

After returning home, Elwen grew tired of the large style of pistols that she had been taught to make and started working on a design for a smaller pistol that would fit her better. The new design had sacrificed some range and power, but was still entirely lethal and fit Elwen's smaller hands much better.

During the Third war, Elwen's family had left for a family vacation. This was fortunate, as they survived the sunwell incident easily enough. While she didn't use the arcane frequently since she had started using guns, she still felt the withdrawal affects of the destruction. This drawback hindered her for some time, but was soon corrected with the return of Kael'thas' men and their knowledge of absorbing fel energy.

Following the third war, Elwen had begun learning to make other engineering gadgets, such as explosives, powered goggles, and other little devices. After the fall of the Lich King, Elwen made a journey to Northrend to help train her combat skills against the untamed creatures of the north. During her trip, she had a deadly encounter with a magnataur in the night.

She accepted the challenge of taking down the beast, but it was a difficult fight. Fortunately in the dim vision her goggles granted, she saw what appeared to be another elf fighting the creature. One of her first few gunshots disabled an eye on the large beast, but that seemed to enrage it further. After a few quick moments of the elves avoiding heavy strikes, the magnataur had grabbed the other elf. The beast lifted her high into the air, but the nimble form of Elwen had tapped into some arcane power to launch herself into the air before the face of the beast, planting her feet on its tusks and grabbing a hold of the thick hair on its head. With a point blank shot to the eye with her last remaining bullet, the creature was blinded fully and dropped the other elf. The magnataur roared and swatted at its face to knock Elwen away. As she hit the snowy ground below, Elwen soon came to realize her goggles were jarred by the strike and malfunctioning. A quick firm smack seemed to make the goggles work, but only just enough to give her a flickering, dim view. While the blinded magnataur continued to thrash and strike at the area around itself, Elwen managed to get to the other elf by unleashing a flurry of expletives at the magnataur and blinking away toward the fallen girl while the beast struck at the sound. She managed to lift the bigger girl and carry her away to a nearby cave where the two recovered through the night.

Upon waking up in the cave the next day, Elwen soon came to learn the other elf was Syrena Amberdawn. The two seemed to be relatively unharmed from the battle. Bruises here and there with a scrape or two were the worst of it. The two had then made their way to Dalaran, where they've stayed while Elwen works on repairing her equipment and replacing some pistols she had lost in the fight with the Magnataur.
A few things:

1) Arcane Warrior is just using the arcane to explain warrior abilities. I just feel the need to remind people of that. No fireballs or whatever.

2) Why is she so short? She's far below the average, but there seems to be no explanation. Family is usually that short? Disease? What's up?

3) Expand the personality, please.

4) Paragraph 3, Sentence 1:
Quote:After some time, Elwen began to pursue cooking as a profession, and quickly became quite skilled in a number of Sin'dorei and human dishes.
Not sure of the why to claim they are Sin'dorei dishes when Sin'dorei was not a thing when she would be learning. Elven or Quel'dorei would work here.

5) Her guns are very important to her. More important than her sword, in fact. What's the reason for her being a Warrior instead of a Hunter, which seems to fit her more due to her love of range weapons.

6) The fight against the magnataur. While it reads like the two elves don't kill the beast, it still feels like the danger isn't taken into consideration. A magnataur is huge, making an average sized elf seem tiny (which means .90 Elwen would feel even smaller). You also said Elwen blinked (charged, but using blink to explain the charge ability is okay by me) to the creature's face to shoot it in the eye. Blink, and charge, are abilties that have you move horizontally, rather than vertically. How did she reach that thing's face? It's huge! Was there some cliff nearby? Couple of rocks she climbed up on? Despite that, the fight seems to be a rather easy 'victory' for Elwen. You completed blinded the poor thing!
1) I've been sure to keep that in mind. I've even asked at least once to verify the differences.

2) I wasn't aware that the height I've chosen was enough to warrant an unusual reason, since its within the normal accepted range.

3) I've made some additions to the personality that expand it a bit more. Hopefully it will be enough.

4) That's entirely a mistake on my part, and I've fixed it.

5) She was trained and used a sword, and has used one for most of her life. Her guns are her primary weapon, but her sword abilities play a much larger role when fighting anything that doesn't go down in one or two shots as most things would.

6) I've seen the blink ability used very frequently, as well as other similar abilities, to move horizontally to some extent. I assumed it wouldn't be an issue here. I will work to add in a bit more detail about the fate of the poor magnataur. While the Magnataur is certainly a massive threat, Elwen is occasionally a cocky and brave girl, and this is one point where it shows. I'll be sure to add that to the personality if its not there already. Other than that, I felt the use of distraction and blinding was enough to assume she recognised the creature as a big enough threat to run away, as she did.
On number 2: It's more something I'm curious about rather than something I'm going to shake you and demand you edit.

On number 6: I'm assuming you mean vertically (up-down) rather than horizontally (left-right). After thinking it over, I would be okay with that. Blink up in the air, do some other magical thingamajig to allow you to do magical thunderclap. Works for me. Though simply being brave and cocky doesn't make for an effective fighting strategy against a magnataur. I'm not saying you have to lose, and I'm not saying you have to get completely destroyed and saved by goblins or something else, just that a magnataur is not as simple as shooting both eyes with one bullet each.
I've made some edits.
The blink to the magnataur's face is now a heroic leap.
The height was chosen with little thought more than the family seems rather varied. I wasn't trying to argue there, but reading it back it looks that way to me.
I've made some edits to the fight to help show that it wasn't a simple fight over in a few moves, but rather made Elwen use almost everything in her arsenal just to survive.
I sensed no argument about the height. If it felt like we were arguing about the height, I apologize. The fight with the magnataur is a little better now.

First approval (1/2)
I made myself think that way with what I had said. No issue at all though.
For some reason, I can't seem to get the magnataur fight exactly how detailed it probably should be. I blame my brain for hating me. /nod
Quote:5) She was trained and used a sword, and has used one for most of her life. Her guns are her primary weapon, but her sword abilities play a much larger role when fighting anything that doesn't go down in one or two shots as most things would.

Seems like she should be a hunter, then, if range is her primary. Hunters can still fight in melee, but ranged weapons are their forte, like Elwen. Warriors use melee weapons primarily, and resort to range when they have to. Elwen is the other way around.
Right. I wouldn't have any trouble with changing the class, but then I'd have to adjust the abilities she uses in the profile... Not quite sure how that'd turn out considering hunters don't have anything along those lines as far as I know.

I honestly don't see what the issue is with her using guns as her primary. Like I said earlier, her melee plays a big part when she is in an actual fight against something a sword will do much against. In the example in the profile, a Magnataur, trying to cut it wouldn't do much I don't think. Guns, in that situation, were the best option. Say she were fighting a person though, she would make full use of her swordplay.
The skills and abilities,? Those seem fine for a hunter. Do you mean the magnataur fight? Yeah, you might have to switch that up a little if you're changing the class. You could just have her fire the shot she jumps up there to do from further away.
She was trained as a warrior and has been for her entire life. She didn't change specialty when she started using guns, they are just a quick way to end a fight usually, so they're the go-to option.
Are you going to swich class to Hunter, just so we know? It seems you're not, however.

In that case, I'm mostly willing to approve this provided you know and understand that the guns you possess won't be able to pull off any feats akin to those that exist in the Hunter spell book. I trust that you know this already, of course, but I want to have it said.
Ah right. I didn't have any desire to change in the end, I'm sorry for any confusion. Also, I'm sorry if anywhere in this discussion I became too hostile.
I do understand that the guns used would just be guns, and nothing special.
No worries, there. It looks fine to me.



Move him into the sun—
Gently its touch awoke him once,
At home, whispering of fields half-sown.
Always it woke him, even in France,
Until this morning and this snow.
If anything might rouse him now
The kind old sun will know.

Think how it wakes the seeds,—
Woke, once, the clays of a cold star.
Are limbs, so dear-achieved, are sides,
Full-nerved—still warm—too hard to stir?
Was it for this the clay grew tall?
—O what made fatuous sunbeams toil
To break earth’s sleep at all?
[Image: 62675bf4fd.jpg] [Image: 0e7357dcfe.jpg]

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