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Enapay Lifewarder [Tauren]
Player: Spiralin

Character Full Name: Enapay Lifewarder

Character In-Game Name: Enapay

Nickname(s): Ena

Association(s): Ragetotem Tribe, The Horde

Race: Tauren

Class: Paladin

Age: 57

Sex: Male

Hair: Charcoal Gray

Eyes: Aery Blue

Weight: 627 lbs

Height: 8'7"

Usual Garments/Armor: Enapay is usually found wearing a leathery kodo-vest, straps added on for where he is able to sheathe a weapon over his back. Strange ornaments would decorate the leathery straps, most are trophies collected from battle, while a few are things that hold a sentimental value to Enapay. His leggings are composed of much more durable cured layers of leather, woven together to provide an adequate amount of protection, but still allow versatility.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: When Enapay was a youngblood, he aspired to become a leader to his people. Perhaps one day being honored for an unimaginable great deed he would achieve during his adulthood. Yet, life had different plans. Growing up in the Ragetotem Tribe, Enapay was expected to carry his weight as a warrior, and he did so. As he grew older, Enapay saw many friends die beside him to centaur, bringing forth a deep hatred for the horsemen. As the amount of warriors diminished, so did Enapay's dreams. He had to carry more weight, shed his personal desires, and leave behind the emotions he had no time for. This turned Enapay into what he is today, a soldier. From time to time Enapay experiences mild depression, usually occurring the day after having a dream of his childhood, and realizing that he failed to achieve his dreams.

History: Enapay's childhood was similar to any other tauren. He had both parents, as well as his elders. From the moment his life began, Enapay was taught about the Earthmother and those teachings have greatly influenced his life. As well as the teachings of the great hunt. Thanks to this, Enapay has a great respect for all things relating to nature, except two. The centaur hold a special place of hate in Enapay's heart. As soon as he reached his teenage years Enapay finally understood why his tribe was nomadic, and why the Ragetotem had a reputation of being warriors. When Enapay reached fighting age, he joined the tribes' warriors in the battle against the centaur. For months, even years, Enapay fought against the centaur. Honing his skills as a warrior, and slowly becoming more respected for his service in protecting the tribe.

Enapay’s life continued on this way for many years. Until one night the centaur attacked the encampment Enapay was residing in. He awoke to the cries and pleas of tauren children, and mothers alike. Enapay grabbed his weapon and without batting an eye charged into the fray. The battle raged all night long. Enapay still remembers it to this day, he fought to protect as many of those as he could. Rushing from tent to tent, aiding those he could in escaping, and defending those who could not do so themselves. Enapay received many scars that night, some physical and others emotional. It was not until Enapay saw the sun peak over the mountains that reinforcements from a nearby tribe encampment had come to their aid. That vision of the sun forever etched itself into Enapay’s memory, remembering it as a signal of hope. From then on Enapay had learned a deeper appreciation for the Earthmother. Realizing that her right eye, An’she, brings warmth to all dark places. Enapay had lost his father that night.

As time went on, the tribe Enapay was a part of joined the Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff. Enapay realized he had grown tired of all the bloodshed and war. He hung up his weapon and was able to retire from the official service to the Ragetotem and live with his family in the peaceful land of Mulgore. Enapay enjoyed this quiet life for many years, and aided his mother in managing a herb farm. Ehawee, Enapay’s mother, passed on her knowledge of herbs to Enapay during this time. She later passed due to an illness. While at first Enapay was saddened by the loss of his mother, Enapay later realized it was a blessing, she died peacefully in her sleep and was not would not have to experience the Shattering.

With the return of Deathwing, Quilboar advancements throughout Mulgore, and the Alliance’s attack on Taurajo. Enapay has chosen to take back up his blade, to once again fight for his people. Leaving the farm behind in Mulgore, he joined the Sunwalkers in order to refine his skills, and become closer to the Earthmother. With weapon in hand, Enapay plans to head back into the world and deal with any threat to the Tauren, or the Horde.
You've got a good, solid profile here, and it's very well worded.

There's only one thing I want to address...

Quote:Enapay finally was able to retire from the official service to the Ragetotem and live with his family in the peaceful land of Mulgore. Enapay enjoyed this quiet life for many years.

Retiring from an official service? Sure. But in his late forties/early fifties he lives a quiet life with his family? I want to know what he's doing during these years, because in a culture like the Tauren's, everyone does something to contribute to their tight-knit community. I also think elaborating of this will help develop some talents or skills for Enapay (which you don't necessary have to list in the profile, but I'd think it'd be beneficial to have them in mind when RPing the character).
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Thank you Geoni! I really appreciate how you suggested to give Enapay a little more depth in regards to what he did during his more-or-less 'retirement'. It gave me a bit more to expand on, and I really enjoyed adding more to the character. It was also neat to give him a skill that wasn't specifically aimed towards his past, something kind of different and peaceful, adverse to the 'soldier' persona he has. I'll definitely keep it in mind for roleplay. I also aged him a little bit, it shouldn't alter the timeline of the profile anywhere since I tried to avoid specifically pointing out what years his early life took place. It was mostly to age his mother, who was roughly 41 years older than Enapay. Edited!

Edit: Also added to his Usual Garments/Armor!

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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