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Ensuena Sunshade (Blood Elf Felsworn)
(Ensuena was one of my first created characters, and I've come a long way with profiles and lore knowledge since then, so I decided to use this soft reset to change a few things. Changes include abilities, age/name, and brief changes in history and personality.)

Player: Mimloopen

Character Full Name: Ensuena Sunshade

Character In-Game Name: Ensuena

Nickname(s): Ensu

Association(s): The Burning Legion.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock (Fel-sworn)

Skills and Abilities: Ensuena is a warlock of significant power, further enhanced by consumption of fel blood. Her abilities reflect her self-preserving nature and she is adept at manifesting shadow and fel into shields and wards. She also goes to some extent to hide any adverse effects of fel blood on her appearance, turning to potions or enhancements to keep herself in an almost eerie state of cleanliness and pristine condition.

Age: 181

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde and varying hair styles.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 63 kg

Height: 1.76 metres

Usual Garments/Armor: She alternates between expensive robes with intricate designs. At her belt is a money pouch and a metal flask that is almost always filled with alcohol, or something more potent. The elf also has several small vails of coloured liquids stored in her pouch. Her typical outfit can include a (fashionable, of course) hat if she's travelling around, and if she sees something nice-looking on someone else she's inclined to copy the idea.

Other: Obsessed with beauty, the magics and potions that the elf has worked unto herself have left her in an unnatural state of perfection; dust seems to refuse to fall on her, and any wet clothes or hair seems to dry at an incredible pace. These subtle spells are detectable by any who can sense fel magic at work.

Personality: Most blood elves tend to be high and mighty in their self perception, and Ensuena is no different. She is selfish and in her mind the world revolves around her actions, bearing little thought to the effects her actions may have on others. Ensuena sees every race other then the blood elves as inferior, and has insulting terms for all of them. To characters of 'lesser races' that she likes, the most she would do is refrain from insulting, and a compliment to anyone that isn't a sin'dorei is rare. That's not to say complimenting a sin'dorei is a common event, however; although she does not hold as much contempt for her own kind, she still finds them only barely tolerable.

Ensuena is as hedonistic as can be, taking and doing everything pleasurable while finding excuses to not do anything that might even break a nail. Her ideal life is spent lounging, drinking and partying. Ironically, she is quick to judge and complain about anybody who she believes is haughty or lazy.

The felsworn is a raging alcoholic and is more often then not found under the influence of her favourite Dalaran Red. While she is able to maintain some semblance of maturity and cold pride when sober, Ensuena quickly reverts to childish comments and insults while intoxicated, complimented by her generally poor balance and dexterity during such times. Even while sober, the elf tends to keep up a persona of cluelessness, immature sarcasm and almost pathological lying amongst those she considers acquaintances or even, fel forbid, friends. This has led to many people underestimating her; even if she derives amusement from such behaviour, Ensuena is still a felsworn and perfectly capable of turning to practised violence and cruelty in an instant.

A common misconception made is that Ensuena enjoys alcohol. However, this is not the case; the copious drinking is her way of coping with another day without the sweet Nathrezim blood that she craves. Drunkenness provides some mild respite from the aching desire, and to meet the elf on a day that she is both sober and without blood for over a week is to meet a very cranky woman indeed.

Although she prefers not to show an awful lot of fondness for anything but elves and elvish things when sober, the appearance of something small and cuddly- in some cases a gnome will suffice- makes her d'aww, as it does many women. She would rush to save a puppy from a burning building before a family of orc children. She also values beauty; the elf finds great pride and joy in sin'dorei art and culture, goes to great lengths to stay in a state she considers beautiful, and is far warmer to people that she considers well dressed.

Her greatest pride is also her ultimate shame. Although she often boasts of her prowess as a warlock (where it is safe to do so without fear of lynching or arrest), the bond to her demon master leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The pact binds her both literally and symbolically, preventing her from finding true freedom and also causing the elf to fall into brooding pessimism when the topic of demonic servitude is discovered and approached.

History: Born in a family of wealth and luxury, Ensuena was buried in luxuries and recieved almost anything she asked for. A set of books, a new bed, even some exotic pet that she would lose interest in over a week and trade off for some bloodthistle when she was older. Despite the luxuries afforded to her, the early years of her life were spent mostly inside the family home with her brother and sister, as the house was in a potentially violent fued with another, and unwilling to risk a kidnapping or worse. It was only when she had reached her teenage years and the feud was resolved- with violence and a lot of money- that Ensuena was free to run around and outside of Silvermoon, an inexperienced and spoiled teenager with fine clothes and pockets loaded with coin.

It didn't take long for Ensuena to become led to a life of alcohol and bloodthistle from an early age. The group of friends that had introduced Ensuena to the beginnings of addiction had her tag along on hunting trips as they stalked down and killed larger animals together, often letting it bleed to death slowly and laughing at the agony. Ensuena could be gone days at a time, and although her parents worried, they attributed it to just exercising her freedom after so long being mostly indoors. They continued giving her whatever was asked, and when they had objections about something, Ensuena quickly shut them down with a tirade. Her brother left the household as soon as he was an adult, but Ensuena remained. Her sister vanished some time later.

And so Ensuena's hedonistic lifestyle continued over decades, drinking and taking bloodthistle, squandering money on shiny, worthless trinkets, sleeping around and spending more time hunting and causing mayhem with her friends then at home. One of her friends, a mage who shared many stories of magic and was careful to not let Ensuena acquire alcohol poisoning- but absolutely fine with her drinking till unconsciousness- attempted to teach her rudimentary magic after she expressed interest, but Ensuena flat out didn't possess the concentration and control needed to wield arcane.

So it was that when Silvermoon was attacked and the Sunwell destroyed, Ensuena was powerless to help in any way. Instead, she had been ushured away along with her mother and the family gold to a safe location as his father stayed to defend Silvermoon. Quickly beginning to feel the adverse effects of mana withdrawal, Ensuena was determined to use the money to hoard mana crystals and other such things for herself, while her mother wanted to keep it safe until news of her father was heard. Unable to control herself for even a short while, Ensuena knocked her mother unconscious with a thick tree branch and ran off with the gold, quickly finding her group of friends, who had typically already find a supplier and were more than happy to see Ensuena and her gold.

Even with more then enough money, however, supply was scarce, and Ensuena longed for more. After a few years she left her group of friends in search of a new supplier, hoping to have one exclusive to herself. It was then that she stumbled across her brother, Voldin, who had taken up the arts of the warlock. Voldin agreed to teach his sister, less out of love for the spoiled child and more out of the finances she brought with her. The far less controlled magic of the warlock was something that Ensuena could grasp, and she studied quickly, her cravings satisfied by her brothers magic and eventually her own casting. After a few months, Voldin introduced her to some fel blood, which he had been gathering from the imp he had as his summoned demon. Although the blood was of a relatively weak demon, Ensuena longed for it, and quickly added it to her list of addictions. After only a week it became more of an obsession then an addiction, something that she fantasized over before every drink, and could not imagine going without.

Years passed by in this fashion, and both Ensuena and her brother became more experienced warlocks. Voldin regained his fondness for Ensuena, who had achieved a little more modesty and humbleness if only to please her brother, provider of fel blood. She was well on her way to becoming a less spoiled- but no less greedy- person... until Voldin was killed by a member of their rival house from so long ago, who had obviously not forgotten their feuds. Ensuena had been away at the time, but she returned to find both Voldin and the assassin dead, and assumed that Voldin had recklessly overexerted himself with a spell he had only just mastered, immolation aura. Dismayed at the loss of her brother, but knowing now how to summon a demon on her own, she took Voldin's staff as both a memento and a gift to herself, and set off to find another master.

From that time until the present, Ensuena drifted from several masters, each more powerful then the last, but left after a year or two. Not for seeking greater knowledge- her warlock abilities had scarcely approved since she left her second master- but for the search of more powerful fel blood. After tasting the blood of a fel guard, that of an imp would no longer satisfy her, but neither was she content with the guards blood... she wanted more. In her travels, her supply was scarce, and she distracted herself by drinking herself into a stupor almost constantly as she searched for a greater power.

Eventually he stumbled upon someone, an orc Warlock, who could promise this greater power. He bid her to drink from his flask, and Ensuena tasted fel blood stronger than any other, creating an extraordinary euphoria through every part of her body. She begged for more, and the orc told him that all she had to do was to meet his master, and survive to tell the tale, and she would be content for life. So it was that they travelled a long way to Outland, even picking up another like Ensuena on the way, who was enthralled by the promise. The orc led them deep into the Outlands, before performing a bizzare ritual; however, instead of summoning a demon, they were instead summoned to one, a Nathrezim.

The Nathrezim spoke to them, and judged them. It seemed as if Ensuena's entire life was revealed before his eyes by his precise questions. The meeting seemed to go on for days, but there was no way of telling time in the lightless place they had summoned themselves to. Finally, as the meeting ended, the Nathrezim pointed at the other that the orc had brought along, who was slain violently on the spot. Ensuena winced slightly, but kept her eyes upon the great figure, unwilling to betray herself with weakness. After a long moment, the demon beckoned her over. Before him was a large cup filled with what was presumably the demons blood, and Ensuena was ordered to drink, one sip, no more. She took the sip, and the desire to drink further was great, almost overwhelming... but she forced her head back with an audible sigh. The scene vanished, and she found herself back at the ritual site, with the orc.

Her new life was explained. She was sworn to the Nathrezim now, to forever carry out his orders in exchange for blood. Once a month she would return to this place and fill a single bottle with the demons blood for herself, and listen to the demons words. The limitation of such powerful fel blood was painful to Ensuena, and she struggled over it with the blood of lesser demons and with alcohol, but she was never truly free of her urge until she drank from the bottle, which would barely last a few days at most. Still, it was enough that Ensuena dreamed about more, and was forever loyal to the Nathrezim.

Orders from the Nathrezim have been few and varied so far for whatever reason. Perhaps the demon is simply biding its time, or it does not see an opportune use for its drunken servant at the present. Either way, Ensuena is mostly free to live her life, dependent on the blood of the Nathrezim and forever wary of the day an order may come.

Ensuena was in Outland during the Sundering of Azeroth, on her monthly pilgrimage to the hallowed spot where the Dreadlord would meet her and offer her reward. When she returned to Azeroth she found much of the landscape marred by ash and scars... however, Silvermoon was basically untouched by Deathwing and she found that, with fel blood to look forward to, she really didn't care. For her, life went on.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
'Fraid Fel-Sworn fall under Private Discussion. Even when pre-approved/just makin' changes.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
I'mma just move this on over to PD.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Didn't realise that it'd have to be under PD even though it's already approved... muh bad.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Please highlight the new pieces or updates. :)

However, for me, I'll give it a 1/2. I really like the specific details of the unnatural cleanliness.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
I've always found this character a great bunch'a fun. Just so ya'know.

2/2. Approved.

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