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Entertaining Enterprises
Entertainment has many things involved I believe warcraft can really mutate and make extreamly fun for RP.

Exotic Sports: Example of one I am wroking on is Thrash Ball. It is made up of five man teams that basically utilize terrain and skills to take the thrasher (a ball that has afew quirks for those holding it and around it.)
Get the ball to a score circle and keep you and the ball in the circle for approx. two minutes, you are victorious. Or sometimes in longer games, players are switched out and you play for the most thrash-control points.

Combatant Tournaments: Arena styled 1 on 1 team battles where teams supply reserve players and keep in the tourny with at least one (still conscious) gladiator.

Not to mention a lot more coming up. I have made a character based around these things, Tanner Finch, of FEE, Finch Entertainment Enterprises. (FEE also stands for fees that are what people pay to watch these events.)
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