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Error-Griphonheart Items
Every time I try to download this specific addon, it fails, I have the Rep Addon and Flag, but this onw won't load, any help someone out there could give me?
Of course, there's the generic Clearing-of-the-Cache, which is probably the best idea and first thing you should do. (This means Cache and WTF folders, but don't do the WTF folders unless you know what it is you need to clear. Otherwise, you could end up with horribly undesired consequences.)

If that doesn't work, remove the addon completely, then try the above.

Really, though. Caches and WTF folders can KILL somebody. If they're not the problem, it's either the server (Which, in this case, it isn't.) or your computer simply refusing to follow orders.

If you take care of your Cache and the problem persists, take a screen shot of your WTF folder, and I can tell you if there's something specific you need to delete. Having switched between MANY private servers, I've kinda forced myself into knowing about this... Cry
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