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Error Loading Into WoW?
Okay so I made an account here and filled out an introduction. I got my WoW patched up to date and switched the reamlist.wtf files. Also deleted the WDB files as well.

The problem being is when i type in my user name to log into wow it says something that i typed in the wrong password or user account does not exist. I know i typed it in correctly and did so multiple times. I thought a reason might be that my previous WoW account, that wasn't a private server one, was the same as the one I am currently using. If that somehow interferes with this then I'm guessing I would need to make another account. But other than that I'm not sure why.

Anyone have a solution? Please leave any comments you might think might be helpful for me.
Thank You!!
Have you changed the Realmlist to that of CotH? It can be found in the downloads section if you need it.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Create a game account, you only made a fourm account
oh, where exactly do I make a server account?
Tarne Wrote:Create a game account, you only made a fourm account

I think I already did make a game account. Top left corner to make one right? I did and it says that it's been made already.
Top right corner, actually.

And be sure to boot up wow using wow.exe, not the launcher. I believe the launcher resets your realmlist.
[Image: lichkingfell.png]
False miss moose, I use the launcher and it can switch from coth to retail easily
Okay I know about 99% sure that I am doing everything correct. This is the exact message I get when i log onto WoW.

"The information you have entered is not valid. Please check the spelling of the account name or password. If you need help in retrieving a lost or stolen password and account, see [www.worldofwarcraft.com/loginsupport] for more information."

Idk why it is giving me this message. I did make sure I made a WoW account by clicking the top right and making it. Is there a wait for it to be confirmed or something? I thought that it didn't need to be but I'm not sure anymore on what to do.
I have Vista 64 bit too if that helps because i know that Vista gives me a pain in the butt messing with programming.
Some times you have two realmlists, make sure to delete the secondary one if you do, and that the one you keep has the CotH realmlist in it, without Live's info of course.

Have you checked that you are on the same patch as the server? Current build can be found on the site's front page.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

1.) The only WTF realm list file is the COTH.

2.) When start WoW it says it's patched up to 3.2.2 (10505) (Release) which i believe is the same as on the Home page.
BTW is it supposed to show the WoW news when you start it up and not COTH?
Still haven't found any solutions. This is really weird I really am frustrated why this isn't working. Doesn't seem like anyone else has had this problem before. anyone know if you need to have your account approved before you can start playing?
silly i didnt realize that you cannot edit the realmist name to make it COTHrealmlist its working now!! thanks all for your help I will enjoy RPing it up!

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