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Eruanna Sin'Serrar [BE Warrior]
Player: Sunday12321

Character Full Name: Eruanna [Air-oo-ahn-nah] Sin'Serrar

Character In-Game Name: Eruanna

Nickname(s): Anna, Eru

Association(s): Independant [formerly: The New Horde, The Grand Alliance, Sons of Lothar, The Farstriders, Quel'Thalas, The Scryers, The Shattered Sun Offensive]

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warrior

Age: 845

Sex: Female

Hair: Black / Dark Blue

Eyes: Green

Weight: 190lbs (95kg)

Height: 6'7" (2.00m)

Usual Garments/Armor:
Bearing relatively light but protective gear, black, brown and red in colour, mostly leather, with a light plate chestpiece and epaulets, leaving her arms free to use her weapons, two large swords that hang on a chain between her epaulets, over her cloak, and two smaller elven daggers under the cloak, connected to the rear straps of her chestpiece, as well as a large rifle she usually carries in hand or sets aside.

Aged as wine and forged through fire like a blade, Eruanna is a very experienced fighter, with centuries of training on Azeroth, and two decades of it on Draenor. She is a stern woman, often considered cold-hearted for it, but a respectful one. She bears the minimal respect to all races, knowing that in dire times they will unite again against a common enemy. Often a quiet woman that keeps to herself, and often so in the wilds. When she does speak, however, she speaks peacefully and confidently, choosing her words carefully and keeping them at a minimum. She is not prone to violence, but if a confrontation can't be settled with words, she'll be more than glad to settle it with bullets and blades.


Born in Quel'Thalas, long before the second war that again united the Quel'Thalas kingdom with the Humans, but still long after the Troll Wars where they were united the first time. She was raised by two rangers, her parents, and learned of the wilds sooner than she learned how to read or write. Born to two strong fighters of her race, Eruanna was tall as a child as well, only to grow up a tall and muscular fighter as an adult. It has made her quite secluded socially. The combination of her trained strength, size, and seclusion has made her a prominent ranger. It was not until she was already long into her adulthood though, already trained as a ranger and survivalist, that she joined the Farstriders.

Even though she lived for a whole eight centuries until the first war, it was only in the Farstriders that she blossomed. Being a quiet woman, but an efficient soldier. Joining the Farstriders granted her tours of duty, to protect her homeland from both near and far, all over the lands. Armed with her crossbow and light armour, she had seen small confrontation, but never a major battle, as her kingdom and Ranger-General of Silvermoon chose to stay out of the human war with the Old Horde, during the First War.

Already considered an expert markswoman and survivalist, Eruanna the Farstrider has more than willingly joined the Second War under Sylvannas Windrunner's command to battle the Amani and the Old Horde that came knocking at their kingdom's gates. The battles were harsh, harder than anything she has encountered before. She had lost her companion of many years, her dragonhawk. Feeling as if she lost the only friend she had, she decided to fight onward out of vengeance against the Old Horde, and joined the Alliance Expedition to Draenor, under Alleria Windrunner's command.

That, however, soon enough proved to be something she should've thought over a few times.

Draenor did not greet them well at all. The cataclysm that struck the old Orcish homeworld, trapping the Expedition, later known as the Sons of Lothar, on the alien world, as they had to fight both terrain and Legion alike, losing soldiers at the same rate as their enemy's reinforcements. She soon learned her crossbow has become obsolete, as her century-long skills became less efficient than a Dwarven sharpshooter, and picked up a rifle, and sturdier armour, to battle the Legion. The switch from crossbow to rifle was a relatively easy one, being a tall, sturdy fighter, with muscles she toned for great stability during a shot. Together with the other marksmen, they took down many of their foes, and managed to pull through the years without dying.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Prince Kael'Thas, the Prince of Quel'Thalas, entered the Outland with other elven. Though, their eyes were green. She didn't know what was going on. She heard the Dark Portal has reopened, but chose to stay. She decided to follow the prince's forces. But their magic spotted her. When they explained to her what had happened, she decided to take on their ways. Be it the shock of being betrayed by the same people she served with for centuries, or the fact her kingdom is nothing but dust and ruins now, her anger and fury towards the Scourge and the Humans surpassed her decade-long hatred to the Legion, and she decided that the Legion is the lesser evil of the two, not the Humans.

But slowly, doubts began to form in her head, and the heads of others. She decided to stay with Voren'thal the Seer, and followed him and his forces on the attack on Shattrath. When she saw him lay down his weapons, and how many of the forces followed his ways, she decided to lay her rifle down as well, to see how this will roll out. Being welcomed into Shattrath by A'dal, and believing Voren'thal when he said that is their only chance of survival, she repented from her betrayal of joining the Legion, and sought to aid to end the Prince who deceived them.

She joined the Shattered Sun, and left with them to Quel'Danas to join the battle there, and in what free time she had she learned of the two decades of history she missed. Her people, the elven, though have left Kael'Thas, have still joined the New Horde which also left the Legion. Once the battles of Quel'Danas were done, she decided to follow the Horde north, hoping perhaps she will find a new home under the crown of an old leader, Sylvannas Windrunner.

The war against the Scourge was a tiresome one, and the Northrend wasteland a harsh one. She endured it to the end. But once the Lich King has fallen, she learned she still has no home. Having accepted her grim fate, having lost her kingdom, her home, and everything she had before the Outlands, she decided to take her skills and put them up for sale, deciding to make her home where-ever she works, rather than look for it in the ruins of her past.
[Image: 8.jpg]
It's ready for approval. Just two little things that need to be fixed:

Quote:she repented from her betrayel of joining the Legion

Betrayal is misspelled here.

Quote:That, however, soon enough proved to be something she should've thought over a few times.

Is this sentence meant to stand as its own paragraph? If so, there needs to be a space between it and the following paragraph. That's it, really.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Done and done! Awesomesauce, thanks
[Image: 8.jpg]
Quote:Height: 6'7" (2.00m)

Just a nit-pick; this is abnormally tall for a blood elf female. You'll be pushing into the 1.15 scale. I'd prefer if you would mention something in her history or appearance about her hulking height, please!
Actually the scale is precisely 1.1449275362318840579710144927536 if you wanna bit nitpicky. However, will work on something.

(Math: 6'7" = 200.66cm, Female 1.00 = 175.26cm, 200.66cm/175.26cm = That)

SOLD as per agreement.
[Image: 8.jpg]


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