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Event Improvement: Two-Minute-Timer
I second the idea of a timer, as it ensures a good flow in an event. If the player has to do something and go afk, but notifies the DM beforehand, then an exception can be made. Simple.

As for emotes like "Examplus throws a rock at the wolf" is one of the few things that makes me sigh. Such creativity...
And yes, those emotes are very common.

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(09-22-2013, 12:43 PM)Whorak Wrote: And yes, those emotes are very common.

You have no idea on how I feel.
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Let's leave personal grievances out of general discussion threads. PMs or feedback thread posts will suffice for that sort of thing.

I'm in favor of a timer for larger events, hard or soft. It doesn't have to be a "Oh, that was 120 seconds, you're done, next" kind of thing, but if people are obviously not paying attention (going /AFK, going "Oh, sorry! Was tabbed" a few minutes after their turn is called), that's slowing everyone else up, and it's not fair for the rest of the group. If people are taking five minutes to type out a huge, elaborate emote, I also don't believe that's fair to the rest of the group around them. I like detailed emotes in RP. I like seeing all the little details. I don't mind letting you have a few extra minutes in idle RP to get your description just right. I do mind a bit when there's ten other people that need to go after you, and there's still a dozen turns to go.

I'm not saying I'd prefer "X hits Y with his sword," but you can make a simple "X rises to meet the charging Y, sword coming up in a parry. He retaliates, cutting down and towards Y," in a very short amount of time. It's simple, but not too simple, and it says exactly what you're trying to do, which is what's important to a DM when they're trying to manage fifteen people at once. Small events, regular RP? Take however long you like.
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One of the methods I personally prefer is just to have everyone roll for a round, stating their general intent (attack, disarm, apprehend, etc) with a roll threshold, then have everyone get an emote out at their own pace while the GM makes a general raid alert to state the gist of what happens to the goons.
While this can make reading emotes a bit hectic, it keeps the pace going fast without sacrificing speed or emote length.
Combat is nice and all, but it's a skill and craft. One shouldn't need to outline the specifics of each turn unless it's out of the box for a character, promotes the interaction with another character, or is otherwise intelligible without explanation.
Few people elaborate on their characters' behavior while drinking at every swig, nor the intricate gestures and incantations when they use a slow fall spell. Web they do, it's usually to enhance or contradict the expected, not to explain what is happening. A lot of exposition can be saved in combat by linking a skill that approximates what your character is doing ICly.
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Agreed, @Dae . It's useful for keeping the event going. But... the one problem I have with that technique is that people tend to feel like they're just a number at that point.

It's fantastic when you're just going AHHH A GIANT KRAKEN HAS ATTACKED THE SHIP or YOU'RE IN A VICIOUS MELEE ROLL TO SEE HOW GOOD YOU DO! But I think the key is to know when to do the 'mass rolls' where your emote doesn't matter, and the 'personal rolls' where the GM reacts specifically to what you emote.
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I actually already use a timer, but it depends on the size of the participating group. With two or three players in a small event, I am usually absolutely okay with a 10 minute AFK wait (especially if it's an emergency). Five or six, my grace period is about five minutes. But on large scale events wherein I use mass rolls, my timer is five to eight minutes, not two.

Typically what I do is make clear with the players of the rules of the event; if it's an event where the action WILL move regardless if the player if alt-tabbed or AFK, it's their responsibility to keep up. I generally make it clear that I discourage overtly long and elaborate emotes in fast-paced events; while I normally enjoy them in casual, social, or emotional/dramatic RP, they're unneeded for combat. Call it a pet peeve of mine, but I tend to dislike needlessly long paragraphs of purple prose used for simple actions. If it takes you over 100 words to describe your character wiping blood off his sword, then you seriously need to learn how to simplify your writing style--especially if it takes you over 2 minutes to write it.

I'm typically merciful with time limits depending on with whom I RP, of course; if the player has a low WPM score (like 40-50), or doesn't know how to react in RP quickly, then I can be lenient with time (though at this point, I would encourage the player to RP on Skype, where I have absolutely no problem with for responding emotes). However, if this player has a fair WPM (60+) and has enough RP experience to think on their feet (well, fingers), then I expect faster responses in fast-paced events. I also usually encourage purple prose players to simplify their emotes in events with large turnouts--not only to speed along the event, but to make it less of a headache to read for the DM. Typing a 200 word short story on how you're swinging your sword on an ogre's back while everyone else took 20 or 30 words doesn't make you more special.

TL;DR: Long emotes are fine, but please take to consideration the pacing of the event and especially the number of participants. If your typing speed is slow or you're not used to thinking fast, please make it clear for the DM. If you're taking over five or even ten minutes to type up a 100 word emote on a simple action like sitting down or wiping your feet, then you need to learn how to simplify your emotes.
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