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Ezekiel Silverdawn
Player: Franksta96

Character Full Name: Ezekiel Silverdawn

Character In-Game Name: Ezekiel

Nickname(s): The Librarian

Association(s): The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 235 lb

Height: 5'10

Usual Garments/Armor: Common mixture of plate, mail and leather armor that looks just as what any other adventurer would wear.

Alignment: Lawful, Good

Personality: Ezekiel is, though a hardcore book worm, a valorous fighter. His consistent study has allowed him to gain a much wiser approach to many situations that he comes across. The manner in which he acts before others is normal, treating many who he comes across as friends and such. Filled with honor, Ezekiel will do his best to help out those In need, whilst at the same time attending to his own necessities.

However, Ezekiel is rarely seen with anyone, and travels alone. His unorthodox decision to be alone to study prevents him from being social with others. The only time Ezekiel is seen travelling with anyone is if there are those assisting him in recovering relics. Other than that, Ezekiel is your usual socialite who prefers to spend their times reading books. The only difference is that he knows how to wield a sword and fire a bow.


Ezekiel came into the world as an Orphan, placed outside the orphanage of his town located in Southern Lordaeron. His parents, even to this day, were unheard of. Ezekiel grew up with the rest of the Orphans, each day watching like sentries out the windows for the day a couple would come to adopt them. That day, sadly, never did come for Ezekiel. As the years went by, Ezekiel grew restless in his desire to be part of a family he so unfortunately did not possess.

Instead, Ezekiel turned to the wonders of books. Books were the only thing Ezekiel could use to keep his mind pre-occupied elsewhere. Normally Ezekiel would shut himself off from civilization, immersing himself within the ink scrawled pages of the tomes he read for days on end. Though this degraded his social skills, it greatly increased Ezekiel's knowledge to the world.

By the time he was fit and able to leave the orphanage at around eighteen, Ezekiel was self educated and set out of his hometown to search for a new beginning. Arriving at a nearby town, Ezekiel managed to find a place to call his own. Though severely small and cramped, Ezekiel knew he had somewhere to call his castle.

Scouring the town, Ezekiel searched desperately for work, whatever the job. His lack in social skills came to his downfall here, as it proved to be a complicated matter in being interviewed on work. However, a few months after befriending a Inn Landlord, Ezekiel earned his goal at getting a job. Working as a bartender, Ezekiel lived the rest of his years in town to the full. The work not only provided him with confidence for the world, but also provided social skills whilst interacting with customers.

Some time later Ezekiel coined a hobby of using his tomes to search for various relics and trade them in to Museums for coin. This went well, until Ezekiel was attacked by a vicious bear that seemingly resided in a cave that pin pointed the location of a relic. After a fighting frantically for his life, Ezekiel emerged with the Relic victorious, though wounded. It was from this moment that Ezekiel received training in bladed combat so that he would be prepared next time he set out...

As time moved on, Ezekiel began to consider moving to Stromgarde, knowing he had enough money to move there and make a living. At the same time, he reveled in the prosper of new relic locations that he could find, the dream almost seemingly blissful in his mind. This did not last. A violent civil war erupted in the town after a series of dreadful politics. This sparked outrage, with many taking up arms against the politicians of the town.

The Mayor of the town had allowed the Nobles to live easy off no taxes, meanwhile the rest of the lesser population were living in turmoil as they could not earn enough money to live off. With this, scandals which saw the Mayor easily allowing acquaintances of the Nobles who were standing trial for crimes let off. During the civil war, the Nobles side gained advanced weaponry, determined to use their easy earned money to pave through the peasants.

This weaponry, though fighting valorously, caused Ezekiel's side to lose the battle, forcing them to move on after the town was burnt to ashes. Arriving at Stromgarde, Ezekiel was bitter about the situation that transpired in his previous residence. Due to his house being one of many to be turned to cinders, he did not have the sums of coin he wished for. Eventually, after scavenging what venues there were for jobs, Ezekiel was forced to leave Stromgarde due to lack of funding.

Travelling South with a caravan of Dwarves returning home, he came upon stories of old told by his dwarven counterparts. These stories fascinated Ezekiel, amassing curiosity within. With the Caravan returning safely to Ironforge, Ezekiel dwelled within the Museum of Ironforge, learning the secrets uncovered by the Dwarves. When his time there had finished, Ezekiel struck up a deal with the Dwarves, recovering relics for them so they could study them and place them in their Museum.

This partnership went on, Ezekiel fulfilling his vow to the relics of the world as he continued to march across the vast reaches of Azeroth to restore what time had long forgotten...
Hey there, Franksta!
I gave the history a good glance-over, and everything seems tippity-top to me. I've just got one curiosity. It's not exactly something you did wrong, just maybe something you can add.

You say Areradon was an orphan in South Lordaeron. You say that he grew up there as an orphan, and at 18 moved out to another town.
So...was this other town in Lordaeron as well?
Although it doesn't seem to be included in the Official Timeline, at some point in those 18 years in the South Lordaeron town, the Scourge invasions would've begun in a lot of the towns of Lordaeron. Now, this specific Southern town could've possibly avoided the Scourge, but chances are that the town as a whole still may have fled to a more safe place.
Now, because I am unsure of EXACTLY when the Scourge invasions began, he possibly may have moved away from this original town by the time the invasions started. Hopefully a FH can make this more clear when they come by.

Also, if Areradon is aged 32, he may have possibly been around for the Second War as a child, as well. At this time, because nearly all of Lordaeron became a battlefield, a lot of the towns migrated to Hearthglen or other sanctuaries, for safety purposes. They'd wait it out there, and return home after the war. Because of the war, a lot of towns were in ruins, but some were in better condition, and that is helpful to know when describing Areradon's return home. The venture to Hearthglen may not have majorly affected Areradon, but it could still help to add a little part of that to the history.

As I said, besides that it looks pretty good! I'd wait for an official FH to give the official advice, though. :P
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Quote:A violent civil war erupted in the town after a series of dreadful politics. Multitudes of people were slaughtered in the crossfire, Areradon's side unprepared for the increased weaponry the opposition held.

There were plenty of disputes that went on over Lordaeron's history, and here you have an unnamed town, but established lore doesn't specify any outbreaks of violence due to the disputes (such as the one over the tax for the Orc internment camps). So I'm going to ask that you tone down the violence in this section or explain the political situation of this town a little more.

Quote:This partnership went on until the day Areradon found something when on a Relic Hunt. Something that would shape his future forever...

I think that if you've had your character discover a relic that would shape his future forever, then it'd be beneficial to establish what it is about that particular relic that will change his future. There's a heavy emphasis on it having a big impact on Areradon, but not much information on the relic itself.

In addition to these things, you have a number of words in the profile that don't need to be capitalized, such as honor, orphan, and relic.

Quote:This weaponry, though fighting valorously, caused Areradon's side to loose the battle, forcing them to move on after the town was burnt to ashes.

'lose' is misspelled here.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Changed name of the character. Felt it was too elvish for a human.

Also changed the ending too, kept the relic part out due to wishing to avoid confusion.

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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