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Famous NPC Interactions
So, I know that having relations with famous figures in WoW is against the rules, but here's what I've been thinking:

If a character has a VERY good reason to have some sort of small relation with a famous NPC, I think they might actually have it.

Just as an example, possibly Lazarus. Personally, I would think that he would have had some kind of contact with high-ranking individuals. He's just... a famous guy. I mean for goodness' sake, he has several fairly large events happening because of him in one way or another. Events that would draw the eye of the public, and quite possibly the king.

The real reason for this thread, though, is people getting on me for having relations with Tyrande on Verrial (Which, due to the rules, I don't.) I mentioned the fact that Velen would probably send word to Tyrande of official aid, and that Tyrande would have informed the general Kaldorei populous.

Anyway, I think there are certain instances in which characters would have, not intimate, but slight relations with a high-up figure. Like the Kaldorei who are old enough to have seen the Great Sundering. They probably would have met Tyrande at some point in those nine-twelve thousand years. After all, that event wiped out a huge part of the Kaldorei at the time, leaving Tyrande with a relatively small group to deal with.

And the Draenei. Velen himself is over... 25000 years old, is it? And apparently, there are Draenei somewhat close to his age *Points at the mage, you know who you are, Saanto. XD*. I would assume that somewhere along that quarter of a hundred thousand years that they might have met at some point, if only long enough to exchange names and receive Velen's blessing. Also, the Exodar may be huge, but how many people could Velen have spoken to while there?

It's hard to say who would know who with most races, but there are cases in which the public figures could have at least briefly met with the players, right?

P.S. *Points at the mere 15,000 for the population of Darnassus and then shuts up.*
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Quote:I mentioned the fact that Velen would probably send word to Tyrande of official aid, and that Tyrande would have informed the general Kaldorei populous.

It was said, I believe. That it wasn't an official force though. Being connected to lore figures isn't really needed anyways. Velen refused to send aid to the Alliance at a meeting, and Tyrande was even there, so she already knows about that.

Having connections to lore characters just makes it seem like you have an out-of the norm character, unlike the rest.

That's just my opinion.
Though I think you have a decently strong case, I think the rule is a necessary evil we must all adhere to.

For my characters that are out-of-the ordinarily old that might have met famous NPCs, I don't really bring up anything, and if I do it's only fleeting. It's just something I try to skip over.

So my recommendation is just to do everything you can to not make it a key aspect to your character.
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Having a character that knows some characters of higher standings is against the rules. The reason for this is that there is a risk for people letting it get out of hand and use these small friendships to gain the upper-hand on some other characters.

For some characters, this may be allowed, but this probably comes with reason because the GMs would let this happen and also, the player would most likely be trusted.
Meeting an npc isn't against the rules, with enough reason we let people meet even leaders. Prior meeting is what we don't like, sometimes it fits (In the case of some Draenei, most of them would have at least met Velen in passing) but most of the time already knowing a lore figure does nothing but make the character seem more important.

As a matter of fact, Lazarus is fighting alongside Galen Trollbane, sure not as famous as Danath, but still a Trollbane.
Renown, you said something along the lines of, "when I receive word on this from Tyrande, I will tell you whether or not to go back to the Exodar." I believe this was the source of concern for those involved. The way you worded it implied that Verrial would receive a personal correspondence from Tyrande, and that it wouldn't be an uncommon occurrence for her to do so.

If a player interacted with a GM-controlled NPC in the past, or if they have an approved profile saying their character has that kind of interaction with a major leader, it's fine by me. But if that isn't the case, it isn't fair to everyone else that has to follow the rule.
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I'm sorry that I made it sound that way, but I did spend ten-fifteen minutes (Probably a bit of an exaggeration) trying to explain what I meant in the /raid chat.
The word of the day is "Legs". Now go forth and spread the word!
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/shrug. No need to apologize, just trying to clear up why there was such an extreme reaction. The people in /raid probably wanted to hear, plain and simple, "I'm not saying Verrial and Tyrande are pen-pals." That's all.
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