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Farlia Snowfall [Blood Elf]
Yay, yet another Blood Elf noble! Rejoice, all! Anyways, bolded what's been changed. Most of the profile's meat has been changed, as you can see. Old profile is here.

'''Player:''' FlyingSquirrel

'''Character Full Name:''' Farlia Snowfall

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Farlia

'''Nickname(s):''' Far, Farling Darling

'''Association(s):''' Sunreavers and Silvermoon City in no particular order. She's also attached to house Snowfall, much more than it's sister house Eduriel.

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf|Sin'dorei]]

'''Class:''' Abjurer ([[Mage]])

'''Skills and Abilities:''' Farlia has specialized in abjuration and defense through Arcane means, leaving her with much to be desired in terms of offensive capabilities. She prefers to give her defensive spells an icy flavor, even if it is just skin-deep. With non-combat related magics, such as portals or conjuration, Farlia has a decent amount of skill, although nothing incredible. Due to her time with the Tuskarr, she holds a surprising amount of survival abilities. She can hunt with a spear, fish and create her own clothing out of furs. She can also speak the Tuskarr language.

'''Age:''' 523

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Chocolate brown. She keeps it cut, to about her mid-neck.

'''Eyes:''' Bright green.

'''Scale:''' 1.11

'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Farlia, like any good Blood Elven women, has a collection of robes, most of which being scarlet, blood red or black in coloring. She has matching staves for all of these weapons, each attuned to have the same capabilities as a conduit of the Elf's power. Whenever she is on official business, she wears a tabard of the Sunreavers.

'''Other:''' She is a thin woman in almost every regard, looking near gangly when combined with her height. However, she still holds herself with a certain grace that every proper Noble has to hold themselves with, managing to make her motions like flowing water. She wears an old family charm, what seems solely to be an enchanted shard of ice, around her neck.

Despite her preference towards the land of ice and cold, nearly all of her clothing has red of some sort. She wears a charm around her wrist. The charm acts as a home for her Mana wyrm, who is named Sparkle. Higher up that same wrist, she keeps her wand hidden. It's a simple thing of whale-bone, with a red crystal imbued in the base.

She has a half-circle of runes going around her eye-socket. There is no color to them and they're fairly shallow, so they can't be seen unless the looker is close. She got them after Kael'thas returned, the tattoos themself part of a pledge to avenge her people. The purpose of the tattoos is to always remind herself of this when she looks in the mirror. While the purpose is no longer quite so valid, she bears the marks with pride.

Farlia's time with the Tuskarr greatly influenced how the world works. She's become grateful for every day she isn't out hunting her food in freezing temperatures, which leaves her grateful an awful lot. She's become a good deal more trusting than she was before, which is often not the best trait to have in the world of Blood Elven politics. This means that she takes betrayals of even the smallest sort very seriously, as well.

Farlia's belief on races is fairly unexperienced one. She hasn't had too many experiences with most races outside those of the Kirin Tor, leaving her to hold those races (Gnome, Elf and Human) in higher esteem than she does a race such as Tauren. However, she is a very hearty believer in the Sin'dorei people, and subconsciously thinks them better than the others in terms of civilization.

Her focus on Abjuration is one born of her desire to be able to protect those that she cared for, as well as a desire to be able to hold onto what she has. Both of these feelings have persisted far into her adulthood, resulting in a woman fiercely devoted to what she chooses to hold close to her. She does not allow her closeness to be bought with a bond of blood or law, instead picking and choosing who she cares for.

Another trick picked up from her time in Northrend is that she's become a near undeniable optimist. If she can be rescued from a world of cold where her only company is fur and seal-men, then there is no doubt that the world can get better from whatever unfortunate catastrophe is affecting it at the time.


Farlia was born into house Snowfall, an extension of House Eduriel. She was not born alone, instead having a twin sister come with her. She was born only a few years after the main house had their first child, Faloras, and for all that Farlia could have cared, the three may as well have been triplets. While Farlia grew into a figure more akin to her father -- tall and skinny --, her sister became more like their mother, not quite bulky but undoubtedly more blessed.

Naturally, when it came time for the three to begin learning the secrets of Arcane, the three chose to stay together and go to Dalaran. Her sister became a Diviner, Faloras became an Evoker, and Farlia herself became an Abjurist. Although their specializations were different, the three still managed to spend nearly every second they could together. Over the years, Farlia slowly began to notice that the other two, while staying close together, were slowly drifting from her.

The realization had many effects -- first, she grew bitter, and distant. When this did not bring them calling, she became close once more. This worked for a bit, but eventually Farlia found herself drifting once more. This time, she merely allowed it to happen, focusing more and more on her studies. A handful of short, meaningless relationships occured, but they all parted on amicable terms when Farlia came to realize that she didn't truly care for the man she was with at the time.

The marriage between Faloras and Farlia's sister surprised her, but only slightly. It was not as if it came from nowhere, but still, Farlia wasn't expecting them to be so open about it. Then came all the drama that followed, intermingled with the birth of Aurion, and finally the birth of little Vaela. Farlia stayed aloof from it all, until her sister was, as Farlia maintains to this day, killed. This marked a sort of turning point in Farlia's life, where the world of politics that she had once thought herself deeply invested in faded away from her interests. Instead of heading north, to her family and their funeral, she went south.

She did not go too far, and the end of her travels found her in Gilneas. She got a very basic job and stubbornly set herself into the life that she believed to be as far from her previous one, the one of treachery and guile, as possible. However, something was missing. And after a relatively short time for the Elf, she moved on. She lived in Stromgarde, then Kul Tiras, and finally Stormwind, before heading back north to Lordaeron. Everywhere, that same feeling of hollowness haunted her actions, and she began to contemplate returning home.

She finally did so, only a year or so before the Orcs invaded Azeroth. There was relatively little fanfare, as she didn't want much and there wasn't much reason to give it. Although that nagging emptiness continued to gnaw at her, she managed to hide it beneath the belief that she'd solved it -- the emptiness was from the lack of elves, and the lack of family. That was not quite true, but she managed to convince herself that it was eitherway and soldier on through life.

When the Orcish Horde continued northwards, they eventually attacked the southern fringes of the Quel'thalassian forests. The Snowfall's estate was too remote to have any need to worry, and the Eduriel's sent them no desire for assistance so the Snowfalls stayed atop the mountains. Farlia was more than happy to do so, but often would idly worry about the human friends she had made on her travels. When the war ended, Farlia attended the celebrations with all others who wanted to, before returning to the estate.

She stayed there almost exclusively for the next few years, bar the occasional trip to Dalaran or another human city for whatever they were need. There were excursions to Silvermoon occasionally, but Farlia often had to be dragged on them. It was only when Arthas attacked Quel'thalas that things truly changed for Farlia. While the Snowfall estate was remote and high enough to not need worry about the Scourge, there was no doubt in the minds of Farlia and many of her family members that the Eduriels, as well as all the other High Elves, were in deep trouble. They bided their time until they suddenly lost touch with the Sunwell, then sent a decent force, with Farlia included, to the Eduriel estate through a portal.

The arrival of the Snowfalls proved a great boon to the Eduriels, who, with their help, were able to push the Scourge from what remained of their estate. There was not much to save, but the Snowfalls did what they could to aid. And when Kael'thas returned and rallied the newly-christened Blood Elves into their desire for revenge, Farlia was one of the many cheering and shouting with him. She took to fel in the blink of an eye, and would have done much more if she was asked. She attached herself to the vengeance of the Sin'dorei as if she were a woman possessed, following Kael'thas dutifully, and to many places.

It was at the land known as Dragonblight that this came around to bite her. In a battle with the Scourge, she was separated from the rest of her companions. When she awoke, in a daze, she was utterly lost, and followed the coast in hopes of finding a Sin'dorei ship. She did not find a ship, but she did find a family of Tuskarr. On the verge of frostbite and with little other choice, Farlia joined the family.

They took her in as they would a lost puppy. As long as she contributed on hunts and managed to hold her on, they were okay with her presence. She merely desired the company and warmth. Although it took her some time, she eventually came to have a rudimentary understanding of their language. That did not matter much, as soon after, she saw a force of blue dragons heading north. She knew that Blue Dragons were intrinsically attached to Arcane, and, on a hunch, followed them.

That was when she found the floating town of Dalaran, recovering from the recent siege held by the blue dragons. She called upon what magic she would remember to deliver her up to the city, which managed to get her up safely. It was there that she collapsed into the chest of the first Blood Elf she saw. She explained her situation, who she was, and all other sorts of questions that one might have had over a cup of hot chocolate. She asked her own questions and recieved almost all answers in shock over yet another cup. And, after the chocolate was finished, Farlia swore herself to the Sunreavers.

She stayed with them up until the Argent Tournament was concluded, her familiarity with at least some of the fauna of Northrend proving invaluable to the Sunreavers at least for a short bit. As soon as the Tournament was concluded, she determined that she'd had enough of being in the north and returned southwards. This return got a bit more fan-fair than the last, as everyone had thought she was dead. Luckily for her, she was not. Instead, she was appointed liaison to house Eduriel, in an attempt to reaffirm the house's historically strong relationship.

She took a year or two as personal time, travelling the world and reconnecting as she could. She was in Dalaran when Deathwing went on his rampage, and would not have learned of it except for the news coming through the portals. She wrapped up her business in Dalaran and headed south, home, to officially become her family's liaison to house Eduriel.

[[Category:Character]][[Category:Blood Elf]][[Category:Mage]][[Category:Special]]

It's important to note here that, despite Farlia being a part of the Snowfalls, she is still under the Eduriels. House Snowfall is little more than a branch of house Eduriel, and holds some autonomy, but not enough autonomy nor resources to be an independent Noble house.

Head of House: Who, ICly, is the leader of the house and makes the prime decisions; Aurion Eduriel, played by Kaghuros.

Do you have the leader's permission to make this character; Yes, I do.

What relation is the character to the family? Are you the daughter of the heir? The step-brother of the head? Farlia is the cousin of the leader of the House Eduriel, and one of the elder children of the leader of house Snowfall.

What powers/permissions does the character have? Farlia's position as liaison is little more than ceremonial, and doesn't offer her much in the way of control. She has no bearing over the members of house Eduriel, and can order some servants of house Snowfall around. Nothing that could possibly be life-threatening, as it is.

Do you agree, accept and will abide by the above: Of course.
(01-12-2015, 07:00 PM)FlyingSquirrel Wrote: '''Skills and Abilities:''' *snip* She can also speak the Tuskarr language.

*snip* Although it took her some time, she eventually came to have a rudimentary understanding of their language. That did not matter much, as soon after,

Is this something she keeps up with, or does it wane over time?

It just seems to me that what is being conveyed is a complete knowledge of the language whereas the history explains it as "just enough to get by, and then never touched again".

Otherwise everything else looks alright to me. 1/2.
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How I have it now, she speaks roughly on a ten year old's level. She can hold a conversation, but not get too in-depth with it. As for her practicing it currently, she did keep up with it while working for the Sunreavers as she'd act as a translator when necessary, but she has let it fall to the side. Her understanding has lessened slightly, but given a few minutes of warm-up and she's right back where she was.
Blood Elves and Tuskarr. Neat.

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