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Silently, Thain'ke strode out of the gates recently constructed at the back of Orgrimmar. What happened, she thought to herself as she walked off silently, trudging on with her boots. The weight of her shoulders bore greatly upon her, and the armor felt thrice as heavy than its usual weight. She felt the sun bearing down unto her as she strode out of the city she's come to call home- For the very last time.

Her mind drifted, and the memories came sipping unto her mind. This was like the same day, so many years ago when she was but a child. The clan was doomed. So few could survive and escape. She was one of them. She remember the snow. She remembered the fallen body before her crying eyes, unmoving to her sobbing cries. She remembered how they had to drag her as she thrashed and kicked, and screeched at the top of her lungs for what she's lost.

And now, it was happening again. Only now, mother was gone. And she was alone. She took one last glance at the great gates, and began wandering out slowly, the wind blowing against her. Her steps stopped. She stood, wandering.

Am I truly making the right decision? Or am I simply a coward, running once more like all those times before?

Her thoughts were cut short however, as she looked back to the sound of rustling grass. Looking back, the former Champion spotted the form of the Blademaster, glaring down to her."Goin' somewheres?" the Bladmaster inquired. "Does it concern you?" Retorted the Champion, looking at the Blademaster. She knew her to be a formidable foe- and chose her words carefully. "Jus' wonderin' if ya got shipped out.". Silently, Thain'ka looked over to the small symbol of rank clasped to her belt. The same badge stolen from the human.

No more lies. No more.

"No. And I will not be. Not for any time soon or beyond that." replied Thain'ka firmly. She could see the Blademaster's eyes narrowing. "S'at mean?". Slowly, the traitor stepped forward. And for the first time in so many years, spoke her mind. "I'm leaving. This damned Horde has grown out of hand." The other woman's throat emitted a low growl, replying to Thain'ka's step with one of her own. "Out of 'and? For doin' what we gotta do ta survive?"

Slowly, Thain'ka shook her head. This was not survival. This was warfare. "I can not expect a child to remember the dark days of the clan's gatherings." She looked up to the walls. "These are not my people. This is not the vision for which I fought."

"It was a lot different way back 'en. An'now yer givin' up? Desertin'?" The words bore down heavily unto Thain'ka, each one like a fang sinking into her. It was true, she thought. This is an act of desertion- A coward's way out. Maybe it would be better to end it here. To die in one last glorious duel.


"...Yes. I clean my hands of this. I will not take part in another senseless war our people intend to march unto." replied Thain'ka firmly. "Coward. Go'n hide, 'en." spat the Blademaster unto the ground. The word hit a soft spot within the Champion's dignity, causing her to snarl. "Such foolish brash behavior. How many lives must be lost for our kind to learn? Perhaps we truly are doomed to a life of warefare. Perhaps the humans were right." she said.

"Y'rather let'em walk all o'er us, like 'ey've been doin'? You wanna go crawlin' back ta th'humans? Mebbe they'll put ya back in a cage, if yer lucky. Feed ya, like a good pet?" commented the Blademaster loathing. "I'd rather be a slave to a human than slave to bloodlust and barbarism." was the reply of the Champion. In snarling, the other woman stepped forth and glared at Thain'ka. "Yer a disgrace ta th'skin ya wear, let alone yer rank. Former, now."

Former. The world stuck to Thain'ka's mind. No longer was she a champion. And despite the hard implications of the word, she could only feel a relief. No longer did she bear the same responsibility.

Huffing, she spoke aloud, a new confidence to each word. "These aren't my people. This is not -my- skin!" She barked at her. "This is the same skin we got from sickness- From the Demon's taint! And every day, we must bear with it, for we were foolish." She exhales deeply. Reaching over, she took the symbol clasped to her belt. "I, Thain'ka Dragonrend, Champion of the 31th Legion." She tossed the symbol at the dirt, near Rekka's feet. "Denounce my title, my name, and my legacy. I uptake upon me exile, and as ancestors are my witnesses. I will not be stopped."

Silently, the Blademaster stared unto the fallen symbol at her feet for a few long moments. Her eyes hardened, and she slipped the wolf's mask atop of them. "Then I name ya traitor and scum." she growled as she straightened herself, drawing out her sword. Thain'ka's heart beat faster. The course of battle was locked and assured. And this was a battle she could not take lightly. For her life, and her freedom.

And so they clashed. The ring of swords meeting one another ringing aloud as skill met skill, as power met wits and collective thought met another. The two masterful warriors on their own accounts battled, and battled, until Thain'ka stood a narrow victorious.

As she turned and walked, the voice of the Blademaster's groan rang to her. "Livin' off by yerself, doin' nothin' but livin' selfishly," there was a pause. "It gonna be worth it? Times change. We're fightin' for a place 'ere, an' we're fightin' for th'Orde. An'you turned yer back on it."

Silently, Thain'ka looked up to the darkening skies, closing her eyes.

"No, Child. The Horde has long turned its back on me. Remember the name Whiteclaw. Perhaps the story of my people will show you the truth."

Mother... Father. I have been a fool.

I'm coming home.
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The boat silently creased across the tauntingly still waters... It was as if it never happened. As if the world never tore asunder. But even here, where it was peaceful, she could find no peace. The athletic Elven woman looked to the sailing winds as she headed north... Further north than she'd ever dreamed she'd dared to go. She sighed in relief for the heavy warm clothes she bought prior her journey, the long similar blue robes flapping as the chilly wind brushed over her, making her raise the hood to her head and wrap her scarf around her face. Looking up to the night sky, she sighed and mused to herself.

"Am I on your mind as you are on mine, Danothil? Or did you just forget me?"

It was hard to forget him. His smile, his laughter, the way his eyes stared even when things were bleak. She missed him, and she couldn't lie to herself. He broke her heart, but whatever remained of it still longed for him in every ounce of her person. It was short. But it was the happiest days of her life. Everything seemed so right, so perfect... Why did it have to end this way?

"Because of the way it started."

She had to remind herself. It was the only thing keeping her sane.

It had to end this way because it started with her blood.

She was just a replacement.

The thought stung bitterly at her heart as she looked down to the drifting water. Replacement, she mulled over the word in her mind. It hurt her. But she couldn't spare herself the pain. In the end, he didn't truly love her, not as she loved him. She was simply there to replace what he had previously lost, and she could never truly fill that space in his heart. She wanted to hate him. Every last ounce of her did. But she couldn't. How could she? The same man she adored for so long, the same man she saw his life destroyed for the wicked intents of others.

"So is this what's going to happen to me..? Am I just... Going to be alone, until the day I die?"

Her thoughts drifted back. No, it wouldn't. Even Camillia had Merwen... Maybe there was a chance for her. But at the moment, it seemed so impossible, so far fetched. How could she love again, when the one she still loved resented her?

The thoughts drifted to the two she helped re-unite back within the jungles of Stranglethorn. Kapre and Xanthe... The way they were so happy to see eachother, the thanks she got- The sight of Kapre's children rushing to the woman of another race as if she was their own mother, crying and hugging.

"It was worth it, wasn't it? This is what I'm supposed to be. I'll suffer- I'll lament and I'll grieve... But I won't let my heart grow dark. It was worth it, all for that one pure moment... I did something good that day, and I won't let myself forget it...

Kapre, Xanthe... I know you're miles away. But wherever you are, thank you."

She murmured to herself, looking up to the stars once more. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Goblin calling out as the board docked. She walked slowly... And before her bore the frigid landscape of Northrend.

The skies were a radiant sharp blue. The winds frigid and cold. And slowly, uncertainly, Anat Dawnstorm took her first step into the unknown land, alone. Her thoughts came to her. She may not survive this. She may never come home.





"Thank you all. For making me a stronger person."

And so she walked on to the snow.
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