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Favorite RP Plot?
Action Adventure, violent social revolutions and struggles against an established system with a clear upper hand. Intrigue, espionage, all that good stuff. Can't forget street fights with Guards either.

Romance, eh. Can be fun.

Sitting around a table swapping stories, woo.
You can't wax that.
How about this, I love Roleplay in 'almost' any scenario!
Thane Gwydd: Mountain King Gwyddy
Warlord Kron: Horde Warlord
Battlecruiser Captain: Who called in the fleet?
Sir Baldwin: Knight of Stormwind
My Guide to Roleplaying Warfare!
bumbumbummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbumbumbum :)
Rogues Do It From Behind
[Image: Seraching.jpg]

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