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Feedback: Jonoth and his Legion of Alts
So I wasn't sure about posting here, since I have a ton of characters I play and not sure if enough people interact with them to garner feedback, but figured what the heck. Having too many is feedback in itself, but I'll let CoTH be the judge.
Funny, thought I replied to this some time ago... guess it didn't go though... well, here goes:

Just commenting on the ones I've interacted with the most:

Lady Bruhara D'Argent - Its always a pleasure to run into this smart-ass of a witch xD This personality really cracks me up. I see Bruhara as someone who is at a point in her life where she just lets it all hang out. A real gritty, spittin-in-the-street kind of woman. Likewise, the way she just shows up at the wrong place and the wrong time and in front of the wrong crowd tends to add some chaos/interest to the rp. I usually get that "Oh crap... what's she going to blurt out now" sensation when she comes into play.

Arjunai - The first time I ran into this mohawk sporting tree-hugger we got into a rather heated argument/standoff in the Salty Sailor after Randian was caught teaching a human woman how to greet a blood elf in Thalassian. "[Thalassian] Shoot me. I am Human". I've only seen Arjunal once or twice since then. Hope to see some more of him.

Kerana Axestorm - I didn't realize that this was you when I first met this character... I thought it was another player. What a surprise xD. This character was very believable - a true beer chugging dwarf with the personality and accent down pat. I got that "I may be short, but I'll kick your ass if you spill my beer" feeling when interacting with this character. Again, another distinct character.

Rhodyngar Shyemlye - Hope to see more of this character too. I like how he comes across as a plain, ordinary citizen - polite, well spoken, clean cut, etc.. I haven't seen that much of him yet though... but am eager to see how he relates to other characters. He appears to be very agreeable or passive though recently I've noticed a little more of a gruff personality coming out. Not sure if he was just being passive or if his personality is still being fleshed out?

Now, one of the things that I like about your characters is that they tend to be well balanced. Some time ago I remember learning about how Jonoth ( from ps ) was a "Sympathetic killer". It was such an odd combination of traits, but it added a lot of interest to the character. Ever since I learned about that I've tried to give my characters personality traits that conflict in a similar way. Some of your characters are a real pisser - like Bruhara and Remyl. Its always fun to switch from intense/serious rp to light-hearted, humorous rp.

So I would say don't change a thing .. just keep doing what you are doing.
- Cepht -

Randian - Sin'dorei Priest, Representative of Greystone Charities
Riley Gillespie aka "Stars" - Unhinged forsaken vagabond with a flare for fire
Alonus - Fallen holy priest with a pet serpent named "Ricky"
Haugus Bach - Forsaken Warlock with an appetite for torture and revenge. Previously a humble shoe maker.
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  • Jonoth
Reviving this thread. One because the chars weren't in my siggy anymore, and two because I really would appreciate the feedbackz. Please :D
Remyl is the man. Nothing else needs to be said.
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  • Jonoth
Giving me teh feedbacks. You know you wants to.
Remyl Steeley - Ural needs to party with this guy, dwarven district pub style.
Kerana Axestorm - Ural needs to go to Northrend for hott date.

The others I don't think I've RP'ed with, so bring 'em on! I'll refer to your current sig for inspiration.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
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  • Jonoth
YAFR - Yet Another Feedback Request! Pwease.
I'd like to know more about Yvakara. :3
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  • Jonoth
Reorganized the character list to reflect the ones I'm actively RPing, which is currently Kerana, Yvakara, Dibykali, Dunkhaan, Bruhara, and Rhodyngar.
Added to the list, most notably the new and improved Jonoth, and of course TUN'KAR.
Downsized to the characters I am most actively going to RP at the moment.
I've seen your other characters in OOCC, but only RPed with Jonoth. And I like him, a lot. Not often do I see a Forsaken with his lower jaw missing, and the way you RP it out is very amusing. It's a shame Dr. Dino didn't come across him often enough, because he was baffled and amazed at Jonoth at the same time.

Hope to meet you on your other alts another time! :D
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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  • Jonoth
So! My usual monthly request for feedback, only it's not quite as usual this month!

I've changed the thread title to Feedback: Jonoth and his Legion of Alts. In addition to updating my current character rotation, I am looking for feedback on me, the player/forum helper/smooth operator. How's my forum helping? How am I as a player in general? Am I helping to make CoTH a better place, or do you say FFFFFFUUUUUU- every time you see me log in? Post your thoughts!
Jonoth, you freaking rock at this forum helping business. Just sayin'.
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  • Jonoth
You are a baller forum wise, I've probably RPed with you but I forget everyones alts.
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
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