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Feedback: Mentors and Titles
Actually a Rogue is the total opposite of what a Berserker is. A berserker doesn't use stealth, and they use more heavy armor and weapons. A berserker isn't necessarily an assassin, they kill anything in their way. They wouldn't use daggers thats for sure.
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Rogues aren't limited to daggers.
True, but a rogue is limited to smaller blades like ONE-HANDED swords, daggers, and such. A berserker with a one-handed sword or dagger is foolish. And DPS has nothing to do with a Berserker, they're not about speed or agility.
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That's your opinion, Steve...however what is on the Wiki is taken directly from lore and Grakor apparently has no problem with them being in, or he wouldn't have listed them on there. Let's not get too hung up on the visuals of what we think they SHOULD be if a GM has already allowed it. If you disagree, then don't play a rogue :)

Let's not carry on the same argument, please.
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I think that a rogue with two swords or two maces in a berzerker rage would be a pretty formidable opponent and not unthinkable in the least.
Kill Bill anyone?
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△Move along.△


The Rogue has a couple of skills that make it more feasible for Berserker-hood (Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush). A Combat Rogue with twin-maces or swords works with the idea fine.

Meanwhile, Hunters are a poor choice. A Berserker doesn't fight from long range, which makes Hunters illogical. Even the tree that gives Hunters their melee skills is more concerned about keeping distance, survival, and clever use of traps.

We don't want titles to be restricted to just one class if we can help it, which is why we allowed Rogues in, as they fit better than Hunters. That said, a Rogue has to REALLY impress the Berserker trainer before he/she will get training.
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According to the Warcraft RPG, Blademasters and Beserkers are pretty much the same thing

Now if you excuse me, I've gotta find where I found that quote, because I remember reading somewhere that Blademasters were a specific offshoot of the Beserker or somesuch
Is it possible for a Hero Class for Paladins to come into play? As it is, there isn't one. I posted an idea for one, here on the General Discussion Page.

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