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Feedback for Kim'
Now that I've been back for a while, I decided to finally throw the feedback request thread in.

Any feedback goes, passive aggressive, positive or negative.

I'm primarily interested on feedback regarding Rayleigh, as he is currently the most finalized character of mine, as how I write off his personality and emotes has become more of so standardized. Naturally, feedback regarding other characters is welcome as well.
Kimaira's characters Post-Cata:
Nehemia - Death Knight - Blood elf - Alive
Rayleigh - Lt. Commander - Human - Alive
Bonefletcher - Lightslayer - Forsaken - Alive
Selarin - Sentinel - Night Elf - Alive [To be profiled]
Rem - Berserker - Troll Alive
Beatrix - Paladin - Human Alive [To be profiled]
Kimaira's Feedback Thread (in case you are interested in throwing in some feedback)
I've only ever RP'd with you a couple times, once for that little dungeon event you pulled off, and once in the Grim Guzzler. Both times were with Rayleigh, and though Nehemia made a small appearance in the Guzzler, I think you were having OOC issues 'cause you went AFK after a while :P

I like the RP I've had with Rayleigh, he seems like a real person, dedicated to his work and his people (even if Rancoura doesn't like him much :D). Keep up the good work, and I hope we can RP more some time soon!

[Image: ad300x100.png]
Lendri made me do it! Her signature sucked me in!

[Image: 3801bacbd658b72b4b2b54b893f5ce535d54636d...264c_1.jpg]
While I have had but one experience with Nehmia and Rayleigh, I would offer a little shard of praise in regards to your OOC dealings. You kept excellent track of where you were in the roll order and often had your emotes ready before hand when your turn arose. This speeds up the roleplay considerably and few things make a DM happier than a player who pays attention to their roll. Your emotes where engaging and did not seem generic, instead they were tailored to your characters and suggested a quality level of rp. Lastly, you seem to have an excellent attitude and I look forward to future RP encounters.
[Image: stonetalon-mountains.jpg?w=760]

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