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Feedback on an Event Idea; The White Stormwind Act
[Image: fc4mx4.jpg]
The White Stormwind Act

Hokay, so, this is just a request for feedback on an event idea of mine. To inspire nice and bad round of Alliance versus Horde RP in Kalimdor's various and unique environments, I wanted to try for this once I finish up the Black's Drakes desert campaign.

I'll give a summary of story behind it;

High-ranking generals of Stormwind, seeking to acquire diplomatic favor and to secure more aid from Kal'dorei forces in Alliance endeavors in Kalimdor, have authorized the 'White Stormwind Act', an operation where several platoons of Alliance soldiers will aid the Kal'dorei in fighting back Horde and Horde-friendly forces in Kalimdor. It is named for the first territory to be found on these terms; Winterspring, the ever-white region of northern Kalimdor, the specially crafted white stormwind tabard granted to participants in the operation, and the abstract representation of their friendly aid to the Kal'dorei.

The gist of it will be some head-to-head Horde vs. Alliance fighting, where the Alliance side of the conflicts will mostly be Third Stormwind Platoon (otherwise known as Black's Drakes). I'm happy to converse with anyone who might have an idea for the Horde side of the conflict, as this mix of combat events will be a win-lose situation for both sides.

The combat events will not solely be in Winterspring. That's just the beginning for this mess of conflict. Really anywhere in Kalimdor could work if you guys have suggestions for it. Some places I've considered already have been Desolace, Feralas and Azshara. Also, the conflicts that ensue likely won't be massive battles. Little operations such as taking out minor outposts, raiding caravans and patrols, and minor skirmishes and stuff.

Any suggestions or feedback for the idea? (Note; this likely won't be happening until I finish up the Desert Campaign, which may take 1-3 more months, so this is nice and fresh and in planning stages)
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I'll send mine via PM later to avoid potential spoilers.
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