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Fenastik Eldaragun [Night Elf]
Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Fenastik Eldaragun. He often uses Longhawk for a last name now-a-days.

Character In-Game Name: Fenastik

Nickname(s): Fen, Arabenn, Kinslayer

Association(s): N/A

Race: Highborne Night Elf

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Fenastik is equally strong with a bow as he is with his sword. His fighting style focuses on gracefulness and continuation of momentum. If he misses a swing, the sword will merely continue through and hit again. To this end, he does not put too much power between a blow on average, instead reserving power for finishing the enemy off. He prefers dodging over parrying a block, and is fairly agile. His skill with the bow is about on par with the average ability of a Human Archer.

He also controls the ability to summon fire with the same strength of a match, but nothing more, due to his rudimentary training as a child. The fire, while attached to him, is incredibly weak and cold. However, the moment it touches a flamable surface, it jumps to the surface and quickly spreads. Beyond this, he can also 'catch' a spell, which nullifies it. If the spell hits anything but his hand, it acts like a normal spell.

Age: 11,057

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, tied back into a ponytail. His face is kept impeccably shaven.

Eyes: Silver.

Height: 1.04

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears purple clothing, with leather laid over the cloth. The clothing is enchanted to always look pristine. His helmet is made of Moonforged Mithril, shaped like an eagle's head, with gold embedded on top, and has a protective enchantment over it. One of the benefits of this enchantment is it covers his usually silver eyes with a glow of red, useful for intimidation. This enchantment also protects the gold from flaking off, or being taken from the helm in other measures. Secondly, and more importantly, it has an enchantment to protect the rest of the body of the wearer, the enchantment being roughly the same strength of a well-made suit of platemail. It does nothing against spells

Fenastik's sword was a masterwork Elven rune blade. However, after a particularly nasty encounter with a dragon, it lost much of it's beauty. The blade is now held together with arcane. It is a burnished Silver blade, elven runes running up the center, with three horizontal cracks running across it. Each of the cracks and the runes shines with a bright blue. There is a single diamond set within the pommel of the sword, one that shines brightly even within the darkness. The diamond can be removed from the sword, but only by Fenastik's hand. It is about two feet long, with style similar to a Gladius blade. The enchantments are basic things, like increased durability, lighter weight and connection to the owner's hand. It's very hard to disarm Fenastik when he's holding the weapon.

Other: On his left shoulder, he has a brand stating him as a prisoner of the Kaldorei. Of course, he never shows this. On his right ring finger is a signet ring, denoting his presence as a member of a Highborne Noble house of yore. He's paler than the average Night Elf, his skin more alabaster than pink.

Personality: One of Fenastik's secret loves is the water. He loves anything to do with it, be it sailing, fishing or swimming. On the other hand, he hates the air. It makes him feel sick if he's in open air for too long, and he gets queasy when he rises too much in elevation. He doesn't quite hate any races, beyond Trolls. He doesn't really like Taurens or Dwarves. Other than that, though, he's apathetic towards most of the races. He doesn't care for their laws, but nonetheless makes a show of following them, just for safety. He thinks that the Wardens and Sentinels are incompetent to an impossible degree, and has trouble taking them serious. Lastly, he's prone to fits of murderous rage.

History: Fenastik was born about a thousand years before the War of the Ancients. He was the seventh child of a Highborne Commander, and the last son. Like any other son of any race's commander, he was trained in the art of war from a young age. While originally it was with a wooden sword, he was eventually given an actual blade, and then a true Elven Runeblade. Of course, in any house with seven boys, fighting was common. Unfortunately, Fenastik never had much of a hand for the Arcane, only bothering to learn the basic necessities, or any things to be able to defend himself from his more magically-inclined siblings.

It was his 500th birthday, and he was given a few gifts. The first and the most important was his helmet. This was based off of the family heirloom, a flag-pole with a golden eagle atop it that protected all under it's area of effect from spells. All of his brothers had a similar item that granted a similar effect, although the spell of protection was only personal in these cases, and often focused more on melee protection, as a counterpart to the flag. While Fenastik was gifted a helm, others had rings, amulets, or other items, all somehow derived from a bird. He was also given a signet ring, more as a way to present himself as a son of House Eldaragun.

His family was summoned to Zin-Azshari one year, and it was revealed to them Azshara's plan by a handmaiden of hers. So, after the rest of their trip was done, they headed home and trained a force of regular Night Elves, waiting for word that the war had begun. Once it had, they immediately went to Zin-Azshari. Of course, most of the Night Elves either abandoned the army or died rather quickly. As for Fenastik and his siblings, they got cocky. They attempted to attack a blue Dragon, with just the seven of them. Two of the seven were killed, and the remaining five, Fenastik included, were taken prisoner.

This is what saved the brothers. While they were wasting away in a prison, the war was won. Fortunately, they were in Ashenvale at the time, and only knew about the Sundering through the massive earthquakes. And after that, they were released, as were all Highborne prisoners of War. Time passed, Fenastik grew accustomed to Night Elven culture, but still dreamed of the days where he'd run around his family's castle. Overall, though, he was the one that best adhered to the culture of his remaining family. Unfortunately, the time came that three of his brothers helped many other Highborne summon a magical storm upon Ashenvale. Fenastik was furious and, blinded by his rage, murdered one of his brothers.

This didn't go over well with the Watchers. He was thrown into a Barrow den indefinitely. Begrudgingly, he accepted his place, although a seed of hatred grew in him due to the fact that the Wardens jailed him instead of his brothers, those who'd killed hundreds of Kaldorei. Banishment, he felt like, was a pathetic, cowardly way to avoid any true punishment. Still, there was always a Warden watching his cell, and so there was little chance of his escape. It was when Illidan escaped and drew away the Wardens after him that Fenastik escaped. It was, oddly enough, one of his brothers that came and let him out. No words were exchanged between the two, other than the brother returning Fenastik's items and telling Fenastik to leave Elven lands as quickly as possible.

So, Fenastik went south, to the town of Ratchet. From there, he picked up the news and languages of the modern age. By the time he'd picked this up enough to feel confident, Illidan in the Outlands had been defeated. He moved to Ironforge, for a variety of reasons. One was that no one would look for him there, and the other was that the halls of Ironforge reminded him of the halls of his home. When the Dark Irons moved in and things got heated, he left as soon as possible. Since then, he wondered around, a certain wanderlust created in his heart, a desire to see the world that his kin had made.
I'm not sure about the use of that first paragraph of the history. It's a summary of the entire history, and I'm not sure that's the right place for it. I'm not saying a summary of the history in the profile should be disallowed, but it should be saved for being edited on the wiki. If you do that, I'd recommend putting it at the end of the history.

Quote:The fire, while attached to him, is incredibly weak and cold.

Why is the fire cold? Weak? Sure, it's small. But cold? It wouldn't be if it were true fire, as fire in its very nature burns when touched, even if it's small as a lighted candle.

Quote:Lastly, he can blink about 10 feet, if he feels that he's in a tight position.

As a warrior, he has no abilities in his spellbook that allow him to go through objects, and that's what the spell blink connotates in its purest form. He does, however, have charge, which could be used to force himself out of a tight position. However, he won't be able to charge through any impossible to break or scale object, so something surrounding this needs to be specified here.

Quote:The clothing is enchanted to always look pristine, and automatically mends it's own wounds over time.
Quote:He has a cape made of the same purple cloth, except overlaid with gold, and enchanted with regenerative properties.

For all I know, there aren't any enchantments that allow cloth to repair itself/regenerate. If there are, feel free to refer me or another FH to the source where that information can be found. But I don't know if that's plausible.

Quote:He's paler than the average Night Elf, looking almost like a 7 foot tall Human with glowy eyes and long ears.

Exactly how pale is he? So long as he's any of the skin colors available in game, it's fine. But the comparison to a human is a head-tilter. Also recall that not all humans are pale. Some have darker skin.

Quote:While Fenastik was gifted a helm, others had rings, amulets, or other items, all somehow derived from a .

An unfinished sentence?
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Everything fixed. As for the Skin tone, it is indeed a choice in game. I'll show you later today when I can log on. Furthermore, I removed the items repairing itself and the blink. The fire is also cold due to the fact that it's so small, similar to how a candle is. Lastly, that first paragraph was the summary I had when I was writing the profile. I forgot to remove it.
Wheres his age? ._.

(11-19-2013, 07:44 AM)Wedny Wrote: Wheres his age? ._.

Never mind, i see it haha. It's just hidden there under the skills / abilities.
My largest qualms were the blink ability and the cloth regeneration. I still don't see how fire can be cold (though the air around it can be if it's weak), but I'll let it be.

As for the paleness, the real problem I have with that sentence is the comparison to humans, as it's suggesting that all humans are pale, which is incorrect.


Quote:On his right ring finger is a signet ring, denoting his presence as a member of a Highborne Noble house of yore. . He's paler than the average Night Elf, looking almost like a 7 foot tall Human with glowy eyes and long ears.

You've got two periods here.

Other than that, this is a very well written profile. I like that he's aggressive compared to the usual male Night Elf, and that it's certainly justified.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Thank you! Also, I changed the comparison from humans and removed the period. Also, Wedny, I forgot an enter there, so thanks for picking that up.
Ah, alabaster is an interesting way of describing the Night Elf skin I think you're referring to.

Anyways, with that out of the way, I can stamp this profile with some approval!

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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