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Fiery Death
Unfortunately... my home computer suffered from a catastrophic overheat due to negligence and poor placement. The hard drives and motherboard are literally burnt out because I neglected to check the fans, and computer was right by the heater. My laptop is more than capable of running WoW, but lacks space and I've got too much school related stuff going on that I don't want to go over my space allotment until I can get more storage space.


Extended hiatus until Caediath sells himself on the street for money, or gets a new job.


Comp's shot. Can't play until further notice.
Alakintra Blood Knight
Caediath Ebon Blade, Third War Survivor
Sorry to hear that! Wow.. that almost happened to me once on my old, old computer, but good luck and get back here soon! :P
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That just really sucks im lucky i never had anything with my own computer.
but my friends laptop litterly got flames when he wa checken internet on it he trew it out the window xD.

well then get a job and find a new pc id say
I decided to prepare this while I made my return to PA, and therefore wireless internet access.

Day 1: Rough night, slept all day, attended classes.

Day 2: I finally gave in and installed WoW on my laptop. Hoorah. I played for a little bit, RPed a little, got bored, grinded a little. Established RP was better.

Day 3: Had to head down to New York in preparation for a funeral and subsequent burial. Don't have the heart to log in. Log in, move character, log out.

Day 4: Dealt with family, dealt with emotions, lost will to live. I want my escape back.

Day 5: Amused self by LANing Frozen Throne at an old friend's house. Ten man seige does wonders for the attention span, but depresses one in the long run when you realize your creation can do more than you can.

Day 6: Have to study for class. Still stuck in New York, finished modding the TMS so Blood Knights has Mana Tap instead of the defense buff (Not Devotion Aura) and uses a sick sword.

Day 7: In class. Being unproductive. Yay.
Alakintra Blood Knight
Caediath Ebon Blade, Third War Survivor

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