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Flightpath/throwing/pickpocket bug reports
Righto, more of these report thingies, scroll through as you like:

There is no flight path to Aerie Peak. All that you get is a greeting sentence from the NPC Wildhammer there; nothing else.

The flightpath quest as per Ruth'eran village is also bugged; as per the quest you are supposed to be able to fly over to ashenvale, however for some reason the flightpath character doesn't recognise this. Even deleting the quest doesn't put the flight path on your recognised list. You can fly into Ruth'eran, but not out of it...essentially, swimming to Ashenvale first and then flying back.

Throwing: I purchased "spinesever"; a thrown weapon, off the AH and equipped it on Ames. However, I couldn't actually manage to throw the weapon at anything, getting the "Out of range" error each time. But when I close the distance, I received the "Object too close" error. Note when I had my starter blades I was actually able to throw weapons with no problem whatsoever.

Pickpocketing: there are various quests which require a character to pick the pockets of certain mobs (Jadefire Satyrs and the Furbolgs in Azshara, for example). For whatever reason, when I attempt to do so, I receive the "invalid target" error. However, killing these mobs is no problem - though since the items must be pickpocketed, they're not in the loot table after death. I have also found this to be the case with Syndicate characters, though I'll have to test for others
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