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Folion [Draenei Death Knight]
Player: Gunnash

Character Full Name: Folion

Character In-Game Name: Folion

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Ebon Blade

Race: Draenei

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities: Can warm an ally's blood to comfort him in cold temperatures

Age: 25014 years old

Sex: Male

Hair: One black lock on each side of his body going about halfway down his chest

Eyes: Glowing Blue, typical for a Death Knight

Scale/Height: 1.1 7"5

Usual Garments/Armor: Archerus Knight Armour (Usually seen without the hood)

Other: Wears two golden rings, one on each finger and a choker around his neck.

Personality: A good ally, a deadly enemy. Once Folion befriends someone (and yes, he can, despite him being a Death Knight) he is loyal to them. He is willing to risk his life for the good of others. Once angered, he is very unpredictable. He may just let it pass, or he may burst out in anger. He is quite different from the death knights that serve the Lich King.

History: Folion was born in exile. His parents have been exiled for reasons unknown to him. He only knew his parents for 2 years. He was then taken away from them to one of the greater cities of Argus, in which he was secretly raised by a mysterious woman. When Argus was destroyed, he was taken onto a ship and safely arrived in Dreanor. The same couldan't be said for his parents.

In Dreanor he settled in Sha'naar. He was fascinated by the Orcs that lived there, but he was unable to leave the city. He took up fighting for a living and became a warrior. When the orcs turned on the Draenei, Folion was very eager to defend the city, but, after fighting off a small number of them, fled with the rest of his brethren to Zangarmarsh with a large wound on his arm.

To this day, he distrusts most orcs, and the mention of Sha'naar can make him burst out in anger, since he partially blames himself for the fall of the city.
After 30 years in hiding, he was told that an assault on a place called "Tempest Keep" controlled by blood elves was being planned. When he was told that they were "friends of the orcs" he took up his blade and prepared for battle. Folion, along with a group of other draenei warriors stormed the keep and took control of a ship called Exodar. All the remaining Draenei go on the ship, Folion made sure that everyone got on Exodar and before departing, took one more look at the land that he spent 920 years on.

After the crash on Azeroth, he briefly lived in a Draenei city, but quickly left to become a merceneary. He explored a large part of Azeroth and was tauht how to enchant by a very friendly human in Dalaran, while a pacifist tauren (that he encountered while severley wounded after a contract went sideways) taught him the art of tailoring. Being away from civilization for sometimes even many weeks, he also leaned to cook, fish, and make bandages (All theese skills carried over into his undeath, although he forgot how to make most of the things).

He continued his mercenary life until one day a shady man walked in and offered him an obscene amount of gold for what appeared to be a simple job. He gathered his belongings consisting then of a simple axe and shield and set out. He arrived at the place where he was supposed to slay a vile beast. Inside, he was quickly torn apart by ghouls. Turns out that it was all a trap set up by the Lich King. Later he was revived by a Lich as a Death Knight. He chose the path of Blood and forged himself a runeblade infused with the rune of Razorice. He recieved training from a Lich named Amal'thuzaad, and then escaped the Lich King's rule along with a few more Death Knights.

He can be now seen roaming Azeroth, looking for details about his past and in an inn every so often grabbing a drink. He has recently caught word of an organization called the Ebon Blade, which is focused on fighting the Lich King, and has just recently become a member.

As to his physical state, he is filled with sorrow and distrust to a certain degree, since he has seen much death in his life. He is not ashamed of who he is, but he isn't proud of it either.
Heyo, new guy! Glad to see another Draenei around here, because they're my favorite race! (Besides Forsaken anyway).

I'm not a FH so I'm not gonna go into the details of profile making, but I will offer some advice regarding draenei lore and culture as that is one of my self-appointed areas of expertise.

Firstly: His surname. Draenei to not -typically- have surnames, however when they do they tend to be self-appointed adjective ones, such as "Windfury" or "Stormglory". Draen'tar sounds more orcish than anything else, to boot.

Nextly: Draenei history. Now to be fair, Draenei history is a bit of a convuluted walk to understand, but I highly suggest you read our racial timeline on the wiki to get a grasp of what events happened when. (see here: https://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Timeline )

For the draenei, the original collection of them fled Argus 25000+ years ago, becoming the Exiled Ones. They were only 1/3 od the Eredar race. Then for much of that time on the Genedar (what the Draenei call the Oshu'gun), they warped across the nether and never permanently settled any world. Kil'jaeden sent agents to find them, but none were successful. Eventually, they landed on Draenor (at the time unnamed) and dubbed it as such, and they lived there in relative peace for about 1000 years. This was the same planet as the orcs, and generally both races kept to themselves - Draenei mostly populated the center of Draenor in Terrokar and to the south in Shadowmoon as well as the western edge of what would become Hellfire penninsula (then called the Tanaan Jungle) and sparse settlements in Nagrand and the northern island of Faralohn (which would later become Netherstorm when Draenor exploded into Outland). Orcs conversely occupied much of the northern mountains (Gorgrond and Frostfire, later th Blade's Edge), the Tanaan Jungle, and the majority of Nagrand.

Major Draenei settlements on Draenor were Shattrath City (their capital, a massive domed metropolis), Auchindoun (a large temple and crypt for dead draenei; the caretakers live there), Karabor (the religious capital of the Draenei where Velen resides, it becomes Black Temple later on), Telredor (a monastary in the Zangarmarsh), and Telmor (a city kept invisible by an Ata'mal crystal to protect it from ogres).

At any rate, I won't talk your ears off about all the details regarding draenei settlement (as you can find most all of that on Wowpedia), but that should give you a good starting point (there are other, smaller settlements too like Sha'naar and Tuurem as well). Anyway, after about 1000 years of living peacefully on Draenor passed, Kil'jaeden discovered both the draenei and the orcs through his agents. Taking an interest in the orcs predisposition for violence, he decided to extract his revenge on the draenei through them: he deceived the orc leaders by pretending to be a spirit, and convinced them the draenei were a bad omen that must be killed. The orcs drank the blood of the pit lord Mannoroth and went into a psychotic frenzy, and launched unexpected surprise attacks on the draenei. The orcs unrelenting savagery and superior numbers dwindled the draenei and all their settlements near orc lands were razed save for Shattrath, where the draenei made a last stand. A small few of families volunteered to stay behind as sacrificial lambs for the orcs to fight while the rest of their people fled into the swamps and hid in Telredor, and it is there the draenei remained untouched and in hiding for another 30 years or so. During this time the Alliance army invaded Draenor and defeated the Horde, but Ner'zhul opened his portals to other worlds and caused draenor to explode and become Outland.

Eventually more Naaru would come to Draenor (now Outland) to assist the Draenei, in the vessels known as Tempest Keep. Velen led his people to the keep, but they were attacked by the blood elves under command of Kael'thas who sought to control the keep for its magical propeties. The draenei only managed to secure one vessel, the Exodar, and warped to escape and crashed onto Azeroth. There they were discovered by the night elves and brought into the Alliance, whom they still serve today. During Burning Crusade the Draenei on Azeroth reuinted with the ones who stayed on Outland, began rebuilding Shattrath City, and defeated the Legion-allied Kael'thas and paranoid Betrayer Illidan as a part of the Shattered Sun. During the Lich King war the Draenei assisted both the Alliance and the Argent Dawn/Crusade against the scourge, and given your character is a death knight this would be important to look into. As of the Cataclysm, the Exodar has been fully repaired but there is some slight dissent among Draenei leadership as to what action they should take next. Some see staying with the Alliance as wrong due to the wars they get themselves involved in, others still think they should return to Draenor to help rebuild it.

At any rate, I'll stop here for now because it is a lot of information to take in; your draenei is an Argus born exile so he has a LOT of history to imagine up, having lived across three worlds and tens of thousands of years. Argus born draenei are the rarest and most wise of their kind, being cosmically old and experienced much hardship in their lifetimes. These are important things to consider when writing about one, especially one so unfortunate as to become an abomination of the Light the draenei so closely revere.

Good luck with the profile and welcome to CotH! o7
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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For all intents and purposes the profile is fine according to that 10-line profile length rule (I ain't about to dig it up), but since you've got both an older Draenei and a death knight here, I'd like to ask you to give him a little more in-depth history, particularly surrounding his becoming a death knight and what he carried over from that into the present. You've got a good template so far. And as was previously mentioned, there's a lot that has happened in that 24,000 something years and it will benefit you to understand all those moments in his history as you play him.

But you seem to be editing, so let us know when you're done with that by posting here and someone will give it a lookover.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I have looked over the timelines and adjusted my character to fit in, I have also expanded the history, focusing on more than just Argus-Azeroth but all the places in between and his role in the events that happened during that time. I think that this should be it for now. If I left a gaping hole somewhere please let me know.
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Does the Arthas part make sense, or should it be Bolvar?
Glad to see this is much more fleshed out than it was before, and touches the crucial moments of Draenei history. Before I slap some approval on him, I'd like you to separate that big paragraph into a few small ones, and reconsider one moment in the history:

(01-02-2015, 10:17 AM)Gunnash Wrote: A few days later he was raised by the Lich King and became a Death Knight. Arthas stated that he chose him to be what he is because he was "impressed at his skill and courage that he had shown through the course of his life".

One of our rules on CotH is that we not allow characters to have known lore figures personally, or the lore figures having known them on the flipside. I'm going to ask to see the sentences in the above quote gone, and replaced with something such as being raised by necromancers, lichs, other death knights, etc. Just not the lich king himself.
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I'm pretty certain that uh, ICly only a few hundred DK's were raised overall, and they were all hand-picked by Arthas or Morgrain.

Quote:The playable death knights are the uniformly undead[6] members of the Death Knights of Acherus, a regiment consisting of hundreds[7] of death knights stationed at the necropolis Acherus: The Ebon Hold under the direct command of the Lich King and Highlord Darion Mograine.

Death Knights were likely raised by either one of them---as creating a Deathknight is entirely different than raising a Ghoul or some other mindless undead.

I'm also pretty certain that'd make them a 4th Gen Deathknight---something not allowed on CoTH. Otherwise the current Death Knights or Necromancers could also raise more.

However Death Knights -can- repair eachother, as can Necromancers.

Edit: Also this is my source.

Edit 2: Also, as far as "4th gen DK's not allowed", that may be different now? I'm unsure of that, and that's one of those things that's hard to prove unless it's in the descision archive and I just don't know it. I'm -assuming- they are not, because that'd always have taken quite the power (Meaning, NPC level) sort of Death Knight or Necromancer to do.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


Done editing. Changed the Arthas part to him being revived by a Lich.
Approved [Pending Gruntship]!
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[Image: anim_500.gif]

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