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Food Casting?
So mages and create food and water out of the palm of their hand...
Thoughts on this ICly? Use of containers for water and storage, etc...

I made a mage. Just want to be clear on the... physics of this ability before I start using it ICly.
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I've just played it as the liquid in question appearing in a handy-dandy container, unless otherwise specified.
That's just me, though.
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I need a life.
Hm, now that is a good question.
Perhaps (this is only speculation) because magi are naturally adept at the creation of portals and use of teleportation the water they obtain is summoned up from the bottom of a big lake or a natural freshwater spring. The higher grades of the spell are different locations from where the water is of better quality. Same for bread and food, just bakeries.

example : The Mage rubs his thumb and middle finger together and between them a glimmering spark of light grows. The sound of a river is barely audible as from the spark a steady stream of liquid water dribbles.

Ofcourse, then on the less imaginative hand. The magi simply pictures the item he wants in incredible detail and manipulates the energies of the nether into the shape of the idea.
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Interesting way of putting it.
"Time is our greatest teacher. Unfortunately, it kills most of its' pupils." - Louis Hector Berlioz
JezusBagels Wrote:Interesting way of putting it.

Actually...That is what Sprinkles says.

She teleports her baked goods from her bakery/home/closets/mount..satchel wherever!

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