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Forest Roleplays?
I was thinking of startin' a guild or group of amazon type night elves (NON-DRUID) who well, roam ashenvale and such like pro amazons. Of course it's ashenvale simply because we want to help deal with the horde yeah?

Anywho, any takers? Or extensions to this idea? :3
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Night elves are 'amazonian' by nature. If any night elf is going to RP in a forest, it's gonna be 'amazonian'. Or most of them.
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The Sentinel Sisterhood and the Huntress cadre both qualify as roaming bands of forest guardians; at least when they're on patrol. The Sentinels less so in that among their duties, watching over sleeping druids is included, but the Huntresses, who ride Nightsabers, are practically built for fast travel through forest terrain, both near and far from civilization.

Don't get me started on the Darnassian Scout Corps.

But oddly enough, my most prominent forest-dweller is a BElven Ranger.
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Forest roleplay? I don't really get that since, y'know pretty much every Night Elven zone is in fact a forest.
And you don't need a guild to do such, just call out in LFG, should suffice.

I've got a Watcher who'd gladly decimate some orcs, my carpenter and exile aren't...fit for such task, I'm afraid.
Sanity? Of course!
Eh. I might be interested, on my Huntress Falaindre. Shoot me a PM, later, I guess.

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