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Forming a bond! - A lesson in friendship.
Hello everyone, and welcome to what I intend to be a helpful little tidbit of information. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ailthorn in the forums and Altonsson in our world. I figured I'd offer some advice to the newer players who have joined and even some older players as well, if I'm lucky. Well, here we go.

Lately there has been a large discussion about Roleplaying in a specific place, I.E; Stormwind or Azshara Crater, and there will always be a main hub for players to go and converse no matter what game it is. However, we must all remember that no character started as an all powerful or all feared being. We weren't heroes to start with, and most of the time we, as players, didn't know it was going to happen. When we start our story, with our character fresh from their home or cave (Lucelia), we gaze upon Azeroth with fresh eyes. Right then, that is when you should note that you have people that may be just as new as your character! Leveling is NOT the priority, but if you wish to do so, why not level in a party of adventurers?

Pave a path from the tip of the Eastern Kingdoms to the savage jungles that cover the southern edge! Befriend new people and grow not just as a character, but as a person outside of it. We're all reasonable people and you'll be able to make a bond deeper than one you would find in a passing 'hello', when faced with marauding gorillas or the fear inspiring "Grlglglglglglgrrg" of a murloc band. Perhaps wander through the imposing darkness of Darkshire while being ever watchful of the deepest shadows? You'll gain valuable experience and maybe even a special item or two! If nothing else it'll be a story you can share with us all in passing later on! Don't forget...

You never know who might be a grunt or a GM!

Perhaps that ever mysterious being behind the character you met liked the way you expressed yourself and would take that into consideration when browsing the forums? Or the enemy you clashed spell and sword for so long with respected your prowess and wished you go on to greater feats of glory later on...If only to kill you later and claim that glory for themselves! Whatever the case may be, enriching the world while building relationships within and outside of the game is NEVER a bad thing!

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and have a fun time!


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