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I decided to make a few tidbits of stories about my characters, rather than focus on a long-going one. The forum derp'd on me, so some will be a work in progress.

Warning! These will contain gore, and other mentally heavy images featured! You have been warned!


"Why won't you help us?!" The woman cried out.

"Light, have mercy..." The Vindicator let out a prayer before he hugged his wife one final time.

"No! Mother, do you not understand?!" The boy asked.

"Leave him be..." The anchorite muttered to her.

"He's ours now!" The teeth sunk into her flesh.

Efee awoke in her bed, beaded with glistening sweat as the pale moonlight shined down upon her from the open window. A gentle breeze blew over her semi nude form, causing her to shiver and cover herself anew with her blanket. She tried resuming back her rest, but all that was in her mind was nothing more than the dark thoughts... Ever haunting.

As finally dawn broke, Efee was still awake. "More nightmares." She simply muttered to herself as she stood up, moving to the large mirror in her rundown bedroom. The mirror was draped with a sheet over it, and Efee knew quite well why. Slowly, she moved the sheet off of the mirror to look at herself.

From her reflection, the demon stared at her. Ever motionless, and as always smiling. The woman in the mirror was an Eradar of purple skin, and clad in the same attire as Efee would. "So, finally came to chat?" She asked in a sultry voice. In every aspect was she alike Efee in the physical term. Wide hips that ended in cloven feet. A thin waist with a gentle scar at her abdomen, and that irritatingly large chest. Efee loathed her own breasts and the pain they would inflict on her. Her back was sore, and men could never stop staring at them. Wretched things, she thought to her self.

"I need to fix my hair, after all." Efee replied calmly to the gazing demon, taking a hair come and beginning to fix at her messy hair from the long restless night.

"Oh come now, there's no need to be such a grouch... You should be more kind to yourself, you know." The Demon grinned awfully to her, mimicking Efee's every motion and shift.

Efee stayed quiet, though the Demon's speech persisted. "What's the matter? Do I remind you of him too much?" The demon smiled to her. Efee's hand clenched around the brush, her motions becoming more aggressive with each passing word. "You are nothing like him." She retorted violently to her.

"Oh, but he came from my womb did he not? Yes, stop lying to yourself Efee... You should know better than trying that." The Demoness grinned.

"Stop it!" Efee snapped at the demon.

With that, the demon fell silent... Though her mocking smile persisted throughout the process, as soon the sheet went back over the mirror. "You are not me..." Efee muttered, not even sure if she was telling the truth to herself. "You are not..."



Aulsha sat down underneath the grand tree near Thunderbluff. She held in her hands the strange device that seemed to make sounds and move.

Tick. Tock.

What is the purpose of this odd device? She thought to herself. Surly that strange Troll that pinched her rear a few days ago would know. Slowly, Aulsha's large burly hands began to caress and feel at the device. Her lower lip bitten in curiosity.

Tick. Tock.

What could be the meaning of this strange device? Aulsha found herself soon clopping down Mulgore towards the Barrens, her large hooves stomping at the ground at her steps. Her axe strapped to her back as she tilted her jaw gently in curiosity, the device seeming to be pointing at something... But the needle it used to point kept moving, so Aulsha could not follow it.

Tick. Tock.

Such oddities... Aulsha looked to the sun high in the sky, enjoying the warmth against her brown fur as she moved to sit atop a hill that overlooked the beautiful planes of Mulgore. She loved her home, and she loved all that inhabited it. From her people to the mighty Kodo, they all held dear in her heart. Soon, her curiosity took the best of her as she opened the device roughly with her burly fingers.

Tick. Tock.

She looked inside to see hundreds of moving pieces, so many! It was amazing! And strings of so many colors, all set inside this device... It was art to the Tauren, and she took in every sight like a fine meal.

Tick. Tock.

But how does it work? Why does it work? Aulsha had to know. And soon, she began taking apart the odd thing.



Malack slowly walked along the twisted paths of Trisfal Glades, recalling at his old life. Memories of the family he's left behind came back to his mind, as ever as a sad reminder they were.

"There were better days." He mused aloud to himself, his cane tapping against an idle stone. As he walked past a lone tree, it felt as if the entire image of the twisted lands changed to his nostalgic feelings... Grey dead fields turn to ripe fields of golden wheat. Desolate landscapes populated by only wild beasts and remains turned to happy green fields of serene joy. Between them ran a boy with olive colored skin, and healthy black hair. Happiness gleamed in his eyes as he practically pounced into the arms of a rather skinny male, hugging him with joy. His son laughed happily, telling his father of his day of fun and adventure with the other children.

Joy. What a long remembered memory, that never seemed to have left clinging to Malack's memories. With a swift tap of his cane, the scene returned to the depressing and darkened lands. Slowly, his rotting feet carried him to an old abandoned house much like his own. He approached the door and opened the rotting wood with a heavy rusty creak of its hinges, the door opened to reveal once more at old memories.

A sun bathed home with the most beautiful woman he could ever recall... Her belly swollen and kicking gently with life as the once living man hugged her around the waist, feeling at the swelled gut with a pleased smile, kissing her cheek. His wife whispered to his ear softly of love, and he back to her... And if not by a week later, his son was born.

Joy. What an odd thing to only have memory of, Malack mused... "I best be on my way..." He sighed gently, once more returning to his sorrow and departing of the broken house... Much similar to his own.





Isolia's blade cut through green flesh.

"What have we ever done to you?!"

The screams and cries of battle rang in her ears.

"Mommy, why is she doing this?!"

The cry bellowed in her head as her blade met only more flesh.


The axe stung at her flesh and bit into her exposed abdomen.

Red was all Isolia saw. A flash of rage and blood, her body acting on sheer combat instincts as she ran rampant through the unsuspecting travelers. They weren't even in Ashenvale... She had actively hunted down the group with her ever growing blood lust.

Soon, after her rage subsided, she wiped the froth from her mouth to see the carnage she had performed... Mutilated bodies lain strewn at the ground, bleeding profoundly from savage and brutal wounds inflicted upon them. Isolia grinned in satisfaction to the horrible carnage before all color paled from her. She stared underneath the ruins of the wagon, eyes locked upon something... Something which made her cry out in shock and fear, tears dripping from her eyes to her cheeks as she turned and began running... And running...

Soon, she could run no more with her heavy armor and swords, falling to her knees near a stream back at Ashenvale... She fell to her hands and looked to her reflection... She wore her usual metal mask which hid all emotion from her face. In silent rage, she took the mask and placed it aside, her hands riddled with blood. She looked to them.

"This is innocent's blood..." She muttered to herself in disbelief, trying desperately wash the blood off, but despite her efforts it clung to her hands relentlessly.

Isolia began weeping uncontrollably, wheezing in panic. "I'm not like them! I'm not like them!" She cried out to herself, slamming her blood ridden fist into a stone, denting the rock and causing her knuckle to open and bleed.

Her mind drifted back to what she saw...

A small green hand underneath a collapsed wagon.



Irina's screams echoed through the cold Saronite halls. The sounds of torture rattling along like a sick twisted melody to her ears. Slowly, the picture cleared of the Draenei woman shackled to a freezing table, her body donned in no more then pathetic cloth scraps. Her flesh covered with festering maggots who dug into her skin. Above her stood a man... A woman... Something, donned in dark robes.

"Now, let's see..." The Necromancer mused in a most sadistic tone, the rotting grin behind its face-cloth only revealing its pleasure in the torture the captive vindicator was going through. The sharpened shackles dug brutally into her freezing flesh, and the maggots dug deep into her skin. Some plopping on her eyes and digging terribly near. "Ah, yes... Bonemuncher, do me a favor and show this wretch the true meaning of pain." Soon, after his command, the rotting ghoul got to work.


In went his claws to Irina's side, causing her to wail in agony as the fetid bone cut into her flesh.


Down went a hammer on to her knee, breaking the bone with a terrible loud crunch, causing tears to well in her eyes.

The edge of a dagger brought near her belly caused her eyes to widen as she screamed in pleas... All unheard.


Everything went black.

With a startle, Irina's now deathly glowing eyes opened as she found herself at the trunk of an old tree, waist deep in the snow of Dun Morogh. Only the snow around her was stained with ichor and blood. Around her laid strewn several corpses, all terribly maimed and tortured. She slowly stood, leaning at her axe as she examined the work, no doubt made by her hunger, and soon sheathed the weapon.

She left the scene quietly, and wordlessly. The only visible trace of memory was her hand feeling at her abdomen.

At her womb.


The cold harsh winds blew against her back, but she could hardly feel it. Her dead skin has long since stopped feeling the grace of the wretched sun upon it, and the cold of winter biting upon it. The large creature walked in the ruins of what seemed to be a graveyard, the harsh wind causing her ponytail to shift within the wind harshly like an elongated tongue.

Her black eyes closed to exhale deeply, her vile lungs removing all air from themselves as she pondered in thought. This is what she was, wasn't she? Vile.

She remembered the suffering she had caused.

A disgusting beast, a servant to the Legion because of her weakness. Her lips retained their uncaring form, the cracks at her body feeling as if the were leaking with her blood constantly, even if such was not the case.

Oh, how tiered has she grown... But yet, sleep was a leisure of the past. She could not feel the embrace of rest until the bidding of her masters were finished... But they never would, would they? The Legion knows no end to its burning hunger, and to its seemingly infinite will to consume the worlds across the stars.

Finally, a yell snapped her back to awareness as she turned back to the shackled figure on a tree. The man was a petrified Blood Elf, seeming deprived of sleep. He wore torn robes, and his tinted eyes looked at Sangreala with the unmistakable stench of fear emitting from his entire body language. Slowly, Sangreala approached him in examination.

"W-what do you want fr-" His frightened speech in Thalassian gave way to a blood curling scream emitting from his lip as Sangreala sunk her teeth into his neck, drawing blood as she began siphoning on the Fel in his body, and the mana the mage used to cast his spell. His eyes flickered as he screamed in pain.

The demon did not relent.

In his final moments, the man screamed a prayer for mercy in Thalassian, before his eyes taint disappeared, and then closed. Sangreala drew her mouth back, blood dripping down her lips and her left cheek. She licked the sweet crimson liquid with a delighted hiss, the injuries at her body slightly mending as she siphoned off his energy for her own. She cut loose his binds with a swift swipe of her dagger and let the corpse slump loudly to the ground.

She licked her lips for the last drop of blood as she huffed deeply, paying only a mere glance to the corpse before setting her eyes to the abandoned city of Caer Darrow.

"Glory to the Deceiver..."

Efee, part 2.



With quiet clops, Efee left her house to begin walking through the crowded streets of the lower city. An umbrella propped over her head as rain poured down freely, tapping on the umbrella and the ground beneath her. Her head lowered, and hair covering her eyes.

"Mommy, mommy! Look at what I made!" The voice rang once more in her head.

Silently, she moved up the ramp leading outside of Shattarath as she went to the outskirts of the walls of the city, traveling perilously close to the edge. Her gaze lingers to the glowing light as she travels slowly, legs carrying her almost with no consciousness.

"I love you..." She remembered the final whisper.

Tears gently welled in her eyes as she kept her cold expression, her grip on the blackened umbrella gently lingering. She saw the rain dripping off the plants and wildlife of Terrokar forest, dark thunder crackling in the distance, or so Efee thought she saw and heard.

"Please... End it..." The last flicker of the glowing eyes stared into her soul.

Her lips gaped gently, her lower lip quivering in effort. Her grip on the umbrella faltered as it dropped to the mud, the rain began pouring down on her, soaking her wet to the bone, the fabric of her clothes clinging to her tattooed skin. The claws didn't like water.

"You will do marvelous things, my child... I'm sure of it..." The fond smile warmed her heart.

Finally, Efee fell to her knees as she finally arrived to her destination. She was alone... Desolation hid her. The tears burst from her eyes as she screamed in her agony and wailed in misery, screaming to the highest of heavens for mercy... For redemption... Her gloved hands seeped with shadows as she screamed madly, tears leaking down her cheeks and unto the dead gray land.

"I love you too..." Her own voice rang to her.

Silently, after hours of screaming and crying, her throat too hoarse to go on, she looked forward... The sight of the crashed Auchidon gracing her eyes.

Aulsha, part two.


The sound of steel grinding against stone. Aulsha loved this sound. It reminded her of home... It reminded her of family. With a steady hand, she ran the sharpening stone against the blade of her axe. Her eye slowly, and constantly, tracing over the old drawings that dawned at the handle of the handle of the axe.

The drawing of a young Tauren held at the night of birth, the moon crescent and the woods behind the massive campfire.

Aulsha's lips gently tugged into a smile.

Her eyes lingered further down to examine the second drawing. Two larger Tauren, a male and a female holding the seperate hand of a younger offspring underneath a large tree near a stream.

Her eyes went half lidded as memories flooded at her mind.

Her eyes lingered down and suddenly stopped at where the third drawing was suppose to be. The wood was missing in a scar... That horrible scar. Aulsha's eyes burst open as her axe dropped to the ground, the Tauren recoiling back in fright as she remembered the terrible glinting eyes and the yells... The awful yells...

Aulsha's chest rose up and down rapidly as she panted, body shaking and sweat beading at her form. She was freezing cold, and her hooves felt stuck to the ground.

Slowly, her hand reached for her axe and gripped around it with enough force to cause Aulsha's knuckles to whiten. With silent steps, she withdrew back to the camp.

Efee, part three.

Clip, clop.

The candle was lit at the dark bloodied room. There were various empty beds, all filled with the unmistakable stains of dried blood. But only to one, was a single form twitching and ranting against its binds... Though to no avail.

With silent clops, she went over him. The male Dwarven Death Knight squirmed in his shackles and looked upward deadly into her eyes.

"Good morning, experiment number 5." She spoke to him calmly as her hand brushed against his cheek, forcing him to writh as she calmed his rage. "How did you sleep?" She asked him once more, her tone soft and caring.

"We do not sleep." The Dwarf replied to her with the same echo in its voice, the curse bestowed upon these wretched creatures. "Are you ready for today, experiment number 5?" She asked him, once more using the number she so badly burnt on his bare gray chest.

The Dwarf looked up to her defiantly and spoke again. "You will pay for this." He warned her. With a silent nod, her hand traced down his chest. The tip of her finger lit softly by the Light whom she once used, causing the abomination to scream and yell in agony as slowly, she began marking a terrible burnt line across his chest. With the line set, she pulled out her dagger and began cutting open at his chest with a spurt of blood against her white surgeon's robes. Finally, his decaying organs were exposed to him.

Her hand slowly took his heart in it as she began flowing the light within the beating rotting organ, causing the Dwarf to yell in agony. She could see his lungs draining of air for him to yell until finally, the cursed light in the creature's eyes died out, and Efee was left with yet another corpse. Slowly, her bloodied hands moved to the black heavy book that laid on the metallic table in the corner of the room, beginning to write in it.

"Experiment 5 yielded no results... But he survived the longest. New test subjects are needed. Light forgive me."

With a silent step, she left the body on the bed and extinguished the light upon the candle as she left. Only the sound of her clops echoed at the empty halls.

Clip, clop.

I like this, alot.



She looked with wary tiered eyes to the rising sun. 'How old are you?' She asked herself in her head, silently as she stood atop that same windy cliff she so fondly remembered. The Barrens stretching at her left, and Mulgore to her right. '67 summers.' came her own reply as she with a huff felt the chilly air breathing down her back as the world slowly awoke.

Her sight revealed to her the beloved plains she learnt to appreciate so, watching as they were basked in the morning's light, the golden eye of the Earthmother beginning its watchful gaze over all her children. Slowly, her hand reached back as she drew out her beloved weapon and extension, gripping tightly at the wooden support of the inscribed axe as she begun slowly moving with it, her dance beginning to the sight of the Earthmother to behold alone.

With the flowing of her body constantly monitored by the rhythmic beat of the waking world and its heart, Aulsha begun. She felt herself move with the whistle of the wind, and her heart beating steadily alongside her hooves ever gracefully meeting the land. The grip against her axe felt steady and unbreakable as the dance continued, each step she took was carefully well practiced, and yet retained a natural flow to it the whole time.

Her eyes closed as she let her mind fall to the trance of her dance, memories sinking back into her head. "Remember, Aulsha. Sometimes, talking isn't the most important thing." Her father smiled down to her as she trained with him. Her hoof landed down with a graceful support as she leaned back, flicking her hair alongside the dance to act as a counter balance to her head, sweat beginning to form at her body as she huffed gently.

With flowing motions, her hands moved one with the axe, as naturally as a river. "Do not resist the flow of your body. Use it." She remembered her father tell her as a child once more, the memories causing a light and longing smile to arise from her lips as she felt herself disconnected from all but that she loved, and of the wonderful nature she grew at. The ground supported her hooves and the wind cooled off her body as she kept at the flowing dance of battle.

She felt the golden light of the sun wash over her and the heat slowly rising. The sun was at the middle of the sky by then, as finally Aulsha slowly settled down. She sat on her knees calmly, her axe at her lap as she kept over watching the sun bathed lands. She remembered her father's words.

'Just don't forget to breath.'

Sangreala, awakening. - Prologue.


Endless darkness... Screaming silence... A flame that burns...

"Where am I?" She asked... But what was she? Neither mortal, neither demon. She was nothing. Essence, flowing throughout a realm that seemed to be made of tangible madness and suffering. Her eyes, if she even had any, narrowed to a familiar shape in the distance... A question escaping her lips.

"What am I?"

A voice replied, dark and ancient... It was neither man, neither god... It was worse. It was eternally cold, and eternally alone. It was the voice of the nether.

"What... Are you..."

Its answer echoed throughout the empty metallic space. She felt her breath dwindling, the air becoming harder to breath... Was there air? Was there anything there but the twirling madness and the never ending darkness? She wasn't sure... Nothing was certain anymore. Her body burnt with pain, and her mind clouded with torment. She couldn't feel her hands. She couldn't feel anything but this piercing pain.

"Did... Did I succeed?" She asked hesitantly to the cold empty darkness. But even she herself wasn't sure what she wanted to hear... Did she wanted to hear a yes? A no?

With a sudden flash, the darkness shifted and twirled, sending her... Was she even a she? Maybe she was a he? Or an it? She wasn't sure anymore. Nothing made sense. Nothing. She opened her eyes, for the first time in weeks finally feeling that she indeed had eyes as she saw a fire... A small hearth with an Elven child sitting besides it, prodding the flames with a branch of tree. She looked to the orange hair on the girl's hair, and to the sharpened ears.

With silent steps, she loomed forward to the child... This is no place for a child. No place for anyone. But slowly, as she drew closer, she could see them... The blue marks and wounds... The saddened dead gaze... She looked at the child soundlessly.

"So you finally did it." The child asked in a voice so long forgotten. "You're about to perfect yourself... Forget the pain... But what else are you forgetting?" The child remarked, the flames showing imagery of a wedding... Of love... Of joy... Things she missed so much. Things she thought she would never see again. "Was it worth it?" The child asked sadly to her. "Was it worth losing all of this?"

She stood there. Silently, a statue... She looked deeply into the fire... For a moment, her heart, a thing which she long have forgotten, beat once more with the longing for those feelings. But with a sudden flash, every yell and hit returned... Her brow turned into a burning scowl as the fire slowly shrunk. She spoke again, her voice not her own...

"It was. Every step of it."

With a silent disappointed sigh, the child ceased its prodding and stood up. With a mournful gaze to the flames, she took a step closer towards the blazing fire.

"Then you burn the past..."

And with that, the child jumped into the inferno with screams and wails of agony as the flesh was burnt off of her, the horrid sight remaining. She screamed alongside her, feeling every burn and every sting, every part of her was on fire and she could not stop the flames. She could not control them.

Her eyes snapped open, the slumber was over... She was submerged entirely in a foul thick liquid. She was drowning. In panic, she thrashed madly against her metal confines as with a muffled scream, the door flew off its hinges and down to the floor with a powerful thud.

The sickly naked shape plopped down to the cold stone, a child reborn. Its dark eyes focusing on the towering shape above her. Six arms, a burning crown, and a blade in each arm. The towering figure loomed and asked at the creature, it's eyes full of spite and malice as she looked down to her and asked.

"What is your name?"

Her eyes shifted back upwards as she slowly knelt. She felt her large bat-like winds drape around her nude form, still bathed in the blood she was submerged in. Her cracked lips open and a hissed emerged, a hiss that would forever seal her fate.

"Sangreala... Skysearer... Saumerian..."

The Shivarra's lips twisted into a cruel grin.

"It's time to begin."


Silently, Shalis knelt by the moon washed lake. It was well late in night, and no one noticed her sneaking out. She held her hands up in reverie to the moon as she prayed to Elune in a prayer she was afraid she would ever have to say.

"Elune. Forgive me for what I must do... I see my people fall unto darkness. I see the daughters of Elune losing their way... I see them mingling sexually with the impurity of other races."

She clenched her fists tightly to the point of shaking and closed her eye, her body trembling with rage.

"I see our forests beneath the siege and corrupted by the vile filth of the Horde. I see our brave soldiers dying, and while the young dare mingle with some outer filth. We were once the most powerful race upon Azeroth... What happened to us? What happened to the pride of the Kaldorei people?"

Shalis silently stood up, keeping her eyes up to the moon with tears welling within the silver glow. Silently, she removed her shirt as she spoke once more.

"I never lost faith in you. Even when my mate was taken. Or when my daughter left. I never lost faith. But now, I finally see why you made me undergo these tests. To test my faith. Well my faith in you will never dwindle... And I know what I must do."

She drew a dagger from its sheath, eyeing the glowing iron as the light reflected off its smooth surface.

"I take this vow of hatred. I take the vow of vengence. I will become the wrath of your will upon the mortal realm. So forgive me, Elune, for what I must do... And know that I do this for your name, and so that your children may return to their glory."

Her eyes closed as she pressed the edge of the dagger to her palm and slit open the purple flesh, watching the blood flow down unto the clear water bathed in silver light, tainting it red and grim.

"I, Shalis Silentshot, proud daughter of Elune, take the vow of divine wrath. I will know no rest, and no pleasure, until the Kaldorei people are returned to their great glory. I will know no fear, and no remorse, as Elune guides my every step towards the righteous path. My people will loath me. But I will withstand. I take upon this vow, with my blood, to fulfill the will of Elune until my final breath."

Silently, Shalis removed her clothes and stood at bare nudity. Her knife began slowly drawing lines of cuts along her body, but she withstood the pain with only silent grunts.

"I bow."

She said as after her tedious work, her body was covered in spiraling patterns of Kaldorei symbols, drawing blood from each cut as she fell to her knees.

"Only to Elune."

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Silently, Malack watched them from afar... A pair of humans. One, a handsome young male with black hair and a well built body. The other, a fair pale woman with warm blue eyes and bright brown hair, almost yellow. The two were on a romantic date by the looks of it. On the green grass, besides them a basket, and an open bottle of wine. The two clanked glasses lightly, the man smiling to the woman fondly and she returned the fond smile.

Malack felt a dagger sink through his heart at sight of this... His rotting lips curled to a smile as he watched them for hours... The romantic date... They just sat and spoke, the two obvious lovers.

"Jennifer, I have to ask you something..."

The male asked to the woman. Malack could see his hand reaching back to a small black box... He watched in excitement as the woman named Jennifer smiled to the man fondly.


She said plainly, though it was obvious she was excited by the way her left hands shook. Their two eyes met and Malack could barely hold his excitement. He leaned forward to see better as suddenly he fell off of the tree he lurked in with a loud thud. The man quickly rose.

"Hey! who's there?!"

Malack quickly scampered back into the forest, the rustling of leaves behind him as the Male gave chase... Then suddenly paused. He reached a clearing, and at its middle a purple box... Silently, he went over and knelt besides it to read at the note. His eyes widened, and it was obvious tears were welling in them.


The male asked as he looked around the woods. Silently, the woman named Jennifer came and saw the man's distress... She sat besides him, hugging him gently as slowly the man opened the box to pull out an old teddy bear, seeming to have been recently sewn together.

The note on it read,

"Happy birthday, son."


The sleep.

Pain. Agony. Suffering. Torment. Her lips gaped as a blood curling scream escaped her throat, the cliffs above her looming like shadowy claws. She wasn't floating. She was sinking. She felt her chest rising up and down, her every bone shattered, her skull busted, and soaked with the crimson liquid of her life's blood. By Elune, by the Light, by the Elements, by any deity she could cry upon to. This wasn't freedom.

This was agony.

She didn't want to go. She couldn't. She screamed and screamed, blood and tears mingling from her eyes. Above the cliffs, the shouts of men and mounts were heard as soon, gryphons flew above her and began their descent... Her eyes closed... Slumber soon took over...

"Will I ever wake?"

She asked herself in her last moments of light.


The dream.

"Help me."

She cried out to the void.

"Save me."

Her voice replied in the echoing darkness. She was alone... She felt the space of her eye, a burning pain, and a hollow nothingness.

"Why is no one answering me?!"

She screamed in frustration, her agony over-washing her once more. All the hurt, all the pain... All of it coming back.

She fell to her knees, coughing frantically, the pain in her chest expanding and expanding. By Elune, it hurt. It felt like her ribs were tearing out of her skin, her hands desperately looking for a grip. But nothing came.

"Medic! She's moving! Get me a fucking priest here!"

A male voice called out in a far away echo. The scenery changed... In front of her was a bright light. So bright she had to look away... The shadow of a woman upon it.

"Am... Am I dead?"

She asked.

"Hell, I don't even know anymore..."

She replied for her question. Everything hurt... She looked to the white glow as she grit her teeth and closed her eye. Slowly, she lowered to her knees again, chanting an old prayer she remember.

"Oh Elune, lady of the moon, please hear the pleas of your lost child."

She gasped as suddenly the glow began fading.

"N-no! Wait! Please! Don't leave me!"

She pleaded as the glow kept disappearing.

"Help me mother... Help me father... Someone, please help me..."

She wept without control curling on the floor and heaving her breaths. She felt like she was dying. Was she dead? She wasn't sure.


The dawn.

Her silver eye snapped wide open, her lips unfurled and opened to let out a blood chilling scream. Where was she? Panic crept it. She tried to move but she couldn't. The agony was too grand. She was in a tent... On a bed... Alone...

Above her stood a woman. Human, young by her apperance. Red hair. Green eyes.

"M-miss, please stay put! T-the healing isn't fully done yet!"

The woman urged to her. She only replied with a pained groan and a sick cough and gurgling. She laid there for what felt like hours... What happened? Where was she?

Finally, a man, donned in thick plate and the tabard of the Argent Tournament walked into the tent, looking down to her.

"Good morning, ma'am... You've been out for quite a while."

Her eye narrowed lightly, desperately trying to make sense of her situation.

"Can you hear me?"

She nodded in approval.

"Do you remember anything? Your name? Who are you?"

Her eye snapped open. Everything came back. Every grizzly detail and name. By Elune... months. Months has she lain here. With desperation, she sat up despite the burning pain. She tried getting to her feet only to fall down with a thud, quickly being aided by the man back to her bed.

"Ma'am, wait. You're in no walking condition... We h-"

He was silence by her glare.

"I remember... I remember..."

Nalura sat upright.

Her promise not yet forgotten.


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