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Franziska Shadowstar [Night Elf][pre-approved]
Existing profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Franziska

Changed: History, Appearance, various (unmarked) errors, age.

Player: Rokhjin

Character Full Name: Franziska Shadowstar

Character In-Game Name: Franziska

Nicknames: N/A

Associations: Night Elves, Darnassus, Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Death Knight.

Skills and abilities: Even though she lost a lot of her knowledge and memories in death, Franziska can still fire an Elven bow with some precision. Otherwise she's like any other Death Knight.

Age: 318 years old.

Sex: Female

Hair: Green(-ish).

Eyes: Blue, formerly silver.

Weight: 105.75kg

Height: 1.83m

Alignment: Neutral.

Appearance: Franziska will usually be seen walking around in the armour of a Sentinel, having regained enough trust from her superiors. She'll occasionally be seen in a red robe. She also has a painful looking scar over her right eye which she covers up with an eye-patch.
About half of her right ear appears to have been ripped off some time ago.

Personality: Franziska, while a Death Knight, does still enjoy the company of others. She is aware that people do not trust her for what she is. She will easily become hostile when accused of things. Franziska shows extreme aggression against any undead of the Scourge and will act irrationally when given a chance of killing more undead (or other hostile individuals).

History: Franziska had an average youth in Ashenvale, before the return of the Legion. She was training to become a warrior for her people as she loved her people and her lands and was fascinated by the military force the Night Elven Sentinels brought upon their enemies. After many years she had finally learned the tricks of swinging a blade and, while far from perfection, seemed quite content about it.

When the Legion came to attack Nordrassil, Franziska was one of the first to volunteer to protect her lands. However, due to her young age, she was rejected and evacuated to a safer place in the forests. From her hiding spot, she got to see the occasional demon but she knew that if she attacked it, she might kill herself and the Elves around her as more demons would obviously come to see what the commotion was.

When the forests were relatively safe again, Franziska was shocked by the devastation the demons had brought to her lands. She vowed that, should the Legion -or any other evil entity- return to destroy these lands, she'd be there on the frontlines, helping her people.

Eventually, the young Elf did grow old enough, and skilled enough, to help out her people. However, she knew she wasn't quite strong enough to fight the Warsong Orcs so, instead, she traveled east. To Lordaeron, or what was left of it anyway... There she found that the Argent Dawn, a faction dedicated to destroying the Scourge, was looking for some helping hands.

Franziska, being the Elf she is, immediately accepted any and all missions the Dawn thought she could handle. This went relatively well for a while. However, when Franziska and some others were tasked with investigating a strange glow near the Scarlet town of New Avalon, they knew something must have gone wrong. The Elf and the others didn't return for days and, when the Dawn sent another group to look for them, the men of this second group returned quickly.

When asked about the first group, they reported to have found nothing. However, they did report that something was coming out of this glow, which they now knew was a portal, and that this "thing" looked like another necropolis.

The search has been given up by now. However, the Argent Dawn will find that Franziska wasn't that far away from them as they might have thought.

Franziska and her companions had been killed by the Scourge that had come to summon the foul Necropolis. But, it was not her end. The Scourge had raised her as one of their unholy Death Knights and, together with her now-mates, was sent against the citizens and military of New Avalon.

She sighed deeply as her blade cut deep into the flesh of the humans, the voice of the Lich King echoing in her head and even though she was sad about her fate, she felt some sort of... joy, each time another human fell before her feet.

It wasn't long before the Lich King sent them against the Argent Dawn, Franziska's former employee. Her dead heart ached as she heard the orders come from Arthas' lips. But the Scourge's will was stronger than her sadness and she fought valiantly.

The fight was a relatively short one, the Scourge crushing the humans under their rotting boots. When victory seemed impossible for the humans, suddenly an old human appeared, wielding the powers of the Light and subdueing the Undead. Darion and his fellow Knights were brought before the chapel.

Suddenly, Arthas teleported to the chapel, attacking the old human and, when the Lich King appeared to be winning, Darion broke free from his control, throwing Ashbringer to the human. The powers of the Light, flowing through the human's veins, purified the blade and the powers of the blade broke through Arthas' spell and freed all the Knights.

After quite a while, the Elf regained some honour with her people. Currently, her only mission is to destroy evil in the world where she can as well as fighting for her lands and people once more.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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