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Frederich von Steinherz [Worgen Hunter][Cata Re-Write]
(Rewritten to fit his post-cata transformation into worgen. Changes include race, class, skills and abilities, and addition to history. Changes marked in the lovely GREEN)

Player: Sunday12321

Character Full Name: Frederich von Steinherz

Character In-Game Name: Frederich

Nickname(s): Fritz, Fred, Freddie, Demi

Association(s): Independent

Race: Worgen

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

What's That Smell? - Being a tracker for a good many years, and now also being a canine-humanoid hybrid, Frederich's sense of smell makes him an incredibly efficient tracker. As long as it has a smell, he can probably pick it up. As long as he doesn't get distracted by the trees he has to mark as his own, that is.

A sight for sore eyes - With his predatorial instincts enhanced by his primal alternation, Frederich's marksmanship has improved greatly, and along with his years of training with the longbow, he can shoot on par with marksmen, below the skill of a dead-shot, and definitely above the skill of an amateur bowman.

Eagle Eyes - Becoming a beast himself, and raising a Hawk-Owl for several years now, Frederich has attained a special bond with the beast, and it aids him in longbow shots.
((Just to clear it up - This does not mean he can use the Eagle Eye ability IC. This just means his hawk can warn him of hidden targets. Hawk-Owls can do that IRL.))

The Bite is Worse than the Bark - Due to the aggressive nature of Worgen and Worgs in general, Frederich's strikes against his opponents are feral and aggressive, more-so than the average fighter.

Curse me once, shame on you - Due to the Worgen Curse, Frederich has a much stronger resistance to curses than the average Human, including warlock and necromancer curses, as well as the Undead Plague.

Hunting Season - As a hunter, Frederich is skilled in scouting and tracking, as well as with his longbow and short melee weapons. He is a well-trained survivalist, and can withstand long durations in the wild on his own. For this seasoned veteran, it is always hunting season.

It's Not Lupus - Frederich has been learning medicine since a young age. Along with his experience as a field medic, as a medic between wars, and his knowledge of tribal and ancient medicine from his travels, Frederich has attained a relatively high skill at medicine, and is able to apply treatment swiftly, and best his mortal, unmagical hands can do. Stands above the military-grade Field Medic, and below a man of the same age who studied medicine without a war in the middle.

Age: 49

Sex: Male

Hair: Ginger/Dirty Blond (something like a mixture of the two. I don't know hair colours), Black fur (Worgen)

Eyes: Dark Green

Weight:85kg (Human Form) 135kg (Worgen)

Height: 1.95 (Human Form) 2.20m (Worgen Form) 3m (Worgen Form - Upright)
((NOTE: Heights were done by sight in comparison to NE Male at 1.1 and Troll Male at 1.1 with emotes to try and make both models be as upright as they can.))

Usual Garments/Armor:

Usually seen in urban areas wearing simple black clothes, with an open brown suede jacket over a dark brown vest, and silver-shaded glasses (semi-transparent, reflective, think aviator lenses).

A composite gear of leather plates and scales, in woodland colours of Green and Brown, carrying two knives on a special strap on his back, his two swords on each leg in a sheath, over his two satchels, his quiver resting on his back, between the knives, and his longbow slung over his shoulder.

Other: He bears a gentle Arathi accent to his voice.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Frederich is a very logical man, prefering quite often the correct choice of words over the choice of action. He is often seen chatting people up, a very loquacious type. If you won't find him talking, you'll find him listening, taking in as much info as he can from the world around him. This man observes his surroundings, examining people from top to bottom before he even approaches them, and if he can, then he will most likely try and obtain an upper hand even before anything begins. However, Frederich is not what you may call a normative individual. Fueled with burning hate towards warlocks, Frederich will almost outright try and kill every warlock in his sights, aiming to make their death as brutal as he can. Such a combination of suave talking and brutal, barbaric actions makes Frederich seem highly unstable. Clearly someone you don't want to meet on a bad day.


Frederich was born to Gregory and Helena von Steinherz, along with his twin brother Morris, on a small farm on the shoreline of Arathi. The family lived on their crops, but those were not too successful, so the family lived in below-average conditions.

When Frederich was young, his mother became sick with a fatal illness. The only priest they could find was a drunk friar who failed at his attempts to heal the mother, later blaming it on her heretical ways. Since that event, young Frederich lost faith in the Light, and so did his father. Eager to find a more reasonable explenation to his wife's death, Frederich's father became a doctor, and in his footsteps, so did young Frederich. Learning basic anatomy and medicine from his father, Frederich then became a field medic for the Stormwind military during the first war. Sent south as a resisting force, he soon found himself a captive of the horde, alongside his squadron.

When they were finally freed, Frederich decided that he cannot rely on anyone but himself, and began learning basic combat. He asked to be sent North to Quel'Thalas, where he was taught Archery, and when the time came to strike again, he joined Alleria Windrunner's lines as one of the marksmen of the Alliance, and from there onto Draenor. Five years on Draenor, Frederich had already lost all hope in returning home. And so, he deserted his comrades, and went to survive on his own, using his bow and knife to survive the wilds. Frederich soon learned that certain herbs can be used to brew helpful remedies, or lethal poisons.

After living an additional fifteen years on Draenor, Frederich decided to change his name to Demitrius, to avoid being put to justice for deserting, and he got word that the portal was open for quite some time now. He made his way into Azeroth, only to find that the world he grew up in is but a shadow of its former self. Having no home, Demitrius decided to put his hunter-gatherer skills to use, and began working as a bounty hunter for the Cartel.

Months became years, and Frederich has gathered himself a wide assortment of friends of all kins and professions, but an even wider assortment of enemies. In a quick decision, Frederich faked his own death, and made his way to Draenor once again, leaving behind friends and foes alike.

He lived on Draenor for another year, training, perfecting his skills, learning more about the warlocks and their skills, to return to Azeroth with a new prey. And so he returned to Azeroth, very few those who still remember him, and those who don't, soon enough learn of him. Already making a mess with the local nobilities of Stormwind, dancing between one house to the other, guising as a simple doctor in order to gain the noble's trust and protection should his real profession ever become a problem with the authorities.

After a few months, Frederich re-united with his brother, after going each to their own way before the entry to the Dark Portal, and decided to use his birth-name once more.

During the chaos of the Cataclysm, Frederich left North, chasing down a warlock he's been pursuing. Upon pinning her down, and finally killing her, the sounds of combat have drawn worgen that were nearby.

Charged from all sides by three worgen, Frederich used all he could to get them away. Failing to take on so many assailants, he failed to avoid the cursed bite of the Worgen. Barely able to stand, he was saved by his son, Korius, who charged in on horse and joined his father in the defense. The two managed to kill the worgen at the cost of many injuries. During the fight, they both became cursed by the worgen bite, forever altering the two.

The two were taken into Gilneas, where they were treated against the curse's harsh side-effects, but the curse was never curable entirely, only treatable, and trainable. The two were sent from there to Darnassus, to learn more of what they have become, and have later returned to the shattered Stormwind, to continue with their lives, each on their own path, though more united as a family as they must brace the curse together.
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