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Galadria Shandor [Blood Elf Mage]

Player: Cressy

Character Full Name: Galadria Shandor

Character In-Game Name: Galadria

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Silvermoon City, Dalaran

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: One-hundred and thirty-seven

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, unkempt, shoulder-length hair

Eyes: Green

Weight: One hundred and fifteen pounds

Height: Five feet, two inches

Other: She has glasses and freckles that touch her cheeks and shoulders. Her fingers are pruned heavily and are rarely uncovered.

Work appropriate gowns and robes; rarely is she seen in anything else.

Soft-spoken and nervous are the words that best describe Galadria. She is nervous around men and new people, and can seem like a frightened puppy dog at times. Confrontation is not something she deals with easily, and tends to back down from fights or allows herself to get the crud beat out of her. She is a book worm and therefore very into her books...She can be defensive over them.

Born an accident to a Magi father and a florist mother who only stayed together because of the child, Galadria learned the hard way of how family-life without happiness will end in nothing but sorrow and grief. Her mother, who worked in a local garden, was found dead, hanging from a large set of thick vines; suicide by hanging.

Her father immediately blamed her and spent less and less time enjoying his child, and more and more time scolding, yelling and beating her. His hurt toward himself, and the possibility that he was the real cause of his wife's death, were taken out solely on her. She was never good enough, even if she excelled in certain aspects of her schooling or became good at certain hobbies.

When her father believed she was old enough, he began tutoring her in the way of the arcane. His beatings and scolding, unfortunately, became more regular. With such a strict and harsh tutoring, she learned much, but for a large price.

Once her father began teaching her the art of teleportation, it was over. She quickly spent her time teleporting small objects, then larger ones, and so on and so forth.With in a few years, she found the courage and had enough experience to portal herself away. While her father could follow, he found her departure exhilarating and a relief. The lack of each other allowed themselves to put the past behind them.

'Then the Sunwell happened. Galadria was not devastated, nor was she changed by having to ingest fel. As she had no friends and only an abusive father left, she had no one to worry about dying or being injured. She went on with the rest of her people and lived..'

Since then, she spends much of her time growing flowers and a variety of herbs, reading about archaeology and practicing teleportation.
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Is that meant to be a single period at the end of the bolded selection, or is it meant to be an ellipses (I need to know for wikifying)?
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Oh, uh..Whatever works. :3
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