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Game Accounts Can Now Be Made!
You should read the FAQ, Wiki, Stickies and rules. Give the news here a reas as well and check out the Guides forum.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Thanks alot i made a introduction , i'll be waiting now for a answer! :)
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Thanks a lot man.
Okay awesome! :)
Yeah I made a introduction on sunday morning (I think..). I can't wait to see if I can stay or not. >.<
Due to my recent playing of The Force Unleashed...
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Alright, let me get this straight..to get an introduction approved, you need just a gm to approve it..Or do you need 3 people to post a vouch for you on your intro?I I'm a little confused, I've tried to read everything as best I can.
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To be promoted to Peon (And thus gain the ability to make an account on the server) all you need to do is post an introduction and have it approved by GMs, to be promoted to Grunt and gain the auto-level and gifts from GMs you need to earn your three vouches through RP as well as have an approved profile.
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Ah, thank you. I'd been confused beyond belief for awhle. Much appreciated for clearing that up.
Hethel: Crazy toad lady. [Human]

Rathyl: Arrogant, selfish little girl. [Blood Elf]

Elenore: Wheezey old warlock. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. [Forsaken]

"Didn't there used to be an axe on that table?"
Yarp, no worries, and good luck!
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For some reason, i cannot create a "Game Account". It tells me i'm not Authorized. What could possibly be the problem? :shock:

Edit: Nevermind, i figured it out... But, how to move from Visitor to Peon?
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Did you read the posts in this section yet? o.O
(Try the one four posts up!)
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i have what appears to be a unique problem... With hours of research, reading, and scratching my head, I finally figured out the process in how to create an acc. I joined the forms, filled out my introduction, and then it got accepted. So on to create the acc. Once created I then chained the realm list file. I waited bout 10 min just to make sure... I then purged and fired up the game! Once at login I typed my user and PW. It connected, authenticated, handshake, then SUCCESS!!
Only there was no success.. I just stayed there!?! so first thing i thought was server down! but after doing server status I find that it is updated, lots of room for me to log on and that there were others on, one for 4 hours even, SO that's not the problem...so just decided to reboot...same process again...so then i decided to do more research and found that some people were trying to log on with the wrong version..so i checked min and I'm running 3.0.3 (9183)... As far as i know i'm up to date am i not!?!... Well any who if I'm not please let me know what version i should be running, and if I am running right version then I greatly need some advice!

How can I become a peon... no offense :D
Take a look around on the forums, you'll work it out. It may have something to do with Introducing yourself... I don't know.
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